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Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

by Guy Cook
144 Pages · 2003 · 7 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
In Spite of the Gods
by Edward Luce
448 Pages · 2008 · 6 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
In Spite of the Gods is the fabulous history, humanities and social sciences book which provides the brief history and current economic condition of the Indian nation. Edward Luce is the author of this amazing book. India is the world biggest democracy and the future’s international economic power. The country is getting stronger and stronger every coming year. They have developed all their weak points one by one and no other country can treat them. India is first in Asia to develop the atomic bomb and many other deadly weapons. Their film industries grow from 0% to 100% and they collect billions of rupees through their film industries. The media is stronger than ever but apart from that, the country is still plagued by unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty. There are various other various other economic and social issues which need to address. The author travels in the various cities of India by meeting the politics. He traveled in the different regions, religious circles and cultures to investigate the balance between the modernity and tradition. Edward Luce gets the meeting with the key politics, economic gurus, and religious pundit and village laborers. In the last of the book, he asks some questions and few of them are confidential and evaluate the role of India for his neighbors.
The Age of Revolution
by Eric Hobsbawm
368 Pages · 1996 · · 0 Downloads · New!
The Age of Revolution is the history, political sciences and humanities book which tells us about the human revolution in the ninetieth century. Eric Hobsbawm is the author of this informative book. He was the professor in history and also known as due to his social research. This is clearly a masterpiece by the author. Eric describes each and everything in details which makes our life better today. The industrial revolution takes the big move in the last century and it changes our lives. There are basically two revolutions at the same time first is industrial and second is the French revolution. Our economic system gets better due to the industrial and political system makes its road through the French revolution. The book is divided into various sections by covering different topics. You will not only find the content related to economic and political view but also for sciences and arts. There are various interesting topics in which the reader will find out about the modern sciences and when they all born. It contains the complete history of organic chemistry, social sciences and geology. The book shares the story of mathematician Evariste Galois and readers will find it interesting. You will also learn about capitalism which starts spreading in the last days. In last, this is the great book which is necessary to read for everyone whether he/she is the student of history or not. You can also Download The Age of Empire by Eric Hobsbawm PDF.
Reader, Come Home
by Maryanne Wolf
272 Pages · 2018 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Reader, Come Home is the linguistics, educational and social sciences book which tell us the power of reading and how reading will help us to change our lives. Maryanne Wolf is the author of this remarkable book. This book contains the brief history of modern technologies which are making us dependent and we are nothing without them. How the reading brain is different from those who use the digital medium for knowledge? Reading improves the capacity, critical thinking, pressure handling, reflection and empathy as compared to those who rely on digital technologies. Ten-years ago author writes a book in which she shares the facts on brain learning. There are various new researches on these topics which mentioned reading is the best way. While digging deep on her topics he raised some questions. Will the chain of ease in every part of our lives will ever affect the performance of our brain? How the student can focus on his daily tasks after so many distractions. What makes us good readers and so we handle the difficult situations in our lives. The author touches every aspect of literature which includes the technology, philosophy, education, neuroscience and scientific facts. She shares the intriguing and provocative ideas which are capable enough to boost the performance of brain functionality.
The language instinct
by Steven Pinker
576 Pages · 2015 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The language instinct is the amazing semantics encyclopedia and linguistics book which shares the science behind our language. Steven Pinker is the author of this fantastic book. Language is mysterious and the most important part of human life. It travels with the human from the beginning and now thousands of languages are currently used by in the present world. We depend on language and there will be progress in the world if a human doesn’t know any language or they have communication barrier. Steven Pinker tells how the children learn the language, how the brain computes it and deliver a sense of action against specific words. There are three main stages where children learn the language. The babies begin their learning process through sounds. They can hear and make all the sounds in all languages which are spoken into the world. There are 6500 languages and 150 sounds in these languages.
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching
by H. Douglas Brown
416 Pages · 2014 · 34  MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Principles of Language Learning and Teaching is the instruction, reference and linguistics book which shares the proven techniques and methods to learn any language. H. Douglas Brown is the author of this impressive book. This is the updated 6th edition of the book which tells the best practices of learning a new language. The first most essential and basic practice to learn any language is a conversation. Learn the hundred most common words of the language and use them to make sentences. These words also help you to make your grip on grammar. Keep the dictionary inside your pocket or app in the mobile if you have access. The dictionary helps you to remember new words without any difficulty. Learn ten new words every day and make multiple sentences by using these words. Keep practicing the new words in your mind and turn them into the conversation by communicating with others. Accept the reality of stupidity while learning any new language. You will speak wrong in the beginning but after some time you will become an expert. Figure out pronunciation patterns and make your concepts clear. A miracle guide for everyone who wanted to become a master in a new language.
Practice Makes Perfect
by Gilda Nissenberg
416 Pages · 2016 · 82 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Practice Makes Perfect is the language learning, linguistics and Spanish language book which tells the secrets of learning Spanish language. Gilda Nissenberg is the author of this fantastic book. Learning a new language requires a lot of practice, dedication and courage. This book takes your Spanish language skills to the next level and no one able to doubt on your speaking skills. It covers the past, present and future tense in details. All the tips and techniques are well written and explained for the beginners. Covers all the basic details that are necessary for the strong foundation. There are crystal clear explanations, different engaging exercises, numerous realistic examples and much more. This book contains fill-in sentences, multiple choices, sentence rewrites, creative writing and passages etc. Learn the different techniques you need to build the logic behind the sentences. There are time saving vocabulary methods that eliminate all the unwanted words from the sentence. Try to keep your sentences simple and short. What are the steps that you can doto avoid common mistakes? How to identify the common mistakes and how to recover every sentence in style? It got the support of flashcards, auto-fill glossary and audio recording. Don’t miss your chance to become what you truly wanted.