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How Trump Stole 2020

How Trump Stole 2020

by Greg Palast
352 Pages · 2020 · 64 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Plot to Betray America
by Malcolm Nance
352 Pages · 2019 · 2 MB · 1,860 Downloads · New!
The Plot to Betray America is the elections, political intelligence, fascism and U.S elections book which discusses the general elections of America that held in 2016. Malcolm Nance is the author of this impressive book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. The general elections are just a few months away and the political campaigns of both parties are on the peak. The majority of the journalist and public supports the Republican Party and they are pretty sure about their victory. Hilary Clinton looks positive and she proves herself in front of an audience many times that she is the most deserving woman. Donald politics was generally based on the local agenda.
American Breakdown
by David Bromwich
192 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
American Breakdown is the elections, political commentary, American politics and democracy book which discusses the current political scenario of American. David Bromwich is the author of this fantastic book. The democracy in the United States is twenty-five decades old and it is growing magnificently with the passage of time. In the past, the opposition parties used the term of rigging on the government as they think that their leaders are involved in the pre-poll rigging. The progress of the country does not stop with these issues and America become the superpower in the 1990s.They have the latest technologies and weapons that not only make their life easier but also secure their nation from the enemies. This massive success of American being a nation is not one-night transformation as they have given centuries to reach this position. The country introduces the biometric system for the voting process and all the claims died with this technology. In the last presidential elections of the United States, Donald Triumph becomes the president of the US with the same election process. Once again, the opposition party challenge their victory and said that Donald was involved in the rigging. How anyone can involve in election rigging when you have a biometric system. The Facebook and Russia helped Donald to rig the election what happened when opposition file a case of rigging on Mark Zuckerberg?
The Enemy of the People
by Jim Acosta
368 Pages · 2015 · 5 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America” is a New York Times best-selling book that reveals about journalist biographies. Jim Acosta is the author of this successful book. Jim began his professional career in radio. In 1994, Acosta entered in television, working for WTTG-TV as an assistant. Jim Acosta is CNN’s chief White House correspondent and currently covering the Trump administration. Jim regularly covers president press conferences and issues impacting the executive branch of the federal government. Jim is the number one public enemy. Mr. Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, he has attacked the media, calling a journalist. When Trump was the leader of the free world incites hate and violence but Jim Acosta urges his fellow citizens to do the same and does not back down. Even Trump supporters have vulnerable Jim Acosta with words along with physical violence, but he goes directly with the White House. To sum it up, The Enemy of the People is a good biography book of a journalist who covers the White House and continues the effort to do their job.
What It Takes
by Richard Ben Cramer, Stephen A. Schwarzman
1072 Pages · 1993 · 5  MB · 0 Downloads · New!
What It Takes is the politics, elections and U.S politics guide which shares the strategies of political parties to win the election. Richard Ben Cramer is the author of this impressive book. He is an award-winning journalist and the author of different books. There are two countries in the race of becoming a superpower after WWII, Vietnam, and America. They both are powerful and strong enough to demolish any country and the tension between both of them are growing. Vietnam is planning to attack Afghanistan to show its power and anger. America decided to go against Vietnam and they start helping the fighting groups in Afghanistan. Democratic and Republican parties are doing their election campaigns on this war. George Bush is supporting the government of taking action against Vietnam. The whole Democratic Party was standing with this cause. Republican Party was against the government decision and their demand was not to enter into the war of others. They did not their resources to get waste for other countries. Republican Party wanted peace between two great countries and if something bad happens then the whole world will suffer through it. An exciting book is written on the politics of 1988.
What Happened
by Hillary Rodham Clinton
560 Pages · 2018 · 4  MB · 0 Downloads · New!
What Happened is the memoir, U.S politics, history and biography book which shares the story of a woman who lost the U.S general election in 2016. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the author of this impressive book. It is an award-winning book that is interesting to read for everyone. This book explains each and everything during and after the general elections. What really happened and how Hillary deal with all the challenges. The last election was the most unpredictable election in history and still, people are stuck in controversies. She was the first woman in the history from America who was selected as a presidential candidate. It was both exciting and confusing for Hillary but she decided to take the responsibility. The situation and environment were tough but stats are good for Hillary. All the surveys of the election are won by Hillary and people are less confident about Donald Trump. These elections are marked as rage, infuriating low, sexism, and exhilarating highs. The involvement of Russia in the election is also a strange thing and people wanted to know. More importantly, Hillary opponent who break all the roles which are meant to follow. This is a final book from her, where she talks about her devastating loss and how she recovers her from everything.
The Next Red Wave
by Jordan Sekulow
288 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Next Red Wave is the U.S politics, elections, political advocacy and human rights book which shares the current scenario of politics in America. Jordan Sekulow is the author of this tremendous book. He is a radio show, Washington Post blogger, lawyer, political consultant and a bestselling author in the New York Times. The next red wave is coming to America on November 3, 2020. The people of America need a change in their life and they want the leaders who fulfilled their promises. The different battle has been fought off many fronts but people did not lose hope. There is still hope and a chance of change. The democracy is best where people choose their own leaders through the vote and they select a government. Donald Trump becomes the president of America in 2016. No one was expecting that Donald will win the elections. The FBI tries to undermine him but he was too strong for them. His agenda was to support local and poor Americans. He promised the parents to take out the army from Afghanistan. The diplomacy is not that easy as it seems from outside. In 2020, the elections are coming once again and Donald is ready to win again.