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Atomic Accidents

Atomic Accidents

by James Mahaffey
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson


by Richard P. Feynman, Burkard Polster
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The “QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (Princeton Science Library)” is a physics book that explains an enormously complex and unintuitive theory. The author of this enlightening book is Richard P. Feynman. He was born in 1918 and grew up in Far Rockaway, New York. When he was just 17 years old, he entered MIT and in 1939 went to Princeton, then to Los Alamos where he joined in the effort to build the atomic bomb. He writes numerous books and all of them are wealth to read. Feynman is a scientist who can successfully explain very difficult ideas in simple terms. He uses his own brand of metaphors and analogies to clarify quantum mechanics and QED is one of the perfect examples. Feynman extracts the core of Quantum Electrodynamics without assuming any prior math or physics background in his audience. He does not use any calculus, any abstract algebra and he does not even mention complex numbers once. Furthermore, QED has been welcomed as the most exact scientific theory ever constructed because its predictions have been confirmed by so many experiments. To know more, then read this popular book. To sum it up, QED is a great book that reveals one of the most fundamentals theories of physics.
Midnight in Cherno
by Adam Higginbotham
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The “Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster” is an informative book that tells the real story of the twentieth century greatest nuclear disaster. Adam Higginbotham is the author of this history book. Adam Higginbotham writes for The New York Times Magazine, GQ and Smithsonian. The author tells the history worst nuclear disaster of 26 April 1986. The country makes weapons for their safety because it provides security against enemies. But sometimes, they become dangerous for humanity. On 26 April 1986, reactor number four suffered a catastrophic power increase, leading to an explosion in its core. Adam Higginbotham has written a compelling narrative which brings a disaster in the life of the men and women life. After the nuclear disaster, dangerous technology slipping its leash for ecological fragility. Radio-Active waste can possess a threat to the environment and is dangerous for humans.
Cosmology for the Curious
by Delia Perlov
372 Pages · 2017 · 14 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Cosmology for the Curious is the amazing sciences and physics book in which the author reveals the secret behind the origin of the universe. Delia Perlov is the author of this stunning book. He provides the latest theories and facts about the cosmos. This books brings all new knowledge and reveals the secret behind the origin of the universe. Most of us still did not know how the universe came into existence? What is Bing Bang and how the universe expands? What is the gravity and how the galaxies were cool down and expended gradually? The reader will find the answer to all these questions and a lot more just in a single read.
Five Days at MemorialSheri Fink
by Sheri Fink
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“Five Days at MemorialSheri Fink by Sheri Fink” is a popular book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format. ” Sheri Fink” is the author of this impressive book. Here is the summary of this book; Five Days at Memorial, the culmination of six years of reporting by Pulitzer Prize winner Sheri Fink, unspools the mystery, bringing us inside a hospital fighting for its life and into the most charged questions in health care: which patients should be prioritized, and can health care professionals ever be excused for hastening death?