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Advice and Dissent

Advice and Dissent

by Y.V. Reddy
496 Pages · 2017 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
A Clash of Kings
by George R. R. Martin
1040 Pages · 2000 · 4 MB · 4,764 Downloads · New!
A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin is fiction, rivalry, revenge, politics and thriller novel which plots the story of Iron Throne and its allies. George R. R. MartinGeorge R. R. Martin is the author of this classic novel. After the death of King, the orphaned boy is nominated for the King of the Seven Kingdoms. He is the right and legal man to sit in the Iron Throne. Ned Stark has the words of the past king and he asks him to took the charge of Iron Throne and handed to Joffrey when he comes to an adult age. Ned read the statement of King, Joffrey arrested Ned Stark and later on executed him for being a rebel.
A Feast for Crows
by George R. R. Martin
1104 Pages · 2006 · 1 MB, 2 MB, 9 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin is revenge, politics and fiction novel which describes the epic story of Iron Throne after the cold murder of King Joffrey. George R. R. Martin is the author of this great novel. Who is going to take the charge and be the King of the Iron Throne after the death of King Joffrey. Cersei steps forward and becomes the queen of Seven Kingdoms and rightful choice for the Iron Throne. When she took the charge the kingdoms army is fighting with the rebels. The Robb Stark is continuing the legacy of his father by cutting the heads of his enemies. There are a lot of things Cersei has to think about them before any final decision. She nominated his brother JammieLanister the hand of the king. He is the twin brother and lover of Cersei. Jammie is the brave fighter and leads many battles to victory. Robb is coming close to Iron Throne y beating Lanisters in every battle. They are surprised by the performance of the young boy, but they are not afraid of him anymore. The Stannis call his army and family for the dinner and he assassin all including the mother, wife and unborn child of Robb.
A Higher Loyalty
by James Comey
312 Pages · 2018 · 1.28 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” is a well-written and thought provoking book on leadership. James Comey is the guy behind this book. Mr. Comey is, among many things, a good writer. In his book “A Higher Loyalty” James gives us an insider view of what it is like to be an Assistant Attorney General and also the Director of the FBI. The author provides the readers with his personal experiences from prosecuting the mafia and Martha Stewart to his unexpected firing by President Trump. This book also shares Comey’s never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks like, and how it drives sound decisions. His journey provides an unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader. In short, it is a great book to understand the USA politics and the rolde of FBI.
A Storm of Swords
by George R. R. Martin
1216 Pages · 2003 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin is politics, action, thriller and fiction novel which plots the story of five contenders are claiming for the same throne. George R. R. Martin is the author of this classic novel. There is a constant war for the throne of King’s Landing, Joffrey is the king of the Iron Throne and he is the only ruler of Seven Kingdoms on the behalf of House Lannister. He is the uneasy ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. The kingdoms are divided, Robb Stark is the lord of the north, Lord Stannis is ruling in the south and the exiled queen Daenerys is on the other side of the sea and she has the army of death rookies along with the support of three dragons. Robb’s sisters are the hostages in the King’s Landing and he is marching with his allies to the Iron Throne. On the other side, John Snow is with wildlings and they are coming to attack the great wall. He sees the army of the dead there, John knows no one can stand against them only if they fight together. All kingdom is in crises, people are dying due to the shortage of food but they are still fighting.
AI Superpowers
by Kai-Fu Lee
272 Pages · 2018 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
AI Superpowers is the economic, technology and business book which discusses the future of AI in two biggest countries America and China. Kai-Fu Lee is the author of this informative book. He is the CEO and Chairman of Innovation Ventures. It is one of the most high-tech companies in China. He also appointed on the seat of the president from Google China. Lee has a strong background about technology and he can predict where the modern technology is leading us. The business of China is growing day by day with the help of AI. AI is the world most leading tech which completely transforms the lives of humans. This technology is taking our lives into comfort. It involves the machine learning prospect. There are insecurities for the blue-collar jobs as AI would replace them. Once the AI is there to hold all the human tasks than what would be the job of common people. Every technology in the world has some pros and cons. The AI is also used in the military weapons which are totally devastating. It totally transformed the way to fight with your enemies. The countries who have the grip on AI can demolish the other countries in a few minutes. There is no need to send the armies from so long, no need to feed them and they don’t even get tired. The existence of humans will be in danger if AI begins to rule in weapons.
Animal Farm
by George Orwell
140 Pages · 2004 · 0.1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Animal Farm by George Orwell is fiction, paranormal, redemption, and suspense novel in which the story is about political events. George Orwell is the author of this great novel. He is the political writer and he is best on it. The leaders of the town become successful by putting their party agenda on the heads of people. Their campaign is being run on the insecure sectors who need some promises from the leaders. They are using these innocent peoples and expecting the revolution in the society. The party people got different slogans and rhythmic but the differences are not getting low. The fight is between the politics and the supposed enemies. This case leading them to have the quick election which may not fulfill the results after the election. Now the people are destructed, fear, worried and ignorant which may not well for them to make any decision. They are like sheep if one start moving the other start copying and eventually all of them end up in the slaughtered house. In the end, according to them, they have the solution which is the common good for all the people. They are setting the rules for the people how to a suite, what to eat, where to go and things related to personal life. There is a communist who got the back of terrorists, murderers, and corrupt peoples. They also played the role in the development process.