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How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

by Corey Wayne
270 Pages · 2013 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
I Can’t Believe You Just Said That
by Ginger Hubbard
224 Pages · 2018 · 6 MB · 4,798 Downloads · New!
I Can’t Believe You Just Said That is the communication skills, self-help, and social skills guide that tells parents to help their kid’s tame tongues. Ginger Hubbard is the author of this superb book. Are you embarrassed or shamed by what comes out of your kid’s tongue? Have you ever threaten, coerce and raised your voice or punish the kid for speaking rubbish words? After doing all the necessary things to stop your kid but still, nothing works. Have you ever wonder why so always ends of in frustrations and things don’t work for you.
King Charles
by Robert Jobson
336 Pages · 2019 · 3  MB · 4,134 Downloads · New!
King Charles is the royal biography, biography and genealogy book which explores the character and future of Prince Charles who is different from other members of the royal family. Robert Jobson is the author of this superb book. He is a journalist and a bestselling author in the New York Times. Prince Charles is now above sixty and his whole life is a kind of role model for others. He never thinks of hating and disliking others due to his royal family. Charles made his own principles and rules which he never broken. He had a strong belief that racism should be stopped and the people who believe in it should be punished.
The Color of Water
by James Mcbride
295 Pages · 2006 · 1 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
The Color of Water is the demographic studies, parenting, African American and relationship book that contains the story of a woman whose story was hidden. James McBride is the author of this impressive book. He is the bestselling author in New York Times. In this book, James explores the life of his mother and how she able to produce such a tremendous life out of nowhere. Ruth McBride is the light-skinned woman who give birth to twelve children. All the kids are black and she has done the magnificent job by growing them. James is the journalist, musician and son who has done superb research on the life of his mother. Ruth was not similar to other mothers and she always know how to teach her kids a lesson that they won’t cross the line. This book follows the footsteps of Ruth and it is the time to learn the history of a woman who raised twelve children by living under the poverty. She moves through different states just to raise her kids and finally her children achieve their success in the professional world. Further this book covers the story of Ruth’s loveless marriage.
Person-to-Person Astrology
by Stephen Arroyo
580 Pages · 2007 · 7.59 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The book “Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex, and Compatibility” is written on the world most popular topic relationships. Stephen Arroyo is the author of Person-to-Person Astrology who is also one of the best-selling authors of modern astrology books worldwide. His book Person-to-Person Astrology is one of the most comprehensive, explicit guides to the psychology of relationships. It presents a new approach to finding fulfillment in any kind of relationship. Arroyo really understands the relevant energies and clearly expresses their ways of manifesting. There are 18 chapters in the book in which author shared each and everything about relationships. In some chapters, may be you do not agree with the author on relationships arguments but at the end, his points are very hot and discussing. Readers can take this book as motivation and build strong relations with their life co-workers or persons. All in all, if you are searching for best, a detailed, informative, and interesting book on relationships then we highly recommend Person-to-Person Astrology. You can also Download Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story by Steven Curtis Chapman Free.
What Alice Forgot
by Liane Moriarty
488 Pages · 2012 · 1.35 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“What Alice Forgot” is a wonderful book full of love, romance and comedy. Liane Moriarty is the author of this fabulous book. It is a gripping story of a woman who wakes up with a bump on her head and no knowledge of the past ten years. The story begins with Alice having fallen, bumping her head, and groggily waking. The reader “hears” her several disconnected thoughts and memories – an interesting introduction to Alice and her potentially “kooky” style. Getting to know her is made more difficult yet intriguing by the serious a concussion she has. Throughout the book, we hear about or from her three children and her several siblings as well as her mother and a couple boyfriends. We the reader are privy to inner thoughts when some chapters consist so Alice’s sister, her mother, and perhaps one of the daughters written thoughts/ feelings to someone special to them. As the book goes on we get snippets of memories giving us clues to what happened over the last 10 years. It is a great read because you can relate to Alice on events and situations life throws at you which change you and age you.
The 16 Personality Types
by A.J. Drenth
228 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
The 16 Personality Types is the personality test and psychology book in which the reader discovers the secret of his personality. A.J. Drenth is the author of this outstanding book. In the modern world, the competition for achieving more as far as compared to previous generations. To achieve success in our work we must figure out ourselves. So before we plan our career and our lives first we have to know what we are. This is the most compelling question which we should ask from ourselves before going down to any chase in life. What are our weaknesses and strengths? What the things which we do easily and what are those who made us feel awkward? Why pleasure is important in our lives and especially when you are on the job? How to seek pleasure while doing your job? What kind of person you really are? By understanding ourselves we will able to perform well in every aspect of our life. As a student, what are the subjects you find interesting to read and as professional which kind of job you will prefer to do? Find your types like introvert or extrovert, once you identify your personality type then it’s easy for you to spend your life. A.J. Drenth describes all sixteen types of personalities in details. This guide will help the reader in lifespan so don’t miss your chance to read it.