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A Little Bit of Auras

A Little Bit of Auras

by Cassandra Eason
128 Pages · 2018 · 4MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques
by Karen Frazier
198 Pages · 2019 · 3  MB · 4,608 Downloads · New!
The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques is the healing, medicine and spiritual healing book which shares the proven techniques and methods to grow your inner health. Karen Frazier is the author of this impressive book. If you wanted to have more peace and balance in your life then energy healing can help you with this. Energy healing is the unique practice that manipulates the subtle energy into your body. This process of energy increases the functioning of the human body like the feel and think. Karen explains each and everything that you wanted to know about energy healing and how it can be achieved through simple techniques.
by Yulia van Doren
144 Pages · 2020 · 20 MB · 4,534 Downloads · New!
Crystallize is the success, happiness, crystal healing, and self-help guide that takes the reader step by step to heal problems. Yulia van Doren is the author of this impressive book. This guide brings an opportunity to add some sparkle to your daily routine. It contains the information of fifty high vibration crystals that are incredible for healing purposes. These crystals are the sign of the signature of healing for the people out there. This book teaches people about the modern use of these crystals to strengthen their life. It briefly explains the importance and facts of crystals.
Tapping In
by Laurel Parnell
304 Pages · 2008 · 1 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Tapping In is the mind power, psychology, self-help and healing book which discusses the secrets of emotional healing the body pain. Laurel Parnell is the author of this superb book. There are millions of people in the world who are suffering from different health issues. Today mental issues are even greater to deal with an excessive amount of people are suffering. This book will show you how to reduce our emotional distress, anxiety, and sadness. We experience emotional suffering in different ways such as unwanted compulsions, addiction, sadness, anxiety, physical ailments, boredom, agitated moods and bleak. What are the strategies that can help you to heal and relief all kinds of distress? Learn to be yourself and set the priorities that matter the most. No need to look at the others for your happiness. Invest yourself towards the positive change and make sure you are doing what you wanted to do. Love the people around you and show them that they are important for you. Forget about the past and try to live in the present moment. There is a number of issues that can be healed by living in the present moment like anger, sudden sadness, and nightmare, etc. This is a complete guide for everyone who is dealing with mental issues.
Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith
454 Pages · 2015 · 54 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga is the yoga, healing, self-help, and chakras book that covers essential tips to achieve happiness and success in your life. Anodea Judith is the author of this fantastic book. The chakra system can also be defined as an architecture of the soul. It helps to get your mind and body at the same point. Anodea shares 7 vital keys to unleash the creativity of your inner temple and get everything in the discipline. There are practical tools and techniques that work on your postures, breathing exercises, guided meditation, yoga philosophy, mantras, and bioenergetics exercises. It contains strategies and exercises that help people to unleash their inner self and live a life that they truly deserve. Anodea shares photographs for an illustration that eliminates all the chances of mistakes. Happier and successful life is the dream of everyone. The exercises mentioned in the book will help you to get your command of focus and you will able to become more productive. Improves your relations and get maximum through every bad situation. It gives hope and makes a way out of any difficult situation. It is a comprehensive guide that takes the reader step by step to master their self.
by Tori Hartman
160 Pages · 2019 · 4 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Chakras are the mental health, chakras, healing and spiritual book that shares the practical tools and strategies to improve your life. Tori Hartman is the author of this superb book. Human life is always full of challenges from the beginning of the world. Life may change from time to time but still, there is a lot of competition. We born in a modern world where people don’t have enough time for each other and even for themselves. Everybody is busy in their jobs and no one is sure about their future. Today we are living in the shadows of broken relations and health. The issues in relation result in the emotional pain that shatters the peace in personal life. If we are not good in health then we are unable to live a happier life. This book brings the ultimate solution to our challenges and worries that we facing in daily life. It has the ability to promote health and happiness, physically, spiritually and mentally. This book shows up to upgrade your life by working on the positive energy of your life. Tori shares the wonder exercises and practice to fill all the gaps in your personality. This guide takes the reader step by step to learn all the strategies.
Clear Home, Clear Heart
by Jean Haner
248 Pages · 2015 · 4 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The “Clear Home, Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People & Places” is an excellent and life-changing book. Clear Home, Clear Heart is written by the author Jean Haner. Jean is a natural intuitive empathy, able to physically feel and work with subtle energy. She transformed her sensitivity from a challenge into the power to clear and bring balance to the energy of people and places. Clear Home, Clear Heart is a well written, informative, and easy to understand the book for anyone who is serious about energy work. She reveals how your home is a reflection of you, such as floors are levels of consciousness. It gives you tips on how to get that stubborn fat off your oven but this is for energy instead of dirt. This book will give you the tools you need to spring clean yourself and spring clean your home. To be honest, it is a valuable book for anyone to read and comprehend, especially those who are sensitive to energy. The writing style of this book is personable that will engage the readers from start to end of the page. All in all, Clear Home, Clear Heart is a truly life-changing book.