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Beauty Foods

Beauty Foods

by Caroline Artiss
144 Pages · 2016 · 29 MB · 2,052 Downloads · New!
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
100 Days of Real Food
by Lisa Leake
368 Pages · 2014 · 28 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
100 Days of Real Food is the nutrition, health and fitness guide which helps the reader to stay healthy and fit. Lisa Leake is the author of this wonderful book. Our health is directly linked with the quality of the food we eat. Everybody is busy to have fast food and we found it quite delicious to eat. Eating low standard and junk food can create several issues in a few months. People find it difficult to cook a meal in their homes. There are various books written in the awareness of natural food and these books also contains dozens of recipes. People find it difficult to adopt all those recipes which are mentioned in the book. Lisa shares everything with great insights so you can enjoy the taste of natural food like seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, seeds, honey, dried fruit, and natural juices. There are over 125 illustrations which guide the reader step by step to cook the tasty recipes. Learn to pick healthy food from the stores and how to read the ingredient labels. It also includes meal plans for the kids on different occasions like snacks, parties, and lunches.
101 Things I Learned in Culinary School
by Louis Eguaras
212 Pages · 2010 · 2.57 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
101 Things I Learned in Culinary School is the professional cooking and self-help guide which shares the multiple ways of optimizing kitchen life. Louis Eguaras is the author of this wonderful book. Cooking and presenting food in front of others is an art and Louis Eguaras shows us how to master it. First of all, set the perfect workspace with the help of clean utensils, bowls, and tools. Keep a trashcan within the reach of your arm. Learn the art of creating an egg wash, make the best use of glue in the kitchen like seal pasties and much more. While working in the kitchen, make sure you are comfortable and try to wear comfy clothes. Buy a baking scale which gives you the perfect measurement regarding your cooking. Gives your recipe one more read before you ready to cook it. Whenever you are cooking the food, never compromise in neatness and cleanness of your kitchen.
Air fryer Cookbook
by Amanda Robbins
206 Pages · 2018 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Air fryer Cookbook is the amazing food and cooking book which contains the enormous knowledge to cook the variety of delightful recipes. Amanda Robbins is the author of this exciting new book. This book is full of recipes with suitable tastes. All the recipes are easy and simple to make. Each of them is healthier, full of flavour and best alternative to local fried foods. It is specially written to help people to get most of it. The reader will something new in every page like savoury, sweet, citrusy and salty along with other magnificent recipes. It contains the best alternative recipes as compare to your local food which is not good for your health. The book is promised to deliver the superb quality of recipes whenever you open it. It delivers the variety in breakfast, lunch and poultry recipes. Experience the new combinations of cooking the seafood and fish recipes. The whole new series of recipes which you can cook through the meat. Become master on vegetable recipes and dessert recipes just in few practices. There are different recipes of appetizer and snack which really makes your day full of taste. If a person looking for a proper guide then there is no better choice than this book. All the recipes which are listed in the book are simple to understand and easy to make. This is the healthy guide to live a happy, stress-free and healthy life.
Bright Line Eating
by Susan Peirce Thompson
320 Pages · 2017 · 3  MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Bright Line Eating is the fitness and self-development book which explains the effective way to lose the weight. Susan Peirce Thompson is the author of this informative book. The author shares the different tips to lose the weight which are based on Eating Boot Camps. She shares the theories of those people who try every month to lose their weight but they fail. What is the reason behind their failure and what are the things which demotivate them in their mission? The author is PH.D. she gives the answer in psychology terms. Mostly the people fail while losing your weight because of the brain blocks. Your brain did not accept to lose weight as it compares with the difficulties of your daily life while losing weight. Our mind works on pictures and images when we decide to lose weight our mind picture us running hard on the roads and fasting day or night. When mind pictures this scene it tells us this is not a good idea to work on and we eventually failed to lose weight. The author shares the techniques to control the mind while working of weight lose. She shares the four bright lines which are clear, unambiguous and set the boundaries in your plan. There is a great factor of willpower which can provide you’re a big advantage and disadvantage in the same case. She shares some traditional plans and exercises plans to control your weight.
by Eva Robild, Kerstin Rosengren
240 Pages · 2019 · 77 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Chilis is the Caribbean, chili cooking, recipes and a cooking book which shares the different recipes to cook from chilies. Kerstin Rosengren and Eve Robild are the authors of this outstanding book. Kerstin is an excellent textile artist who grew more than 250 different kinds of chili in her house. Eva Robild is the fine freelance journalist who is the author of twenty books. She has a craze about gardening and it leads her to write a comprehensive book on the chilies. There are thousands of cooking books in worldwide but there are only a few books who tell us about the chilies. This book is the result of great effort, dedication, and determination that offers an inside account of chili. There is a number of benefits that chili has in our lives and it boosts human health. Kerstin tells how to grow chili in the gardened and how to protect them in different circumstances. What are the techniques and methods that help the chili to grow well? How to grow your chili in different weather conditions and especially during the winter months. Learn the different techniques to test the strongest and weakest heat for the chili. Discover the multiple varieties of chili and how to make delicious dishes and sauces from it. This is a comprehensive book for all the cooking lovers.
Clean Keto Lifestyle
by Karissa Long
196 Pages · 2018 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Clean Keto Lifestyle is the diet, health and recipes book which shares the various healthy diet plans and recipes with readers. Karissa Long is the author of this remarkable book. This book contains each and everything which is related to your health. It helps the reader to gain energy, lose weight and live a happier life. Discover the exercises, meal plans and guidelines for fasting and cooking. All the things are incredibly well written and anyone can understand the science of food. The modern human does not have enough courage to make healthy food in their homes and they think it’s difficult. People prefer to eat from outside and it turns out to be a great health problem. The obesity, digestive problems and anxiety increases massively in the last few years. We have known about the latest trends but we lack when it comes to the most important thing in our lives. Food will decide your tomorrow. Karissa shares the seventy-five different recipes in the book which are delicious to eat and fun to make in a home. The book will provide you with the weekend based diet plans according to your current health. There are illustrations to encourage the importance of making food at homes. The healthiest food you eat is the one you cook at home.