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by Bill Mckibben
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Why Does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care
by Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw
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Why Does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care is the science, relativity physics and relativity book which explains physics and the equation of E=MC2. Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw are the authors of this magnificent book. They both are the world-leading scientists who bring the most entertaining, accessible with a simple explanation of the world’s most popular equation E=MC2. This is the equation that makes Einstein the world’s most popular scientist in the world. Our universe is built on the most accurate and interesting structure. Everything which is happening in the universe has a reason and science proves it.
Brief Answers to the Big Questions
by Stephen Hawking
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Brief Answers to the Big Questions is the science book which tells the reader about the mysteries of our planet. Stephen Hawking is the author of this informative book. He is the well-renewed scientist after the Einstein in the history of physics. He reveals the hidden facts related to cosmology and physics. There are millions of students who are interesting to find out the origin of this universe and what makes it life-friendly. Origin of nature and black holes are one of the hottest topics in his books and he writes them amazingly. He is stunning throughout his career but unfortunately, in the last two years, he suffers from terrifying prognosis. Stephen Hawking did not end his struggle and continue his teaching and research while communicating through facial muscles. He lived an inspirational life throughout his career. According to Stephen, science plays a greater role in the existing of the universe and there’s went any problem it can create the dangerous situation for the whole universe. There are plenty of new challenges are waiting for humans to overcome such as climate change, interfacial intelligence and the threat of nuclear world war. The readers will find the answer to some of the questions like can we colonize space? Find out the interesting debates and explanation on the existing of God and infinity of humans.
Humans are not from Earth
by Ellis Silver
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Humans are not from Earth is the sciences, politics and astronomy guide which shares the evidence that human did not belong to this planet. Ellis Silver is the author of this effortful book. The reader will find out the mysterious facts which really makes him think about humanity. He shares fifty-three factors briefly which proves that human could not evolve on earth. Most importantly he rejected the evolution theory about humans which is usually the narrative of those people who did not believe in God. Learn why we are here and what are those factors which force us to come and live here? Where is the original home of humans and what it likes to be the part of it? While knowing the truth why our scientists and governments still ignore it. What is the reality behind the spacecraft and extraterrestrials? While going further in deep Dr. Silver unfolds some other realities as well. The book tells the reader about the origins of DNA and RNA. How our DNA evolve and give us a unique identity. He proves why the theory out of Africa is wrong and how humans are brainwashed with different kind of myths. Ellis Silver describe each and everything in details with proper knowledge and logic.
Enlightenment Now
by Steven Pinker
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Enlightenment Now is the general sciences, psychology, philosophy and history guide which describe the importance of humanity and sciences in our lives instead of our beliefs. Steven Pinker is the author of this impressive book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times and won different awards on his incredible non-fiction books. Steven is a real inspiration for young kids who want to achieve something meaningful in their lives. We are hearing it from our childhood that the world is falling apart. It will take a few more centuries and everything on the earth will die. All of us growing in the religion were we hear about the doomsday that one day, this earth will fall and nothing would leave here. The news channels are also kept reminding us about the destruction of weapons that leads the whole world into crisis. The journalist is talking about WWII, Atomic Bombs, and Hydrogen Bombs. We all have already accepted that we are getting near to doomsday with every coming morning but it’s not true.
What If?
by Randall Munroe
320 Pages · 2014 · 11 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
What If? is the sciences, humour, trivia and entertainment book which answers the mysterious questions which probably you never think to ask. Randall Munroe is the author of this hilarious book. He is running a popular web-comic blog Millions of people visit daily to read the iconic webcomic and he has a strong grip on the language, technology and sciences. His fans daily ask him hundreds of strange question about the universe which are even impossible to happen. This book contains the answers of strange science questions and reader will surely enjoy after leading their answers. Some of the questions are, how long the human could last after the robot apocalypse? What will happen if you hit the baseball with the speed of light? How fast can human travel through technology? What is more useful to have in a balloon and paraglide in terms of gravitational force? There are few questions which are related to the gravitational force and they are answered brilliantly. Some of the answers are already in his blog but they are amazing to read in the book as well. What will happen if all the people on the earth jump and land at the same time to the earth? How to make a periodic table with the actual pieces of elements? What happens when you swim in the nuclear reactor? This guide is the masterpiece from the author which brings the science in your hands.
The Selfish Ape
by Nicholas P. Money
152 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Selfish Ape is the biology, sciences and history book which describes how humans are on the way of extinction. Nicholas P. Money is the author of this impressive book. Humans are the smartest creator of the universe who is improving their lives with the passage of time. The basic difference between animals and humans is the hunger for improvement. Animals did not know how to improve their lifestyle and they are living in the same way as they live in the past centuries. Humans are not same and their life is improving day by day. There is a big difference in today’s world and the world ten decades ago. Humans never set for anything and they are moving forward in technology with every day. Nicholas also shares his fears and according to him, the humans are on the way of extinction. Today we are cutting trees and the majority of the country are also suffering from the lack of oxygen. The industries are destroying the ozone layer and it damages to the skin. The ultra-violet rays affecting the skin and people are restricted to remain in their homes. Nicholas states that if we did not take the initiative to save nature then we will be dead soon.