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An Amish Kitchen

An Amish Kitchen

by Amy Clipston
352 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Something to Talk About
by Meryl Wilsner
336 Pages · 2015 · 2 MB · 4,862 Downloads · New!
The “Something to Talk About” is a romance, fiction and thriller novel. Something to Talk About is written by the author Meryl Wilsner. Meryl Writes stories about queer women falling in love. Born in Michigan, Meryl lived in Portland, Oregon, and Jackson. The author developed the characters in the most interesting way that will engage the readers from first to end of the page. The author’s unique style and beautiful writing style are very evident throughout the reading. In this novel, Meryl describes Jo and Emma. Emma has been Jo’s assistant for about a year and Jo has never asked Emma to accompany her to an award show.
by Marilynne Robinson, Jack Welch
320 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
“Jack: A Novel” is a very well written novel with rich intense emotions and it is the fourth in the series. This famous series and novel are written by Marilynne Robinson. She is a marvelous writer who is the recipient of the National Humanities Medal given by President Barack Obama, he also received many other awards including Orange Prize, Los Angeles Times Book Prize. her first novel was Housekeeping and it won the PEN award. She is a graceful and intelligent writer and lives in Lowa city. It is Joy to read Robinson language in this novel author tells us about the story of a black woman and a white man. Della was a school teacher and beloved daughter of a minister of law, whereas Jack was a spoiled boy in fact a black sheep in his family who was the son of a religious preacher, and he was spoiled despite his fathers’ prayers for him. He had been in prison and frequently used to drink. Jack and Della meet and after soulful conversations, they decided to marry. It was very obvious that now it will be difficult to face society. In short in this novel author tells us a love story beyond the limitations of religion and race.
by Helen Hardt
288 Pages · 2016 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Obsession is the romantic, thriller, suspense, mystery and literature novel which plot the story of a couple who have darkest secrets. Helen Hardt is the author of this classic novel. Jade and Talon Steel are fall in love in a dramatic way but now they can’t live without each other. Talon is shy and reticent guy which is the most beautiful thing in the eye of Jade. The reason behind this, Talon still hunted by the past trauma which shakes his soul. He has never been too close with anyone like he is with Jade. Talon has the craving for Jade and he never wanted to lose her. Jade also loves him but something terrible happens which stops them to look at each other. There is no other option left than to move on. Jade got a new job and in the very first week, she got a twist in her life. Her Boss asks her to reveal the secrets of Steel Brothers. Finally, Jade get an opportunity and she is happy to comply Talon. Jade wanted to know the secrets, she knows one thing for sure that there is something big and she will going to unfold it. Talon still in love with Jade and his love is more or less like an obsession. He will do anything to own Jade in the bed but first, he has to reveal the past.
I Hate Myselfie
by Shane Dawson
240 Pages · 2015 · 31 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
I Hate Myselfie is the memoir, essays, literature and humor book which describe the epic life story of the author while growing up. Shane Dawson is the author of this fantastic book. He is a famous YouTuber, actor, director, comedian, musician, and writer. Shane Dawson is the most popular media personality who is the complete package of entertainment. He set the trend of getting popularity through YouTube videos and people just love him. Shane was just nineteen-year-old kid when he signed up for a YouTube channel and start making his videos. Just over the mark of two years, he got 50 million views on his channel. His startup videos mostly based on sketch comedy, where he played the original characters of the famous celebrities. Click on the button given below to download ePub I Hate Myselfie eBook by Shane Dawson. You can also download 50 Literature Ideas You Really Need to Know by John Sutherland PDF
Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties
by Camille Pagan
254 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is the literature, fiction, thriller, romantic and redemption novel which plot the story of the divorced woman. Camille Pagan is the author of this classy novel. She is the bestselling author of five novels. Her novels are picked for films and she also provides her services to international magazines and editors. Maggie Harris has enjoyed her entire life and she avails every opportunity of joy. She is almost fifty-three years old and it’s been thirty years since she married Adam. He is a kind and generous man who never disrespect his woman. They have two kids and both are grown up now. Their kids are happier children due to the love of their parents. Maggie has some personality issues and she is perpetually anxious. She has different things in her to-list and skydiving is one of them. The happiness never stays long and Maggie’s life takes a dramatic change from comfort to worse. She got a divorce from her husband and everything is gone with him from Maggie’s life. She cannot believe in her bad luck Maggie will not sit until she built her life again. Everything she lost in her life will be on the side and her trip to Rome will change her life forever. What happens in Rome and will she able to achieve what she desired for?
When Parents Text
by Sophia Fraioli& Lauren Kaelin
256 Pages · 2011 · 4 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
When Parents Text is the American literature, humorous, social aspect and parenting book which contains a brief collection of text messages between kids and parents. Sophia Fraioli and Lauren Kaelin are the authors of this outstanding book. This is an amazing book with a wide collection of parents and kids conversation. The interaction between parents and kids are always interesting but it becomes more interesting when it comes to humor and sarcasm. Sometimes kids wanted to have something and they are desperate for it to have but their parents remain calm and not provide the thing which they want. The parents are trying their best to provide everything positive to their kids but sometimes they act silly, hopeless and little corny. The young lad is an addict to technology and they spend more time watching TV and playing games PSP. The conversation goes wild when they both are not ready to give up. Sophia Fraioli also launched her website in last year with the same name and she got a brilliant response from the audience. She got phenomenal success by having 300,000 thousand visitors to 500,000 of visitors daily. This book also contains the best stuff from the website and the remaining part of the text is new. The reader will be excited while reader color MMS and bizarre photos of mom and dad taking my kids.