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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

by John Toland, Spike Milligan
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Bargaining for Advantage
by G Richard Shell
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“Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People” is a marvelous book full of wisdom and beautifully summed up advice for future negotiators. G Richard Shell is an award-winning teacher. He is the author of many other books. He is a professor of legal studies and business ethics.  He is director of Wharton’s Executive Negotiation Workshop and strategic persuasion workshop. If you want to test your Negotiation IQ it will help you a lot and will reveal your unique qualities. It will help you in Negotiation in every walk of life either you are buying a car or insurance. It also gives you an insight into how to succeed when you negotiate online. It also tells us cultural and gender differences can affect negotiation and how we can bring our relationships back to the track. It will also help you with how you can children and wives. It is the best advice for selling yourself in a social marketplace or buying something. To inspire us author includes beautiful stories from the world’s best known outstanding negotiators from J.P. Morgan to Mahatma Gandhi. In short, the author teaches us practical skills of negotiation.
Sacred Duty
by Tom Cotton
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The “Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery” is a wonderful biography book about the Guard. Tom Cotton was a platoon leader with the storied 3ed U.S. Infantry Regiment. The Old Guard has personified the Ideals of integrity and sacrifice across our nation’s history. Living in the Greater DC area, Sacred Duty has given us a new appreciation for the Old Guard and history of Arlington National Cemetery and of the countless heroes on those nearby sacred grounds. Senator Cotton goes into detail of how demanding and intense it is to be a soldier conducting funerals. Having served in that unit, Tom Cotton explains his own experience how the Old Guard honors fallen soldiers. The Old Guard conducts daily military-honor funerals on the 624 rolling acres of Arlington. A level of respect that should be shared by all Americans.
In the Garden of Beasts
by Erik Larson
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The “In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin” is a great book that has a compelling view of the rise of Nazi Germany. The author of this history book is Erik Larson. Erik Larson is also the author of five national bestsellers, including The Devil in the White City, In the Garden of Beasts and many others. Erik books have been published in seventeen countries. In the Garden of Beasts, focuses on the perfectionistic new American ambassador and his family, who initially determined to think the best of Hitler and Germany in general. Hitler and his several lieutenants have the desire to restore Germany as a healthy flourishing country following the deprivations of WWI. More time is spent on seeing the evolving situation through the eyes of the Ambassador’s daughter as her understanding develops as the importance of her various relationships. To sum it up, I would recommend “In the Garden of Beasts” to anyone who is interested in Nazi Germany and the early days of Hitler’s rise.
It’s Up to Us
by John Kasich
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The “It’s Up to Us: Ten Little WAYS We Can Bring About Big Change” is a self-help book that reveals how we can improve our life. The author of this helpful book is John Kasich. John is the former Governor of Ohio and a former U.S. presidential candidate.He served for 18 years on the Armed Services Committee and was Chairman of the House Budget Committee. He also had a successful career as an investment banker. In “It’s Up to Us”, John examines all people want same things and want to live a life of purpose and meaning.People want to leave a legacy for children. John has experienced both in politics and a former leader. In this book, he describes 10 things that you can do to make changes in life for the good, like set goals to achieve your dreams, let go of your regrets, start living a well-balanced life, face your fears and some others. In addition, John made a plan for each to follow as we look to live a life bigger than ourselves. To sum it up, It’s Up to Us is a life changing and self-help book for all people.
The Luckiest Man
by Mark Salter
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“The Luckiest Man: Life with JohnMcMan” is an exemplary and lesson-giving book in which the author gives us the guideline to be successful in both personal and professional life by giving the example of a well-known personality from America’s political history. The book is written by Mark Salter. He had been the partner of McMan during his writing career and has written seven books in collaboration with him including Worth of Fighting For, Why Courage Matters and Character is Density etc. In this book, the author describes the childhood, young age, and professional life of McMan in a humorous and inspiring manner to guide us on what to do if we have high aims and goals in life. The book covers up the story of the author’s relationship with McMan and he tells us how they met. Most importantly the author discusses the golden principles of life McMan which were among one of the major causes of his success and fame as a senator besides being a writer. This is so much interesting book that once you started reading it then you cannot put it down until you finish it. Concluding, the book is impressive, amazing, wonderful, interesting, and worthy for the readers who wanted to be a leader.
The Devil’s Chessboard
by David Talbot
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“The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government” is an informative and fact-filled book in which the author tells us the hidden secret of the rising of the American Government and the role of Washington and its leader in making America a dominant country. This fabulous book is written by David Talbot. He is a politician and the author of many famous New York Times bestselling books like Season of Witch: Enhancement, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of love and Rolling stone, etc. In this book, the author discusses that politics is the country’s biggest business and not everyone can run this without experience and it is the business that defines the future of the country so, choose the leaders carefully. Here the author tells us that the CIA is the most powerful tool for the strength and progress of Washington and all the countries can make it the tool to flourish and make their country successful. The book states that Welsh Dulles was the person who made the CIA the strongest tool to make Washington a dominating state and America a superpower. Concluding, the book is highly informative, knowledge giving, leadership, and inspiring for the readers who wanted to lead the world effectively.