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Mary Had a Little Scam

Mary Had a Little Scam

by Jamie Lee Scott
184 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Something Buried
by Kerry Wilkinson
292 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 4,153 Downloads · New!
Something Buried in the paranormal, mystery, literature, suspense, murder and fiction novel which describes the story of a young girl who is drowned. Kerry Wilkinson is the author of this superb novel. Andrew Hunter, Jack, and Anna are the prominent character of the story. Anna can’t believe that her super-fit girl drowned while swimming. She believes that someone kills deliberately her daughter and Michelle’s death was not an accident. Everything looks pretty normal at the death scene but there is something that may lead to an investigation. Andrew is an investigator and he is hired to look the case if there are any suspect clues.
All the Beautiful Lies
by Peter Swanson
304 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 4,181 Downloads · New!
All the Beautiful Lies is the suspense, mystery, redemption, thriller, fiction and literature novel which plots the story of a young boy whose father died. Peter Swanson is the author of this impressive novel. Harry Ackerson, Alice, and Grace McGowan are the prominent characters of the story. Harry never dislikes his step-mother who is not only sexy but also attractive. Alice is very kind to her step-son and she never ignores the needs of her son. Alice does not have any other kid rather than Harry. The family of three people is living happily until an incident happened and everything changed.
The Five
by Hallie Rubenhold
352 Pages · 2019 · 12 MB · 1,585 Downloads · New!
The Five is the history, criminal and biography book which tells the story of the five different women who are killed by Jack the Ripper. Hallie Rubenhold is the author of this tremendous book. Polly, Mary Jane, Catherine, Annie, and Elizabeth are famous for the same reasons. All these women never met with each other and they don’t even know each other. Polly came from Fleet Street by leaving her parents in the town. Annie is from Knightsbridge and she is the oldest sibling among five. Elizabeth is a fearless beautiful woman who came from Wolver Hampton to change her life. Catherine is sharp by the mind and she came from Sweden. Mary Janes came from Wales with the courage to make her impact on society.
by Robin Cook
400 Pages · 2019 · 3  MB · 4,772 Downloads · New!
Genesis is the mystery, redemption, mystery, psychological, fiction and crime novel which tells the story of a young girl who is found dead mysteriously. Robin Cook is the author of this classic novel. Kera, Laurie, and Aria are the prominent characters of the story. Kera dead a few days ago and her family is not satisfied with the medical reports. According to reports, Kera’s death is the result of drugs. Her family and friends swear that Kera has never touch drugs in her life. How can a girl die due to overdose of drugs who never even touch it? The things are getting complicated and the company where Kera works wanted to shut this case.
Jack Frost
by Christopher Greyson
202 Pages · 2018 · 2  MB · 1,059 Downloads · New!
Jack Frost is the suspense, mystery, thriller, fiction, literature and redemption novel that draws the story of a soundman who killed in his office. Christopher Greyson is the guy behind this superb novel. Jack and Alice are the prominent characters of the story. Peter is an intelligent, skillful and experienced soundman who worked for different TV shows. Recently, he is working for a hit TV show that becomes viral among millions of people. The rating of this show has broken all the records and Peter played an important role in the success of the show.
Masked Prey
by John Sandford
416 Pages · 2020 · 2 MB · 1,802 Downloads · New!
Masked Prey is the suspense, adventure, mystery, redemption, thriller, fiction and literature novel that draws the story of a hacker who builds a website that contains the photos of politician children. John Sandford is the guy behind this stunning novel. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. One day, the daughter of the U.S senator was monitoring her social media account where she found her picture. A picture that she has not given to anybody. It was a personal picture that was taken in her room. There was also a link to the website from where this photo was extracted.