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by L.D. Davis
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Virtually Yours
by Sarvenaz Tash
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“Virtually Yours” is an excited and romantic novel that covers young adult, new adult, Contemporary and romance. This novel is authorized by Sarvenaz Tash. She is Amazon’s bestseller and usually writes about slow burn romance. The whole theme of the story revolves around the pure soul, gorgeous, pretty and young girl called Mariam Vakillian. She is the main and special character of this novel is. The author highlighted the modern love and romantic disaster in this novel. The story begins with the school time of Mariam. She has not dated anyone in five months and happy with her life and thinks about what she has to do and where she starts the new venture of life. She tries out a new virtual reality dating service while taking advantage of an expiring coupon. The story has many captivating and provoking twist and turns that grab the attention of the reader from beginning to end. She is searching for the perfect match and struggles to find. The time comes when she found three friends and it’s hard to choose one of them. Finally, she chooses Jeremy as her best friend. We would highly recommend this novel to those who are looking for an inspirational, exciting and intriguing novel.
Top Secret
by Sarina Bowen&Elle Kennedy
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The “Top Secret” is a thriller and fiction novel which describes the romantic birthday scenes of LobsterShorts’s girlfriend. Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy are the authors of this romantic novel. Sarina Bowen has the RITA Award-winning author of over two dozen contemporary and LGTB romance novels. She holds a BA in economics from Yale University and lives in New Hampshire with her family. Elle Kennedy is the Wall street journal bestselling author. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. Elle holds a BA in English from York University. Elle writes romantic suspense and erotic contemporary romance for various publishers. The authors explain LobsterShorts girlfriend story when he went on her birthday to wish. His girlfriend’s only wish is to have threesome on her birthday and he has to make her wish true. LobsterShorts found a sinner three and he agrees for this romance. Sinnerthree tells, he is a finance major and secretly a male dancer in a bar. He says, my life is kind of a mess right now. When he was in school, one boy fought with him and this annoying boy is the neighbour of Sinnerthree. Furthermore, what happened after the agreement of Sinnerthree with him? All in all, The Top Secret is a romantic and fiction novel.
Seven Shades of You
by A.M. Johnson
444 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
“Seven Shades of You” is a heartbreaking and poignant novel that is packed with contemporary, literary, fiction, romance and new adult. This novel is authorized by A.M. Johnson. The whole theme of the novel revolves around the life of Indie and her brother names Kai. Indie is a sweet, gorgeous and innocent girl. She is shy and faces mental health illness. They both love each other and care the emotions of each another. Kai is the wise, brilliant and talented boy and the champion of the swimmer team. They held many functions and all-around player on campus. There is a blooming and interesting friendship among them and gradually turned into something strange and suspicious. They give the expression, words, and art to each another the expose their love and friendship. They are twins and there is wonderful interaction between them. This is a standalone and debut novel with delightful and entertaining premises. The story is compelling, mind-blowing with a satisfying ending and incredibly strong characters with the emotion of love.
Mr. Fixer Upper
by Lucy Score
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The “Mr. Fixer Upper” is a romantic and fantastic novel for the readers. Lucy Score is a Wall Street Journal and no.1 Amazon best-selling author. Her books have been translated into several languages, making readers around the world snort-laugh, swoon, and sob. In her spare time, she enjoys sleeping, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and reading all the romance novels in the universe. In this novel, Lucy talks about a Gannon King. Gannon is a reality TV star who really only desires to be out of the spotlight. Gannon and Paige have a slow-building, nearly friends to lovers. They have already worked together for one full season of their show, now they are heading into season two. Once Gannon decides Paige is what he wants, he will stop at nothing to win her over. Paige has a difficult time accepting the fact that Gannon could actually be interested in her. She also has a lot of emotional bags as a result of her cold and distant mother. The end of the story is superb and so beautifully written. You are interested to know about the end of the story, read this romantic fiction novel. Once somebody starts reading this novel, it is very tough to leave it without finishing, every page keeps users on the edge of the seat.
The Elite King’s Club Series
by Amo Jones
0 Pages · 2015 · English · 0 Downloads · New!
The Elite King’s Club Series is outstanding and classy series that grab the attention of those readers who love fantasy and romance. Amo Jones is an author of this series. She likes cake, loves and her religion in magic. She is the best writer and everyone obsessed with her dark fetishes, crazy dreams and psycho heroes. This series consists of four books. These books are Malum, Tracet a Mortuis, The Broken Puppet and The Silver Swan. In this series, there are feelings that kept you on the edge, alive, itchy, vivid, questioning everything and everyone. All characters in the series are intriguing, multi-layered, complex, strong and vulnerable at the same time. In this series, there is a constant rush, suspense, mystery and thrill. The whole series is unique, unpredictable and ultra addictive. In some part of the series, the author loves to play with the devil’s advocate with her characters. The whole series is very suspenseful with so many dark secrets. In this series, there are multiple action i.e secrets, lies, manipulation, distrust and loyalty. Each character in the series has multiple personalities, complicated and mysterious yet very much collected and calculated. This book is full of suspense and highly recommend to those who like dark and original novels.
Love in Lingerie
by Alessandra Torre
236 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 12 Downloads · New!
The “Love in Lingerie” is a contemporary romance book about Trey and Kate. Alessandra Torre is the author of this popular book. Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times author and she is the author of twelve novels. She has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy.Her books normally come with twists, turns and keeps you on the edge of your seats and panting elements. Love in Lingerie has a beautiful story about Trey and Kate. Trey is the owner of a lingerie store and brand, he hires Kate to save his company from ruin. Kate has some rules in the store that is necessary and no fraternization with the staff. But Kate is a young and damn gorgeous girl, so the attraction between Kate and himself is explosive and they are both trying their best not to give in to their attraction.