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Pro Spark Streaming

Pro Spark Streaming

by Zubair Nabi
231 Pages · 2016 · 13.7 MB · 4,078 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Entity Information Life Cycle For Big Data
by John R. Talburt
254 Pages · 2015 · 6.42 MB · 3,600 Downloads · New!
Entity Information Life Cycle for Big Data walks you through the ins and outs of managing entity information so you can successfully achieve master data management (MDM) in the era of big data. This book explains big data’s impact on MDM and the critical role of entity information management system (EIMS) in successful MDM. Expert authors Dr. John R. Talburt and Dr. Yinle Zhou provide a thorough background in the principles of managing the entity information life cycle and provide practical tips and techniques for implementing an EIMS, strategies for exploiting distributed processing to handle big data for EIMS, and examples from real applications. Additional material on the theory of EIIM and methods for assessing and evaluating EIMS performance also make this book appropriate for use as a textbook in courses on entity and identity management, data management, customer relationship management (CRM), and related topics.
Apache Kafka Cookbook
by Saurabh Minni
128 Pages · 2015 · 1.44 MB · 3,808 Downloads · New!
This book will give you details about how to manage and administer your Apache Kafka Cluster.
Mastering IDEAScript, with WEBSITE
504 Pages · 2011 · 7.86 MB · 3,916 Downloads · New!
With approximately 44,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, as well as 42,000 in Europe, IDEA software has become a leading provider of data analysis software for use by auditors and accountants. Written to provide users with a quick access guide for optimal use of IDEAScript, Mastering IDEAScript: The Definitive Guide is IDEA’s official guide to mastering IDEAScript, covering essential topics such as Introducing IDEAScript, Understanding the Basics of IDEAScript Editor, Designing Structured Applications, Understanding IDEA Databases and much more. For auditors, accountants and controllers.
Bazaar Version Control
by Janos Gyerik
402 Pages · 2013 · 6.19 MB · 2,168 Downloads · New!
Bazaar is a version control system that enables you to track your changes, browse the history of revisions, or revert to a previous state with ease. You can benefit greatly from the principles and practical uses of version control with Bazaar in any software project.
Beginning Neo4j
by Chris Kemper
153 Pages · 2015 · 2.36 MB · 1,167 Downloads · New!
Beginning Neo4j is your introduction in the world of graph databases, and the benefits they can bring to your applications. Neo4j is the most established graph database on the market, and it’s always improving to bring more of its benefits to you. This book will take you from the installation of Neo4j through to building a full application with Neo4j at its heart, and everything in between.
concrete5 Beginner’s Guide
by Remo Laubacher
320 Pages · 2011 · 7.31 MB · 3,284 Downloads · New!
Concrete5 is a content management system for PHP developers. It can be used to build a range of sites and is particularly optimized for creating marketing websites.