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Out of Africa

Out of Africa

by Isak Dinesen
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Dead Wake
by Erik Larson
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“Dead Wake” is a thriller and tremendous novel that covers the bombing of the Lusitania, war affairs, Nonfiction, History, and Audiobook. Erik Larson is an author of this crazy and fabulous novel. He is the internationally bestselling author and best storyteller. The author has surpassed this book own self. This story is about war affairs, weapons, submarines, and crew members. In this novel, there are the bombing of Lusitania and everything going once at the time and more.
The Road to Little Dribbling
by Bill Bryson
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The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson is nonfiction, thriller and adventure novel on the journey of Bill Bryson trip back in 1995. Bill Bryson is the guy behind this classic novel. In 1995, lowa native adventurer whose name is Bill Bryson is ready to have the trip of Britain. He wanted to explore the pleasant and green land of white peoples. After visiting here, he lives here for twenty years and now he is a British nationality holder. Bill Bryson love this place and never wanted to go outside from this pleasant living country. He decided to write a novel on his journey by revisiting all the places which he visited two decades ago. Bill Bryson starts his journey from the island which is the beginning. While going to the straight line there are beautiful villages, human foible, and pub. There is big adventure memory of him when he is running away from the attacks of the cow in Torcross, he hardly saves himself from injury. This was the first heart drizzling adventure of Bill Bryson. There are various other interesting and funny moments in his journey which makes this book thrilling to read. The book is full of the information about beautiful landscapes and his love of the land which he selects for him to live.
Mind Platter
by NajwaZebian
224 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian is a mind-blowing book which plots the biography of the author and other life characters and their different point of views for the earth. NajwaZebian is the author of this stunning book. She migrated from Lebanon to Canada when she was sixteen years old and she was all alone in here. NajwaZebian has experienced some of the worst situations in her life during her early childhood. In this book, she covers and becomes the voice of every person who is misguided. She was unseen, unheard and misjudged by the others. Having all of the disrespect in the society she manage to become a teacher and the first class she got to teach the refugees in the camps. This makes her think of her time and these young children all also suffering from the same situation. She describes the narrative of life from the different aspects. It defines the reflection of a life from student, teacher, children, parents and common people’s point of view. She also writes about the importance of respect, inspiration, honesty, and integrity into our lives. The most important thing, a reader can easily fit himself into the story and feel the pain. There is no need to have the carrying shoulder, you will unable to stop your tears after reading this.
Trafficked Girl
by , Zoe Patterson, Jane Smith, Una Byrne
211 Pages · 2015 · 2MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Trafficked Girl is a biography and nonfiction novel which plots the story of the little girl and her life challenges. Zoe Patterson, Jane Smith, and Una Byrne is the author of this great novel. At the very little age, Zoe Patterson is ostracized and getting abused by her mother. Her father did not let any moment without humiliated her with the sexual innuendos. She is badly tortured physically and bullied by her older brother. Zoe Patterson decided many times to finish her life but she can’t able to do this in the end. She was constantly threatened by her mother and she tells her, she had a sharp knife for her to cut his arms. Zoe is depressed and scared of her whole family. One day, she got the whiskey from her mother and she drinks the wine for the first time in her life. She was abused again by her mother and this time she told her teacher in the school. Now, Zoe is under the care of the residential unit. One night she is offered by her friend to go with her to the party which she accepted. There are three men in the party and they brutally raped her. She was just thirteen years old, there is no one to protect her after a lot of screaming. Zoe was regretting the moment when she left the house and here she spends a few years by going regularly to the parties.
So You Want to Talk About Race
by Ijeoma Oluo
256 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
So You Want to Talk About Race is a legal book in which the author describes the struggles of black people in their life. IjeomaOluo is the author of this impressive book. The author describes the accessible, contemporary and brutal note on the black people which are addressed by America. There is big racism in the America and black people are ones who are affecting badly with this. They are arrested by the police no matter you are the culprit or not, your black color is enough to give you punishment. There is America in the whole world who is struggling in the race complexities. There is a big gap among the people as compared to their colors. They can’t sit together, can’t be a friend and black people even don’t have the choice to ask their freedom. All the rules and regulations are for black people and there is no need to prove the guilt before giving them punishment. They are treated as a crap and nothing more in the society. The writer tries to deliver her idea in an effective and funny way. There are some incidents happens which are still the question mark for this developed country. All the nationality holders should have the equal right for living.
War As I Knew It
by George S. Patton
425 Pages · 1995 · 4 MB · 4 Downloads · New!
War As I Knew It is a nonfiction, military and history novel in which General George S. Patton recalling his memories of WWII. George S. Patton is the guy behind this stunning novel. This book was first published in 1947 and it includes the memories of Patton. The current version of the novel provides the Patton diaries in details along with Germany and British army. He tries his level best to recall the efforts which are made for the Morocco landing and this gives the main edge while demolishing the victory over Germans. The Patton was leading the command and he is responsible for the army following him. He was always on the top and leading like the true commander and never think to betray his people. The general believes that one complete look is fair enough to match a hundred reports of the ground reality. He has the deep point of view about the rivers, according to him, if we don’t cross the river we will be lost. The general never desire to capture the useless area from where they can’t attack their enemies. He always prefer to attack first, this will not let the opponents plan. The American army is the one who did not let any army to go up from them.