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And Then There’s This

And Then There’s This

by Bill Wasik
208 Pages · 2009 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Open Source Intelligence Techniques
by Michael Bazzell
575 Pages · 2019 · 111 MB · 2,435 Downloads · New!
Open Source Intelligence Techniques is the computer science, internet and telecommunication guide which shares the latest techniques and developments in OSINT. Michael Bazzell is the author of this impressive book. This is the updated and revised second edition of the book which contains 30 chapters for the readers. OSINT is an open-source intelligence that plays a key role in understanding cybersecurity. Cybersecurity rules all the activities on the internet.
The Road to React
by Robin Wieruch
246 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 2,615 Downloads · New!
“The Road to React: Your Journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js” is phenomenal guidance on learning to React quickly and precisely. The Road to React is written by the author Robin Wieruch. Robin is a German software and web engineer who is dedicated to learn and teach programming in JavaScript. He gained experience from the startup world where he used JavaScript excessively during his professional time and spare time. In this book, you will learn all the fundamentals of React.js, how to create React application. Robin Wieruch starts from the beginning level and takes the reader through the learning experience step by step.
Programming Phoenix
by Bruce Tate, Jose Valim, , Chris McCord
300 Pages · 2015 · 8 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The “Programming Phoenix: Productive |> Reliable |> Fast, 1st Edition” is a great practical book from the creators of Phoenix. Chris McCord, Bruce Tate, and Jose Valim are the authors of this book. In this book, the authors walk you through building an application that is fast and reliable. Phoenix is the long-awaited web framework based on Elixir that combines a beautiful syntax with rich metaprogramming. The content and material are excellent and it is enough to get you started on almost any web application. You would want to build with phoenix and do not assume much knowledge of Elixir. Programming Phoenix is a must read for those who want to build next generation web apps using Elixir and Phoenix Framework. The authors have the talent to articulate what he knows to other developers. If you are looking for a practical approach to productive, reliable and high-performance web development, then this book is for you. Programming Phoenix is a type of book we can get our hands dirty developing while going through the content of the book. To sum it up, Programming Phoenix is a necessary book for all people who are interested in Phoenix and Elixir.
Web Application Design Handbook
by Susan Fowler, Victor Stanwick
658 Pages · 2015 · 44 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The “Web Application Design Handbook: Best Practices for Web-Based Software (Interactive Technologies)” is a great resource for web application designers. Susan Fowler and Victor Stanwick are the authors of this book. This book writing is concise, clear and engages all the reader from start to end of the page. Web Application Design Handbook provides a roadmap that will allow readers to put complete working applications on the Web. It reveals the essential widgets and development tools that will lead to the right design solutions for your web application. The first section of this book deals with some issues, like how the controls work for web applications, the differences between them and the controls used in more standard applications. If you already work with a small to medium-sized website and you are new to, Web Application Design Handbook could be helpful to you. There are excellent discussions of internationalization and accessibility, as well as techniques for appropriate use of HTML and CSS. Additionally, this book adds flavor to the standard Web design with programming for the web and covers design solutions. In summary, Web Application Design Handbook is a necessary book for all web designers.
PHP Developer’s Cookbook
by Sterling Hughes
504 Pages · 2015 · 4 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
The “PHP Developer’s Cookbook, 2nd Edition” is a perfect book for those who want to be an expert in PHP programming. Sterling Hughes is the author of this programming book. Sterling is a freelance Web developer, creating dynamic Web applications in PHP, C, and Perl for Fortune 500 companies. He is a co-author of the PHP documentation and has written articles about PHP for Web reference,, and Web techniques. PHP Developer’s Cookbook is a helpful book for the intermediate programmers as it offers solutions to the daily problems and goals the PHP developer faces. It gives you a great overview of what PHP can do. It has sections on extending PHP with your own functions in C. So, if you are an experienced programmer that wants to know what PHP can do, read this book. Furthermore, this book covers a huge range of tasks, such as string manipulation, through to the highly complex such as drawing graphics with GD and outputting XML. It is also filled with numerous screenshots and examples that will help and engage the readers from start to end of the page. One good thing about this book is, each chapter is broken down into 8 or 9 problems, and each problem comes with at least one solution and a discussion. In summary, PHP Developer’s Cookbook is a perfect book for intermediate programmers who want to sharpen their skills.
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
by Shoshana Zuboff
704 Pages · 2015 · 9 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
“The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” is an extremely thought-provoking and educational book for all the readers. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is written by the author Shoshana Zuboff. Shoshana is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita, Harvard Business School. She is the author of In The Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power and The Support Economy, and many others. In this book, she provides an abundance of information and counsel that she hopes will help those who read her book to contest and interrupt. Zuboff shares what she has learned from others in order to support what becomes a call to action. Furthermore, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is a must-read book for anyone who still thinks that Google is a Search Engine or Facebook is a social medium. This book is quite brilliant and at the cutting edge of the challenges of the digital age. To sum it up, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is an informative book for all the reader.