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Leading with Questions

Leading with Questions

by Michael J. Marquardt
321 Pages · 2015 · 2.5 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Trillion Dollar Coach
by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg & Alan Eagle
240 Pages · 2019 · 3 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Trillion Dollar Coach is the coaching, management, leadership, and business mentoring book which shares the proven techniques and methods to grow business. Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle are the authors of this impressive book. This guide is all about the leadership of Bill Campbell who was once a coach of the football team. He born in a mediocre family and his father was an employee of high school. Bill was raised in Homestead and completed his education from Columbia University. He has an interest in playing football which makes him the coach of Columbia’s football team. While coaching to a football team he joined an advertising agency which changed his life and the people around him. He became the mentor of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world whose worth is over a trillion dollars. Bill offer his services to the world most leading organizations such as Intuit, Google, Apple and also build strong relations with their CEOs. Eric Schmidt some of his rules which he follows strictly during his job. Bill cares about people who work for him and his topmost priority was to satisfy and secure them from kind of insecurities. He has his own metrics of measuring the performance of employees. CEO and COO of a company must be on one page. This is an amazing book to read for the people who wanted to succeed in business.
Free to Focus
by Michael Hyatt
256 Pages · 2019 · 11 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Free to Focus is the personal finance, self-help, business leadership and success guide to achieving maximum goals in minimum time. Michael Hyatt is the author of this fantastic book. The people think the only way of getting successful is working all day and night. There are millions of professionals in the world who make their level in the market and they even think working long is the key to success. They work 70 hours in the week, leaving less time for family, outing, exercise, friends and rest. The excessive work is invading our personal life and we need to draw a line in between. Whenever it comes to productivity, the people think that the goal of achieving more in minimum time but in reality, it is not. Productivity is all about your priorities in which you do the things which matter most. Michael Hyatt shares the incredible techniques of shaping every corner of our life. The reader will learn how to reshape their work which is important for them. Delete all those tasks from your life which are not important for you anymore. Avoid those things which cost in the waste of your prime time. Filter your tasks which are a list of doing actions. Neglect the things which distract your performance and drive ultimate results. This book is all about success in minimum time.
by Liz Wiseman
384 Pages · 2017 · 3 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
Multipliers are the business process, business management and business leadership guide which plots the various techniques to become an effective leader. Liz Wiseman is the author of this fantastic book. There are thousands of leaders in the world but there are only a few leaders how to polish the skills of their team members. A leader must know how to delegate wisely and it helps readers to develop your employee’s work skills, confidence, and even leadership. Set goals for your employees so they have striven for goals to achieve. Regularly monitor the performance of employees and set their specific along with measurable goals. There are many leaders who are good in their abilities but they did communicate properly with their employees. Communication is the key role to boost the performance of employees. Great leaders spend their time with the employees and it also breaks the communication barrier. Appreciate the performance of your employees in open and encourage them to do more. The life and leadership are full of challenges so always look for a quick solution. Arrogant is not something which suits to leaders and being confident does not mean you are an arrogant leader. Liz Wiseman did decades of research to complete this book in which the author analyzes the data over 150 leaders. Further, the reader will find out the five disciplines which multiples the performance.
Rookie Smarts
by Liz Wiseman
304 Pages · 2014 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Rookie Smarts is the personal finance, business leadership and business management book which share the importance of learning in an organization. Liz Wiseman is the author of this impressive book. The people usually terrified to perform in a pressure situation and people hesitate to make bid decision. There are thousands of book available which teaches people how to perform in a pressure situation. This book shares the proven techniques and methods to perform best under pressure environment. A person will even manage to perform well without even having enough knowledge. It will assist people to perform well in their first appearance in any profession. Liz Wiseman describes the ultimate secrets of achieving goals in which other leaders usually failed. Leadership is the long distance run in which you have to keep your team motivated for the goals. Look for the different ways which motivate you and your team to move forward. Don’t seek motivation in other people and learn the art of finding motivation within yourself. Care about the people who are working with you then will give their best to attain goals. Don’t let negative thoughts and people to enter your life. Make a habit of celebrating little achievements so everyone stays motivated. This is an essential book for all the leaders who want to bring change in their life.
What the Heck Is EOS
by Gino Wickman& Tom Bouwer
280 Pages · 2017 · 1O MB · 0 Downloads · New!
What the Heck Is EOS is the employees, business model, business management and a self-help guide for the companies to learn the secrets of achieving goals through a flexible system. Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer are the authors of this impressive book. This book is all about EOS (Entrepreneurship Operating System) which contains a complete process to achieve the organization goals. It provides the visual illustration of six essential components of any business which must be strengthened and managed properly to have great luck in business. Vision is the basic factor which needs to be clear of any organization from the very first day. It is very necessary to bring the whole team on one page and clear a few questions. Who you are, where you are going, what you do and how to achieve your goal. Traction is more employees, which motivates them to become more accountable and disciplined for the cause of your organization. Help your leader to make a cohesive, functional and healthy team. There should be no egos, opinions, feeling and personalities when it comes for the benefits of your organization. Surrounding yourself with great people is also a key to become successful. This is a must-have book for the better performance of organizations.
The Leader Habit
by Martin Lanik
256 Pages · 2018 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Leader Habit is the psychology, business and leadership book which shares the essential skills of becoming a leader. Martin Lanik is the guy behind this impressive book. Practice and positive habits are the key roles in our success but if we wanted to become a leader there is something which we need to have. Martin shares the twenty-two incredible leadership abilities to master for all of us. The book focuses on developing one skill at a time and practice it until you conquered it. As a leader, first of all, you learn how to communicate. If you are able to clearly explain to your employees about the goals then the chances of achieving goals are higher. Communication depends on speaking and listening. Leaders need to inspire their workers to achieve their milestones and find new ways to motivate their workers. Delegation is one of the major skill in modern leadership in which a leader priorities the goals and goes after one by one. Positivity is not a natural thing but it can be master with practice. Become loyal to the people around you like team members, project member, and colleagues. Prove yourself as a responsible person as it helps you to become a great leader. There are several other skills mentioned by the Martin Lanik such as selling of vision, innovate often, overcome resistance, built strategic relations and empower others.