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A Math-Based Writing System for Engineers

A Math-Based Writing System for Engineers

by Brad Henderson
357 Pages · 2019 · 28 MB · 1,105 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Maths of Life and Death
by Kit Yates
256 Pages · 2019 · 5  MB · 1,892 Downloads · New!
The Maths of Life and Death is the mathematics, facts and social sciences book that tells how math creates a difference between disaster and success in our lives. Kit Yates is the author of this magnificent book. We all are doing maths in different stages of our life. We are doing maths whenever we are communicating with each other, while we are traveling, setting a time for the meeting, calling a friend for help, playing at the playground, going to work and how to relax. Some of us know about this and the majority of the people don’t know its math. There are only a few people who are fully aware of maths that influence the people to make decisions in hospital wards and courtroom.
Formulation and Numerical Solution of Quantum Control Problems PDF Free
by Alfio Borzi, Gabriele Ciaramella, Martin Sprengel
396 Pages · 2017 · 5.17 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
“Formulation and Numerical Solution of Quantum Control Problems” is a self-contained book covers the formulation, analysis, and numerical solution of quantum control. There are three great mathematicians Alfio Borzi, Gabriele Ciaramella and Martin Sprengel behind this book. It provides an introduction to representative non-relativistic quantum control problems and their theoretical analysis and solution via modern computational techniques. It combined the modern numerical techniques for quantum evolutionary equations with sophisticated optimization schemes. This book has details discussion on finite and infinite-dimensional models. This book is intended for mathematicians working on ODE/PDE control and optimization problems and the numerical analysis of differential equations, physicists, chemists and engineers who focus on quantum control problems. Many advanced courses on ODE/PDE quantum control problems are added in this book that provides extensively elaborated problems that help the reader develop insight into the main ideas and techniques of quantum control problems. Advanced graduate students, scientists of mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering students can take advantage from this great book. You can also Download Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems PDF Free.
Calculus and Analytic Geometry (9th Edition)
by George B. Thomas, Ross L. Finney
1281 Pages · 1995 · 35 MB · 5 Downloads · New!
Calculus and Analytic Geometry by George B. Thomas, Ross L. Finney is a very important book in undergraduate programs. It is a very reliable source for learning Calculus from scratch. This wonderful book will also explain you from the basic to the advanced level of Calculus. It is providing problem-solving strategies for helping the students that can give a better hold and understanding of various new problem-solving techniques in Calculus. Moreover, it is a clear and precise text with superior applications for the modern-day technologies. Calculus and Analytic Geometry is specifically written for the students so it is known as the best course book as well as taught in various universities. Each chapter has precise examples and exercises to make the concepts even more clear. The ninth edition is the proven text, although, various new versions are also there in the market, still, it is the most reliable and widely used book. It provides solid grounds and the concise information necessary to learn mathematics, science, and engineering problems. Furthermore, it also discusses the innovations in the technology as well as the best environment for teaching and learning calculus.
A Portrait of Linear Algebra
by Jude Thaddeus Socrates
883 Pages · 2016 · 5.95 MB · 7 Downloads · New!
“A Portrait of Linear Algebra Third Edition” is a complete book on Linear Algebra. The Mathematician behind this book is Jude Thaddeus Socrates. His book “A Portrait of Linear Algebra” takes a unique approach in developing and introducing the core concepts of this subject. It begins with a thorough introduction to the field properties for real numbers and uses them to guide the student through simple proof exercises. Over 500 new exercises have been added since the 2nd edition. There are 9 chapters in the book. Core concepts of linear combinations, spans of sets of vectors, linear independence, subspaces, basis, and dimension, are introduced in the first chapter. In next chapters, the author explores some applications of Linear Algebra in science and engineering. These applications enable readers to prove The Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra, an elegant theorem that ties together the four fundamental matrix spaces and the concepts of eigenspaces and orthogonality. Overall, it is a great resource for learning the core concepts of Linear Algebra. You can also Download Calculus and Analytic Geometry (9th Edition) by George B. Thomas, Ross L. Finney Free.
Integral Equation Methods in Inverse Scattering Theory
by David Colton, Rainer Kress
286 Pages · 2013 · 17.4 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Integral Equation Methods in Inverse Scattering Theory by David Colton, Rainer Kress is a classic book providing the complete knowledge of the Riesz-Fredholm theory on scalar and vector potentials in spaces of Holder continuous and continuous functions. This is the theory of compact operators in dual systems. It also explains the mapping properties and the jump relations of vector and scalar potentials. The results are useful for studying the scattering problems for the Maxwell and Helmholtz equations. You will get an in-depth understanding of the boundary integral equations for solving acoustic and electromagnetic waves problems. Moreover, this book also provides a complete introduction to inverse scattering theory emphasizing on nonlinearity of the inverse problems. This wonderful book is also a supplement to graduate course on inverse problems and scattering theory. It is a great research topic for mathematicians, physicists, and engineers.
Applied Integer Programming: Modeling and Solution 1st Edition
by Der-San Chen, ‎ Robert G. Batson, ‎ Yu Dang
490 Pages · 2010 · 12 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Integer programming is widely used in the market within modern software and applications. If you need to understand the problem-solving in integer programming, Applied Integer Programming 1st Edition is a good source of knowledge. It provides a comprehensive explanation as well as accessible treatments to show the working of the algorithms and the reasons behind their working. Applied Integer Programming focusses on the problem modeling and solution as well as taking application-oriented approach. Also, it provides a complete understanding of science and art of mathematical modeling with MIP (Mixed Integer Programming) framework. It also covers the related information and the solution to these models efficiently. This book also covers the successful applications, typical model types, systematic modeling procedures, the transformation of non-MIP models, automatic preprocessing for the better formulation, combinational optimization problem modeling. Furthermore, the book explains the geometric and algebraic concepts of linear programming. Applied Integer Programming: Modeling and Solution 1st Edition concludes on modern and classical solutions along with basic building blocks for creating an integrated software system for solving integer programming problems. There are numerous examples and figures to explain the complete concept. It is a good book for integer programming courses especially written to explain the concepts to the professionals and the graduate students. It is a good source of information for real-time industry level problems.