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Etched in Sand

Etched in Sand

by Regina Calcaterra
320 Pages · 2013 · 1.03 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Vertical Marriage
by Dave Wilson, Ann Wilson
240 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 3,443 Downloads · New!
Vertical Marriage is the psychology, dating, marriage and relationship book which tells the secrets of a long and lasting relationship. Dave Wilson and Ann Wilson are the authors of this fantastic book. Marriage is the most important gift to our love but half of the love marriages failed within a few years. Why the divorce rate is growing in the world and people like to stay in open relations. This is an ultimate guide for all the people who are married and not doing well in their relations. It teaches the secrets of intimacy, romance, conflict, and communication. The latest research proves that eating healthy food affects your relationship. Make time for exercise and be together whatever you are doing. Spend time with your partner.
Why Men Love Bitches
by Sherry Argov
255 Pages · 2002 · 1.74 MB · 3,816 Downloads · New!
“Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl―A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship” is a wonderful book on the relationship. Sherry Argov is the author of this book. Her book “Why Men Love Bitches” is a must-read for teens, young adults, and any woman who needs a refresher in how to interact with the opposite sex and value themselves. It focuses on having you put yourself first before catering to another person. It helps to distinguish when a man is really interested in a relationship with a woman or just wants to play around.
Why Men Marry Bitches
by Sherry Argov
272 Pages · 2006 · 1 MB · 3,428 Downloads · New!
Why Men Marry Bitches is the relationship, dating and self-help book for the women to make better and fuller relations. Sherry Argov is the author of this outstanding book. Every woman wants love, romance, intimacy, and marriage but only a few women manage to have it. Changing sex partners does not mean that you are enjoying your life and everything is great. Human souls need satisfaction and fulfilment which can only achieve through love and care. This is an incredible book which shows how to transform a casual relationship in serious and committed. There is no need rash behind the men and plague them for marry.
A Reliable Wife
by Robert Goolrick
221 Pages · 2010 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“A Reliable Wife” is a novel that sets an old-fashioned Gothic tale amid the ‘eternal snow’ of Wisconsin.  It story rotates about a woman with her own agenda is caught between two men obsessed with the past. Robert Goolrick is the author of “A Reliable Wife” and “The End of The World as We Know It”. He was born in a small university town in Virginia. His famous and latest novel “A Reliable Wife” is a novel of sexual intrigue, betrayal, and redemption concerns the experiences of two principal characters, Ralph Truitt and Catherine Land, who at first appear to be very different but are ultimately quite similar. Readers take it as a story of a rich man who advertises for a wife. The characters are compelling and needy, but also represent the better part of humanity. The author used a very creative writing technique to tie the past with the present. Near the end, the author says this story is about despair, but I thought it was about redemption and love. In short, this novel is filled with twists, love, care, relationship, and surprises and we highly recommend its reading. You can also Download The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage PDF Free.
Boundaries Workbook: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life PDF/ePub
by Henry Cloud, John Townsend
240 Pages · 2018 · 1.66 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
“Boundaries Workbook” is a great piece of writing that helps readers to make their life more beautiful, happy and inspirational. Two great guys Henry Cloud and John Townsend are the authors of this classy book. Their creative writing skills and powerful wording catch the reader’s attention quickly. It gives a biblical foundation and practical tools for helping others respect your boundaries whether you are not responding to a text message immediately or saying no when someone asks you to volunteer for one more activity. It helps the reader to discover firsthand how good boundaries give you the freedom to live as the loving, generous, fulfilled person God created you to be. The book answers the reader’s questions like “Why do I feel guilty about setting clear boundaries? What if the boundaries I set hurt the other person? Is it difficult for me to hear no from others? What are examples of legitimate boundaries at work and home? How can I have good boundaries online? How can I stay connected while still setting boundaries with my phone? And In what ways do I need to set better boundaries with social media?” in details with precise examples. You can also Download Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer PDF.
If I Stay
by Gayle Forman
320 Pages · 2010 · 0.6 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
“If I Stay” is a wonderful novel written on the life of a teenage girl. Gayle Forman is the author of this novel. She tells the story of Mia, a seventeen year old girl and a gifted classical musician, with her whole life ahead of her, a life full of choices. That is until a ride in the car with her family ends with a horrific wreck and Mia has an out of body experience. Mia comes to realize that she only has one choice left, live or die, and she has to make it all by herself.