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High-Performance Computing in Finance PDF

High-Performance Computing in Finance PDF

by M. A. H. Dempster (Editor), Juho Kanniainen (Editor), John Keane (Editor), Erik Vynckier (Editor)
634 Pages · 2018 · 20.9 MB · 4 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Strategy For You: Building a Bridge to the Life You Want
by Rich Horwath
160 Pages · 2012 · 4 MB · 2,649 Downloads · New!
The “Strategy For You: Building a Bridge to the Life You Want” is a wonderful book that guides us on how to achieve life goals. Strategy For You is written by the author Rich Horwath. He is a business strategist, author, and speaker committed to helping people think strategically to grow profitably. He is a former chief strategy officer and professor of management. His strategy consulting, training and speaking work with world-class organizations has been profiled in Investor’s Business Daily and on NBC and FOX. In this book, the author reveals how the reader achieves his life goals.
The One Minute Millionaire
by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen
388 Pages · 2002 · 2  MB · 16 Downloads · New!
The One Minute Millionaire is the personal transformation, finance and business guide which shares the proven techniques and methods to earn money. Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen are the authors of this tremendous book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. He is a writer, public speaker, and entrepreneur who helps thousands of people to change their lives. Finance freedom is not a thing that can happen to anyone accidentally. Everything is linked with wealth and this book will show you how to become a millionaire in one minute. This book follows the latest strategies which provide the proven results to the users. Learn, how to create wealth when you are doing nothing. How to start your own business with zero investment. Why knowing the trends helps you make a successful start? How to overcome the fear of failure and how to minimize the chances of failure. What to expect from the investors and how to make them believe in your idea. Identify the power of leverage and how to use this power to build a community. It contains the exercises to evaluate the critical thinking of the reader. This book brings an opportunity for all the people to become a millionaire.
Handbook of Corporate Finance
by Glen Arnold
736 Pages · 2005 · 8 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Handbook of Corporate Finance is the business and marketing guide which shares the tricks to initiate an impressive startup. Glen Arnold is the author of this magnificent book. This is a perfect written guide for the non-business school audience to have the knowledge corporate finance. Glen Arnold publishes this book for the experienced managers who have the general know-how about the basic accounting. To implement this book in your business does not need any background in academic whether you have study finance course or not. It includes the brief introduction about the finance and useful book for those who are entering in MBA department. All the terminologies are explained in brief perspective so anyone can easily understand it. There are different concepts like internal rate of return, net present value, value creation and many other things are well written and explained. The book contains twenty-one different chapters for readers. Glen Arnold takes students step-by-step while starting with the basics. He shares different techniques on how to invest in projects. There are two kinds of techniques such as Appraisal Techniques and Traditional Appraisal Techniques. Learn the techniques of investing money and chose the sides in the critical situation. Don’t afraid of risks and come up with proper homework. While doing all those things you must have to look after the shareholder values. All in all, it is the best guide related to finance and business strategies.
Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets
by Glen Arnold
576 Pages · 2012 · 10 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets is the finance and business guide which tells the reader how the financial market works. Glen Arnold is the author of this incredible book. He is a world renewed investor and businessman. The author has years of experience and he also has written bestselling books. He provides the complete details on banks and how this banking system works. There are examples which build the foundation of reader learning and they will understand better the reason behind the wide activities which are taken by banks. He shows the reader how these global institutions are so important to finance professionals and customers. You will learn how banking activities affect our social and private lives. The reader will find out the answers to these questions like the financial market works? How its effect on common people when it collapses and etc.? The reader will get knowledge about various products, instruments and institutions which completely transformed the life which we live. What are the main challenges which you may face during financial industries and how to overcome them? The book covers the up-to-date knowledge which provides everything clear with its technical aspects of finance and banking. It is a must-have guide for those who are new and interested in the finance industry.
Free to Focus
by Michael Hyatt
256 Pages · 2019 · 11 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Free to Focus is the personal finance, self-help, business leadership and success guide to achieving maximum goals in minimum time. Michael Hyatt is the author of this fantastic book. The people think the only way of getting successful is working all day and night. There are millions of professionals in the world who make their level in the market and they even think working long is the key to success. They work 70 hours in the week, leaving less time for family, outing, exercise, friends and rest. The excessive work is invading our personal life and we need to draw a line in between. Whenever it comes to productivity, the people think that the goal of achieving more in minimum time but in reality, it is not. Productivity is all about your priorities in which you do the things which matter most. Michael Hyatt shares the incredible techniques of shaping every corner of our life. The reader will learn how to reshape their work which is important for them. Delete all those tasks from your life which are not important for you anymore. Avoid those things which cost in the waste of your prime time. Filter your tasks which are a list of doing actions. Neglect the things which distract your performance and drive ultimate results. This book is all about success in minimum time.
Trading Psychology 2.0
by Brett N. Steenbarger
448 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Trading Psychology 2.0 is the trading, finance and investing book which shares the psychology behind our trading. Brett N. Steenbarger is the author of this impressive book. This is an essential guide for everyone who is interested to apply the science of psychology to the art of trading. It is filled with proven techniques and critical advice which helps the traders to get positive and earlier results in minimum time. Brett describes each and everything in details which is easy to understand even with no information regarding trading. There are case studies and illustrations which explain the whole idea of trading. This book is equally important for the active investors, portfolio managers, market makers, and day traders which contain the solution of all of their challenges. There are many organizations who hire professional coaches to help them in achieving their goals. This book is enough for your organization and it is accessible 24/7 with its great wisdom. The reader will learn and understand the core principles of trading and how to manipulate people through psychology. How psychology can be applied in the real world of trading. Implement the practical tips and see the immediate results at first hand. Further study the market in human’s perspective which helps the trader to understand the human psyche.