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by Julie Andrews
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Contender
by William J. Mann
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The Contender is the social activist biography, actor and movie star book which shares the inspiring story of a famous movie star. William J. Mann is the guy behind this outstanding book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. Marlon Brando is one of the biggest actor of all time in the twentieth century. He is an award-winning film actor who made his debut in the twenties. Marlon becomes the most influential movie actor of his era. He set and break the trends many times. Marlon was an honest, deeply personal and natural actor who wins the heart of millions of fans all over the world. He promotes American culture in front of the whole world. Marlon has his ideas of sexuality and masculinity that he describes many times through his movies. Marlon uses his personality and fame as a platform to raise issues, political agendas, racism, and moral values. He often collects charities for poor people. Marlon is very passionate about education and attends several seminars. He never compromises the racism that is the biggest problem in the twentieth century and he also becomes part of several civil rights movements.
by Michael Jackson
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Moonwalk is the music industry, biography and memoir book that shares the journey of a world’s most popular dancer and musician who introduces some new moves in dance. Michael Jackson is the author of this impressive book. He is the bestselling author in New York Times. This first-ever books of Michael in which he explains each and everything from his childhood to become a world-famous star. He is the youngest sibling among five others. Michael is always interested in music and dance. Michael participates in the school programs and he shows everybody that one day he is going to become a star. He discusses the happier days of his childhood when he travels with his brothers. Sometimes the relation of Michael becomes difficult with his family but in the end, everything solves. After a teenage, Michael came out from his comfort zone and he starts performing in front of the whole world. His first album viral in the whole world and millions of copies of his album are sold worldwide. Michael never looks back in his life and he stuns everyone with his performance. He traveled the whole world for concerts and everybody just loved to become part of his show. There are only rare superstars who gain success like Michael Jackson.
Good Neighbor
by Maxwell King
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“Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers” is an impressive biography in which the author tells us about the social circle of Fred Rogers. Here the book tells us how nice and kind Roger was with others in his surroundings and neighbor. This impressive book is written by Maxwell King. Here the author discusses the devotion of Fred to his neighbor, love, sincerity, and equality with which he treats them. As neighbors are the people whom you encounter daily or many times in a day and if you are in good relation with them then this encounter makes you happy and feel fresh and share your problems with them. The book Good neighbor is an amazing description of the author about Fred Rogers who does his best to be a good neighbor and consequently have good neighbors. As you know a very common saying “Do well and have well” so, the author tells us that Rogers also believes in the same strategy of living happy and prosperous in life. Here the book enlightens the ways in which one can be the best person for his or her surroundings. The author tells us that it is wholly your duty to keep yourself moderate among the people. Concluding, the Good neighbor is a motivating, lesson learning, and inspiring book.
Scrappy Little Nobody
by Anna Kendrick
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Scrappy Little Nobody is the entertainment, short essays, memory and biography book that shares the story of a bold and beautiful actress. Anna Kendrick is the author of this fabulous book. She is the bestselling author in the New York Times. It is the comprehensive, honest, alternatively relatable and effortlessly funny collection of stories from the life of Anna. Anna is the nominated as the Academy Award-nominated actress who won the heart of millions of fans. She works on popular television shows and films that bring respect, fame and wealth for her. Anna decided to become an actress from an early age. She takes part in the stage shows of her school and Anna stun everyone with her performance. Anna perfectly writes the story of her career that how she struggles and finally able to achieve her childhood dreams. She struggles a lot in her teenage due to her overweight. Her class fellow bullied her but Anna never let her fears dominate her. Anna works hard and gets in a shape that needed for the profession that she was looking for. She appears on screen, stage and on papers. This is a sweet, singular voice, an electric and surprising memoir of all time.
Beastie Boys Book
by Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz
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The “Beastie Boys Book” is an amazing book with portraits and detail that float by in bursts of color. Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz are the authors of this best-selling book. Diamond succeeded in winning the Olympic gold medal for trap consecutively in Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000. Diamond won the trap event at the 2007 World Shotgun Championships. He was selected to compete in his sixth Olympic Games in London. Adam Horovitz is a British poet, he was born in 1971. Adam is a screenwriter and producer and a co-editor of Mondoweiss. Michael Diamond held the world record in double trap and final world record in a trap between 2007 and 2008. Diamond is of Greek heritage, in 1997 he changed his surname from Diamantopoulos to Diamond. He was selected to compete in his sixth Olympic Games in London. End of the qualification period, he was leading with an Olympic record of 125/125.  Adam Horovitz born in London and has been writing since childhood. He was the poet in residence for Glastonbury Festival and was voted onto the Hospital Club in 2010 as an emerging talent. A Thousand Laurie Lees, which draws on memoir, myth, and literature inspired by Cider with Rosie country. All in all, Beastie Boys Book is a wonderful biography book.
Now Accepting Roses
by Amanda Stanton
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The “Now Accepting Roses: Finding Myself While Searching for the One . . . and Other Lessons I Learned from “The Bachelor” is a wonderful memoir book that reveals the life story of Amanda. Amanda Stanton is the author of this book. Amanda is a single mother raising two beautiful girls, Kinsley Elizabeth and Charlie Emma in Orange Country, California. Amanda was a full-time mom who hadn’t been on a date in more than five years. In this book, Amanda also reveals the valuable lessons for life and relationships that she learned after the world watched Amanda look for love on television. Amanda lives with her husband and two daughters. After marriage, her husband behavior is too good, but after some times, Amanda received divorced with two daughters. She was frightened about how to survive in this world. Accepting Roses by Amanda Stantonbook is for anyone, who navigating the crazy and exciting world of finding love real love. Amanda’s sweet voice takes the reader all across the board with her crazy dating stories, positive takeaways, and personal advice. To know further about Amanda’s life, then read this beautiful book. All in all, Now Accepting Roses is a great biography book of Amanda.