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101 Things I Learned in Film School

101 Things I Learned in Film School

by Neil Landau
212 Pages · 2010 · 4 MB · 3 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
On Directing Film
by David Mamet
128 Pages · 1992 · 28 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
On Directing Film is the production and direction book which contains the tips and techniques to understand the concept of filming. David Mamet is the author of this amazing book. He is the senior director in the history of Hollywood movies who has done plenty of jobs. David Mamet has the experience in the screenwriter, playwright and director of different movies. He has spends almost four decades of his prime life in filming. There are a series of movies who were blockbuster in their times. The main thing in the success of the David Mamet that he looks in each and every aspect while directing a movie. He makes sure the environment around the actors is friendly and they have not a single issue. The author is master on taking the retakes to produce a scene which they are looking for. There are different stories to tell the readers which got the power of both inevitable and surprising. He takes care of the minor things which played the great role in the development of movies. The author always prefer the movies with a similar style in which they already have experience. They read the script and choose the actors who are suitable for them. The reader will find each and everything related to movies in the book. It is an amazing guide for beginners to start their career.
Evolving Digital Leadership
by James Brett
336 Pages · 2015 · 9 MB · 4 Downloads · New!
The “Evolving Digital Leadership: How to Be a Digital Leader in Tomorrow’s Disruptive World” helps you find your way as a leader is a digital space. James Brett is the author of this beautiful book. He describes himself as a digital leader who is excited about developing people and organization to create a positive future for humanity. He has a brilliant and sharp mind, at the age of 11, he learned to code and at 18 he had replaced the engine in his first car. James studied micro-electronics and computing at university, and the next 10 year spent in software development. More recently has focused over 10 years on leadership and coaching. He is well-respected in the tech industry and presented different digital conferences globally. As all of us know, the world is being transformed by Digital. Change is constantly accelerating and complexity are the new the digital leaders are at the frontline of these waves of change and creating new markets.
Chasing the Light
by Oliver Stone
352 Pages · 2020 · 13 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Chasing the Light is the memoir, production, biography, and direction book that contains the journey of an Oscar-winning director. Oliver Stone is the author of this fabulous book. Get ready to amuse yourself from an intimate memoir by the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director. Oliver born and raised in New York while playing in the streets like other boys. He started his career as an infantryman, later on, he left the services and try writing. Oliver starts driving in New York and in the meantime he never forgets to write. There is not a single day when Oliver forgets to write. One day, Oliver’s one of the script got the attention of the producer. White serving a few years and watching everything closely Oliver decided to produce his own movie. He wanted to be a director of his own movie and then the rest is history. The movies directed by him like Platoon, Scarface, and Midnight Express become the history. He became famous all over the world and people know him as an Oscar-winning director. This is the first time when Oliver open his stories both personal and professional.
How Not to Make a Short Film
by Roberta Marie Munroe
288 Pages · 2009 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
How Not to Make a Short Film is the movie production, screenwriting and video direction book that contains the tips to make a short video. Roberta Marie Munroe is the guy behind this stunning book. She born and raised in Toronto with dreams to become a movie director. This is one of the fine books that you will ever found on video making. There are plenty of other books available on the market but no one is lethal like this guide. Anyone can become an expert in the production of the short film if you follow the step carefully. The only thing that you required is to grab some friends and chose an appropriate space for recording clips. She works at Sundance for five years where she screened short films. Roberta Marie Munroe also won the prize as a short filmmaker. She tells what to do and what not to do while making s short film. Roberta takes the reader step by step from script, production, editing to distribution. She lists the pro tips of the movie directors who have decades of experience. This is an amazing book for all the students who wanted to master the art of short film production.
The Ultimate Sales Machine
by Chet Holmes
272 Pages · 2015 · 11 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
“The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies” is a self-help book that shares different techniques to improve their sales method. The author of this entertaining book is Chet Holmes. Chet is an acclaimed corporate trainer, business growth expert, strategic mastermind and lecturer. His nearly one thousands clients have included major companies like Pacific Bell, Warner Bros as well as businesses of every kind. Chet Holmes also designed hundreds of advertising campaigns and sales systems for different industries. The author helps his clients their own expectation and competition. His advice starts with simple concepts. He says, just focus on one thing and never give up. He also explains 12 key strategies to relentlessly focus and execute on, in order to at least double their sales. The author says in this self-help book if you are selling something in the market. Then this book gives you some tips such as, how to manage your time, how to conduct the meeting and manage people. Furthermore, The Ultimate Sale is a classic book that tells you how to improve their profits, sales and their futures. All in all, The Ultimate Sales Machine is an entertaining book that will supercharge results in every part of your business.