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Physics of the Impossible

Physics of the Impossible

by Michio Kaku
352 Pages · 2008 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Why Does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care
by Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw
264 Pages · 2009 · 3  MB · 4,471 Downloads · New!
Why Does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care is the science, relativity physics and relativity book which explains physics and the equation of E=MC2. Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw are the authors of this magnificent book. They both are the world-leading scientists who bring the most entertaining, accessible with a simple explanation of the world’s most popular equation E=MC2. This is the equation that makes Einstein the world’s most popular scientist in the world. Our universe is built on the most accurate and interesting structure. Everything which is happening in the universe has a reason and science proves it.
Conceptual Developments of 20th Century Field Theories
by Tian Yu Cao
458 Pages · 2019 · 4.0 MB · 1,922 Downloads · New!
The “Conceptual Developments of 20th Century Field Theories, 2nd Edition” is an enlightening book for all the readers. Tian Yu Cao is the author of this book. He is Professor of Philosophy at Boston University. He is a research Fellow at Trinity College, Senior Smithsonian Institution Fellow and Neugebauer Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University. This book explores the conceptual foundations and historical roots of fundamental field theories. Tian Yu Cao talks about numerous problems, logic, and dynamics in fundamental physics.
Turning Pro
by Steven Pressfield
146 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 4,224 Downloads · New!
The “Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work” is a must-read book for all creative people. Turning Pro is written by the author Steven Pressfield. Steven has written numerous fiction and non-fiction books. His debut novel, The Legend of Bagger Vance, was adapted for the screen. His struggles to earn a living as a writer are detailed in The War of Art, Turning Pro, and The Knowledge. His books are always a spark, a flame, and fuel to reader motivation. Turning pro is a must for all creative people who cannot seem to actually get past thinking about living a creative life.
The Nature of Space and Time
by Stephen Hawking
160 Pages · 2015 · 3 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Nature of Space and Time is the physics and science book in which the author explains the new theories about space and time. Stephen Hawking is the guy behind this astonishing book. He is the world most known physician after Einstein. There are few of his theories which have the contradiction with the Einstein theories. He elaborates the various facts which are known and the part of physics for last few decades. According to Einstein, the most in-comprehensive thing about this universe is its expanding but Stephen Hawking has something other to tell the world. The most famous theories of Einstein were the general theory of relativity and the quantum theory of fields. Will these theories get the space on the single quantum theory and be united in the theory of gravity. What is the relation between the cosmos and quantum when they both combined? There are various other confidential and interesting answers to the questions you will find. The book contains the demonstration of modern physics and its approaches. He shares the solution of the problems people face while dealing with spatial geometry, black hole information, inflationary versus cyclic theories and a lot more. The most important topic in the book is the quantum theory of gravity.
Oxford Discover 6 Student Book
by Bourke Kenna
200 Pages · 2014 · 103 MB · 15 Downloads · New!
Oxford Discover 6 Student Book is the science and physics book which tells the reader about the secrets of earth that how it came into being. Bourke Kenna is the author of this exciting book. The reader will find the answers to various questions which are always been a mystery for humanity. Right from the beginning of our education we hear and learn different theories of how the earth came into being and what it is made of? According to latest research earth formed almost 4.54 billion years ago. The earth is made up different elements such as rocks which are full of silicon, aluminium, iron, and magnesium. There are various things which make earth a living planet for the creature. Water and oxygen are the most essential part to live. They are totally free for living beings and we don’t need to pay for them. Why do we like symmetry, one of the most frequent questions asked in the modern world? After decades of research, the scientist proves that people find the sexual attraction more in symmetrical faces as compare to asymmetrical faces. Our minds are programmed to like symmetrical things in our lives. How the language develops and how it helps us to communicate with one another. Why language is considered as the main factor in the development of any country. How learning different languages helps us to become more sharp and intelligent? The book delivers the answers in the most satisfying way.
The Universe Speaks in Numbers
by Graham Farmelo
256 Pages · 2019 · 6 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Universe Speaks in Numbers is the physics, science and universe guide which describes the enormous theories and predictions of scientists for this big universe. Graham Farmelo is the author of this fantastic book. Graham is the best author in the New York Times for his book on modern science and its concepts. He is a senior research fellow who served in the science museum. Our universe is seven billion years old and human on the universe are one billion old so the life on earth is one billion old. It begins from Ice Age when the earth was covered with glaciers and ice. Millions of years passed and ice begins to turn into the water after sun’s heat breaks the large glaciers. Then there comes Stone Age when human and other creature came into being and they start living into it. A few decades ago, a scientist unlocks the few mysteries of the world but later on, it leads to many discoveries. In the 21st century, scientists are trying their best to unfold the realities and they came up with a theory. They are working on the new procedure of universe that will completely transform the process of seeing the time, space and gravity. The scientists think we can manipulate time, gravity and space if they successfully discover the new understanding.