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A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea Book

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea Book

by Melissa Fleming
288 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Lincoln Conspiracy
by Brad Meltzer, Josh Mensch
448 Pages · 2020 · 31 MB · 2,003 Downloads · New!
The Lincoln Conspiracy is the U.S History, Biography, Civil War, and U.S Presidents book that describes the assassin story of American President, Lincoln. Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch are the author of this stunning book. They both are bestselling authors in the New York Times and they have served in different fields of their expertise. Abraham Lincoln is the sixteen presidents of America who become president by beating his opponent. He was famous and the favorite candidate in the general elections. Lincoln knows that he is going to win this election. He promised people to take care of their needs and will do everything according to their needs.
Twelve Years a Slave
by Solomon Northup
249 Pages · 2014 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Twelve Years a Slave is the history, biography and civil book which shares the story of a black man who is kidnapped. Solomon Northup is the author of this outstanding book. He is born in the first decade of the eighteenth century in New York City. He was black but born free and he can live his life like others. Solomon is the African American who grew up while working as a carpenter. While growing up, the black people are suffering and white supremacy is ruling over the United States. Solomon lived his life as the American dream and he has all the facilities which other people have. He was in the North region of the United States where the economy is growing day by day. The whole North is industrialized and the people live there are getting rich. In the South region of America, farming is growing and they need more people to work here. The Africans are living tight and white people are using them as slaves in their forms. Solomon was living happily with his two kids and a wife. One day, someone kidnapped him and they sold him into slavery. Solomon spends twelve-years of his prime time into slavery in the deep-south. He shows extraordinary courage and the human spirit in these years and reunites with his family.
Lincoln’s Last Days
by Bill O’Reilly& Dwight Jon Zimmerman
316 Pages · 2012 · 17 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Lincoln’s Last Days is the civil war, politics and history book which shares the history of civil war and the death of Abraham Lincoln. Bill O’Reilly and Dwight Jon Zimmerman are the authors of this impressive book. The Civil War begins in 1861 in America. In the mid of the nineteenth century, the economy of the United States was increasing tremendously and it creates a clear difference between the northern and southern regions. In the North, industry, and manufacturing was going great and it was well established while in South most of the economy was based on farming which depends on labour. There were black people who work on the farms the whole day. The tensions of slavery are simmering from the last few decades in southern and northern states. In the elections of 1860s, Abraham promised to give justice to all the people and especially to the black people of the south. The conflict raised to its peak which took the lives of millions of people including both civilians and soldiers. Abraham somehow manages to handle the civil war and one night he was travelling from Washington D.C to watch a play and shoot by a famous TV actor in Ford’s Theatre. John Wilkes was the person behind Lincoln’s death and it was the most dramatic night in the history of the United States.
The Mosquito
by Timothy C. Winegard
496 Pages · 2019 · 33 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Mosquito is the human history, entomology, and biology of insects book which discovers the history of mosquito and their relation with humanity. Timothy C. Winegard is the author of this fantastic book. Timothy raised different questions, like why were tonic and gin the choice of cocktail for British colonists in Africa and India? What was the reason behind the surrender of Scotland to England? Why does Starbucks thanks to the world for its global domination? How George Washington was able to bring the revolution in America? Mosquitos are the only companion of the humans from the Stone Age. They are living side by side from centuries and yet both are the enemies. Mosquitoes are the nefarious pest which is almost the size of a grape seed but they are deadly enough to kill a young and healthy man. They kill almost half of humanity so far and still, technology failed to save the lives of the people. Mosquitoes determined the fates of nations and empires, crippled and razed economies. Till now, there are 108 billion people born in this world and 52 billion people of the world have died due to mosquitos. What if, mosquitoes never exist and the population of the world would go to the extreme. This is a comprehensive book that explains briefly about mosquitoes.
Dreams of El Dorado
by H. W. Brands
544 Pages · 2019 · 33 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Dreams of El Dorado are the American war, politics, civil war and history book which shares the struggles of west America. H. W. Brands is the author of this impressive book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. In the eighteen century, there was a big conflict in south and west America. These two states wants are face to face and both wanted to take the whole control of America. South America was the hub of farming and North America was building the industries. The black community is the victim in all these two states and they have no right. There is no one to protect their rules and fight for their lives. They are treated as slaves on both sides of the states and someone has to stand for them. Ibrahim Lincoln was the first who becomes the voice of the African-Americans. He promised them to fulfill all of their needs and make sure everything is going to work them. Ibrahim got the support of the whole black community in great America and he is their only hope to get their rights. Everyone believe on him and win the elections for the very first time. The story is not ended and there is a lot more for the readers.
Washington’s Farewell
by John Avlon
368 Pages · 2017 · 22 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Washington’s Farewell is the U.S politics, history and biography book which tells the life journey of the first American President. John Avlon is the author of this magnificent book. George Washington is the nucleus of the whole book. Washington born and raised in Virginia on February 22, 1732. His parents belong to the middle class and he is the elder siblings among five others. His family holds land but after the intervention of the British army, they lost everything. They move to North America for their survival. Washington and his family had gone through hard times but luckily his family survived. He was good in studies and he joined the military in adulthood. In the 1750s, Britain and France were in peace. Washington shows his officers that he has signs of leadership. A few years later, France begins to influence other countries and they occupied the land of Ohio. The situation becomes complicated and America is under the threat of the British army. Washington got the rank of major and now he is responsible to look after the state under him. There is no other option left for America to fight back and fight for the living. Washington led the army and beat the England army. Washington becomes the first president of America.