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Gizelle’s Bucket List

Gizelle’s Bucket List

by Lauren Fern Watt
256 Pages · 2018 · 6 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
No Ordinary Dog
by Will Chesney
336 Pages · 2020 · 10 MB · 2,889 Downloads · New!
No Ordinary Dog is the war history, intelligence, dog care, and war biography book that takes on the army dog who is doing his best to support his team. Will Chesney and Joe Layden are the authors of this book. Cairo and Will first meet each other in 2008 during the training in 2008. Cairo was the prominent dog among their fellows. Will was inspired by him and then Will chose Cairo to be his partner in the upcoming missions. They become the best friends just in a few weeks and now they are together in every mission. Cairo and Will held many operations together in Afghan and Iraq.
by Larry Levin
224 Pages · 2010 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Oogy is the animal essays, pet care and memoir book which shares the story of a dog who is adopted by a decent family. Larry Levin is the author of this superb book. He is an attorney living in Philadelphia with his wife and twin sons. Larry is loyal to his job and his job is also his passion. He is a straight forward person who likes to live a simple life. His twin sons are decent and have similar habits. Dan and Noah are cool and clam kids who never disappoint their parents. They have a beautiful kitten, Somi who is ill and needs a doctor. The hospital of the animals is outside Philadelphia and they have no other option. Dan and Noah bring their kitten at Ardmore Animal Hospital where they met with another beautiful friend on their entire life. Dan was looking for the doctor when the ugliest dog jumped at him and the dog is looking for love in his feet. They both decided to adopt the dog and bring it home. Oogy is the name of their new pet whose one ear vanishes and face is full of scars. He is used in the fights with other animals and left in the cage to die. Fortunately, he rescued by the animal rescue staff and save his life.
Dog Songs
by Mary Oliver
144 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Dog Songs is the poetry book which tells the friendship story of humans with their favorite pet dog. Mary Oliver is the author of this tremendous book. She is the bestselling author in the New York Times. Mary has a big career and her books are published over forty countries. She won the Pulitzer Prize over her flawless poetry. Mary held various workshops and visit different universities. The relation of dog and human is very deep and the majority of humans likes to have a dog in their side. This is not a one-sided love as dogs also enjoy the company of humans. Dogs are the most loyal animals and they even don’t care to sacrifice their lives on humans. They can take and give life for a cause. History is full of stories that are emotional and funny to read. Mary also owns a dog and her dog name is Canine. She takes with her to the market and used to play with her in the evening. They both had a special bond and Canine brings more happiness in life, Mary. This is an incredible book of poems for the dog lovers and it also tells how to make your life better by adopting a dog.
Talking to Animals
by Jon Katz
240 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Talking to Animals is the pet care, animal behavior and short stories book which contains the stories of the animals. Jon Katz is the author of this fantastic book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. This book consists of several chapters and every chapter has a new story for the reader. Jon spends many years with the animals and he found his best friends in the face of pets. He spends two decades on the farm surrounded by horses, cats, dogs, cows, chickens, and goats. This book helps you to understand animals and there are practical tools to master it. He shares the five key strategies to connect with animals such as food, visualization, movement, instincts, and language. There are several stories that are interesting to read. A great story of a Simon donkey who arrive at the farm of Jon. Simon was injured and near to death. Jon takes care of Simon and just after one month he was good enough to help his new master. Simon is now serving Jon has a Tai Chi Partner. Red is a dog who is retiring after providing his services in the Iraq-Afghan War. Winston is a brave and dignified rooster. He got injured while protecting his hens from the Hawk.
Thoughts of Dog
by Matt Nelson
128 Pages · 2015 · 1MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“Thoughts of Dogs” is a humor and fun-filled inspiring book in which the author discusses the loves of animals for their owners. The book says that animals are loyal and will never deceive you like humans. This extraordinary and fact-filled book is written by Matt Nelson. He is the bestselling and most wanted author for children humor-filled books and had entertained the readers with his amazing thoughts. In this book, the author discusses the love of a special class of dogs called goooob dos for their owners and wanted to make us realize that no man can be more loyal than a pet dog. He has discussed the adventures and happening when he owned a dog and expressed his feelings for that dog. The author says that all of us always want sincere and fair friends and sometimes we are unlucky to have those then it is not necessary that you can have friendship only with a man rather other animals can also be your friends. The book discusses the friendship of a dog with his man and his love and care for him. In summary, the book is emotional, entertaining, impressive, and interesting for the readers who want to enjoy the world with a living creature other than a man. You may also like to download Naughty No More by Marilyn Krieger
How Dogs Love Us
by Gregory Berns
272 Pages · 2013 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
How Dogs Love Us is the memoir, biology, and dog care book which tells the inside facts of human and dog-friendly. Gregory Berns is the author of this impressive book. The powerful and loving bond between humans and dogs are centuries old. Dogs are in the list of the most loyal animal who lives with humans. They actually like human or they forced to love us? Did these dogs love as we do them? What force the dogs to kill another person to save their master? Gregory Berns is the neuroscientist who has years of experience in working with MRI imaging technology. This technology scans the human brain and tells how it works? One day, he asked a question from himself that how a dog thinks after his family adopted Callie. He discusses the idea of an MRI machine for a dog with his friends but they rejected. Gregory thinks for the alternative and it was the time to use the links and experience. He works hard with the dog and trains him how to behave in the MRI machine. Finally, Gregory completes his task with the support of his dog. This book shows, how dogs react with human emotions, what’s the secret behind the strong bond of humans and dogs and why they love us?