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Rich Woman

Rich Woman

by Kim Kiyosaki
274 Pages · 2015 · · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
A Beautiful Constraint
by Adam Morgan
288 Pages · 2015 · 7 MB · 2,487 Downloads · New!
The “A Beautiful Constraint: How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It’s Everyone’s Business” is interesting and worth to read a book. Adam Morgan and Mark Barden are the authors of this book. Adam is the author of numerous books which engages all the reader from first to end of the page. His ideas have been widely cited as a key influence by a new generation of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world. In this book, the authors reveal how to take the kinds of issues that all of us face today, lack of time, money, resources and attention.
The Work
by Wes Moore
272 Pages · 2015 · 2 MB · 1,327 Downloads · New!
Work is the happiness, success, self-help, and biography book that shares the techniques and tips to find the purpose of life. Wes Moore is the author of this fascinating book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. He is the successful social entrepreneur, army combat veteran and CEO of Robin Hood. Wes is running one of the largest anti-poverty forces in the nation. He helped thousands of people in his country. He is doing his best efforts to make sure that people find the difference between failure and success.
by Anthony Heston
96 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 3,187 Downloads · New!
The “Overthinking: Putting a Stop to Destructive Overthinking. Proven Ways to Stop Procrastination, Excessive Worrying, and Get Real Results in your Personal and Professional Life” is a perfect book for all people who are seeking a more peaceful, self-controlled mind. Anthony Heston is the author of this great book. This book is very informative and it will engage the readers from start to end of the page, worth reading. In this book, Anthony Heston guides the readers on how to make great decisions in their personal and professional lives.
Having It All
by John Assaraf
217 Pages · 2007 · 1 MB · 4,671 Downloads · New!
Having It All is the success, personal growth, personal transformation, self-help, and success guide that shares the proven techniques and methods that will assist the reader to live their dream life. John Assaraf is the author of this fascinating book. He is a public speaker, motivational speaker, business consultant, and more importantly, John is a fabulous author. John helped thousands of people to achieve their goals and this is an ultimate guide for the people. This guide brings an opportunity for everyone to live the life of their dreams without putting any extra effort. Just follow the tips and techniques that are mentioned in the book to live an optimal life.
I Will Teach You to Be Rich 2nd Edition
by Ramit Sethi
352 Pages · 2019 · 8 MB · 3 Downloads · New!
I Will Teach You to Be Rich is the finance management, money management and self-help book which tells the reader how to become rich by managing a budget. Ramit Sethi is the guy behind this fascinating book. Today we all earn reasonable money but we lack in managing our finance. The vast majority of the people earn enough money to live their life happily but they don’t end up well when it comes to retirement. They don’t have any retirement plans and they keep spending their money like water. The people think that they will keep earning the same amount of money in their lifetime but when the kids grew up the expenses also increases and parents become panic in controlling their finance. This book will teach you how to manage your finance and become rich. Learn how to make more money in your cards with simple techniques. How to automate your money without any hard effort. Learn the secrets of saving thousands of dollars every month by avoiding irrelevant purchases. How to manage the expenses while buying a house or car. Save the money for big expenses such as weddings, educational fees, and other unexpected expenses. This book introduces new tools which help the reader to become master on your money.
The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need
by Andrew Tobias
318 Pages · 2016 · 2 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need is the investment and finance management guide which shares incredible techniques of saving, investing and even preparing for retirement. Andrew Tobias is the author of this superb book. To live a balanced and finance free life does not mean that you have to be rich first. This guide will show us how to live a balanced life in given circumstances. First of all, stop watching TV and wasting your time on the things which do not matter. It results in lower your electric bill and you can utilize your time for good. Make a habit of creating your own homemade gifts and stop wasting money on cheaper items. Develop a thirty-day plan and keep the track of money which you have spent. Make a list of groceries you are going to buy and strict to the plan while going out. Andrew Tobias shares the techniques of investing which helps to improve personal finance. Set the long term goals before you are investing. Understand the nature of your business and risk tolerance which will involve it. Never make decisions when you are emotional as it affects your investment as business both. Further, Andrew Tobias also shares the retirement plan that gives you everything you demand.