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Back to the Bonnet

Back to the Bonnet

by Jennifer Duke
296 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 3,065 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
In the Shadow of Blackbirds
by Cat Winters
400 Pages · 2013 · 3  MB · 1,310 Downloads · New!
In the Shadow of Blackbirds is the literature, thriller, redemption, mystery and fiction novel which describes the story of a teenage girl. Cat Winters is the author of this superb novel. Mary Shelley Black, Stephen, Julius, and Darning are the prominent characters of the story. In 1918, World War I is killing millions of peoples and it also includes innocent people. No one is safe anymore and the whole world is in chaos. America is dealing with the deadly flu know as Pandemic. This flu kills millions of people at home and everyone failed to deal with it.
These Is My Words
by Nancy Turner
400 Pages · 2015 · 2 MB · 3,211 Downloads · New!
The “These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901” is a women’s domestic life fiction novel. These Is My Words are written by the author Nancy Turner. Nancy is the author of several works of fictions and all of them are interesting and engageable. These Is My Words is based on the life of a woman who is the great grandmother of the author. Her voice is clear and authoritative, and her humanity is real and surviving. This book tells about Sarah’s life who lived and survived in the Arizona Territory during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Silk House
by Kayte Nunn
322 Pages · 2015 · 1.2 MB · 1,165 Downloads · New!
“The Silk House” is a story of love, loss, heartbreak, and unbreakable bonds. This novel is written by Kayte Nunn.  This is a gorgeous story about how life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, but if we’re willing, we can still make it a great life. It is a good compelling story, engaging, and easy to read. This is the perfect holiday novel, you can pick it up and get straight back into the story. The novel ” The Silk House” is an enjoyable story that moves along at a good pace.
by Edward Rutherfurd
1152 Pages · 1998 · 5.24 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
London is a historical fiction that covers almost two thousand years of history. Edward Rutherfurd is the author of this novel. Edward Rutherford has spent much of the last 30 years living in New York and Connecticut. If you are interested in history at all, you will love this story of London. It is an easy read and the pages just fly by. This is a long book and it is highly informative about the history of Great Britain and neighboring countries. It would be a good read for anyone preparing to tour England. The story begins circa 56 B.C. and follows several pseudo families and their antecedents through World War II. The author explores location history in a fashion similar to James Michener, but with livelier characters. Descriptions are excellent. He does not use a chronological sequence, so some readers may feel a bit out of sorts as they jump from one century to another. In short, if you ever have the privilege of traveling to London we highly recommend reading this before you go to gain an even deeper appreciation for the great city.
A Secret History of Witches
by Louisa Morgan
528 Pages · 2018 · 3 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
A Secret History of Witches is the magic, suspense, thriller, history and fiction novel which describe the story of a woman who gives her life to save the next generation. Louisa Morgan is the author of this stunning novel. In Brittany, 1821 a young woman is standing in the middle of death and life. She has to make a quick decision either to save her own life or her family’s life. Ursule makes her choice and saves the life of her family by sacrificing her own. She does not only save their family but also saves the magic which is the part of their family. After Ursule, the five generations lived successfully till WWII and these women protect their dignity. They are trying their best so far to keep the magic alive. Every upcoming daughter is taught about the magic but they are not efficient like their ancestors. Magic is transferring from generation to generation and WWII is on the head. The world is divided into two sides and they are ready to conquer each other. This is the time when the world needs the magic which tears apart the opposition. Will these magic tricks can change the perspective and history?
by Emma Donoghue
432 Pages · 2002 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Slammerkin is the thriller, history, literature and fiction novel which plots the story of a teenage girl who sells her body for expensive clothes. Emma Donoghue is the author of this fantastic novel. In the eighteenth century in London, Mary Saunders was born in a poor family where she barely eats three times a day. She has many wishes to fulfil but she can’t get them. Mary only wishes to wear silk clothes and have makeup on her body. She got attracted by fashion and to complete her dreams to wear expansive clothes leads her to prostitution. Mary makes a life-changing experience and decided to sell her body to change her poor lifestyle. It was a tough decision for her but there is no other way to fulfil her dreams. She wanted to move on from the poor and poverty-stricken lifestyle. After this decision, her life takes a dramatic change and after a few years, Mary has all those facilities which she desired in her life. This dangerous misstep sends her into different cities where she has one night stand with the political and rich people. Mary learns three rules which she learns in those streets. Beautiful clothes make women beautiful, clothes are the greatest lie ever which is told to us and never give up in liberty.