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Scaling Up

Scaling Up

by Verne Harnish
256 Pages · 2014 · 18 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Platform Revolution
by Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, Sangeet Paul Choudary
353 Pages · 2016 · 3 MB · 2,290 Downloads · New!
Platform Revolution is the enterprises, entrepreneurship, business planning and e-commerce guide which shares the multiple strategies to start a business successfully. Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary are the authors of this magnificent book. This is a practical guide for all the professionals and newbies who are thinking to start any business. It will transform your way of thinking, working and decision making. Do you know that Amazon, PayPal, Apple, Airbnb, Uber, and Alibaba disrupted their markets when they first launched? What makes these companies the industry leaders? What are the secrets of their success except for luck? How the founders of these companies able to execute their ideas on a big scale? How anyone of us can build giant companies like them just in a few years.
The Attacker’s Advantage
by Ram Charan
240 Pages · 2015 · · 1 Downloads · New!
The Attacker’s Advantage is the management, business, psychology and self-help book which shares the proven techniques to find an opportunity to make your life better in worse conditions. Ram Charan is the author of this fantastic book. He is the world-class business consultant and advisor of CEOs. Ram also offers his services on board of directors and business unit managers. Most of the businessmen in this modern world are adopting the old traditions of doing marketing and making strategies for business. While following the old traditions it is difficult to achieve the top position in your professional. Unexpected strategies bring unexpected opportunities for your business. The author shares the incredible plans which help you to achieve your goals in the era of complexity, volatility, and ambiguity. Today we have to face new challenges and new techniques of business in every field of life. Ram Charan shares proven techniques with practical tools to help you in the game of life. The reader will learn to make the mindset of seeing opportunities even in worse scenarios. Bring innovations to your business and remain ahead of your competitors. Find out the blockages which hold your company back. Make the long term goals which bring the ultimate success in your business. This is the must-have read for all the people from different professions and for students as well.
Starting a Business All-In-One For Dummies
by Consumer Dummies
600 Pages · 2015 · 5 MB · 3 Downloads · New!
Starting a Business All-In-One For Dummies is the business planning, strategic planning and marketing book which shares the different methods of doing business. Consumer Dummies is the author of this fascinating book. This book contains all the practical advice which you need to start your business. It helps you to manage your finance, business risks how to navigate the first year of your business. Learn, how to write a successful business plan and step by step instruction to lead the business from scratch. It contains all those things which a person need to know before starting any of his projects. This book shows the reader how to manage their marketing, branding, and accounting. Learn the secrets of making an unbroken relation with employees and how to get maximum from them. Being an entrepreneur is the basic key to success and to start your own business one must act and think like an entrepreneur.
Becoming a Manager
by Linda A. Hill
448 Pages · 2019 · 1.41 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Becoming a Manager is the business, strategy and competition guide which shares incredible strategies for the managers to become the best version of their self. Linda A. Hill is the author of this magnificent book. The competition is getting harder and harder with the passage of time in every field but especially when it comes to lead the organization. There are thousands of companies in the world and only a few of them are world recognized due to the efforts of their managers. This book is particularly written for the new managers so they can become a game changer for their organization. It teaches managers how to lead others, how to win the trust and how to inspire your colleagues. Prepare yourself before the promotion and prove yourself as the best among others. Don’t stop your learning process and ready for the challenges. Learn about leadership skills and look at the bigger picture. Remove the communication barriers from your team but don’t be their friend.
Machine, Platform, Crowd
by Andrew Mcafee
416 Pages · 2017 · 4.3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Machine, Platform, Crowd is the strategic planning, business planning and technology book which describes the importance of machine, platform and crowd in the building of the modern world. Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson are the authors of this superb book. They both served as the director of the MIT and the author of bestselling books. The machine brings revolution in the life of people by making their life easier. The wheel was the first machine and the mother of all machines that were invented five-thousand years ago. The world is progressing day by day and machines are taking place of the humans. Machines are more accurate and precise than humans and available at cheap rates. There is no field where machines are not involved or they are not helping humans to finish their tasks. Platforms are also a kind of invention where we can launch our products. The advertisement and marketing can be performed on those platforms where someone is watching them.
Jump Start Your Business Brain
by Doug Hall
340 Pages · 2005 · 3  MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Jump Start Your Business Brain is the decision making, business and self-help book which shares the secrets to become a successful businessman. Doug Hall is the author of this impressive book. This guide contains the proven techniques and methods to increase your sales which ultimately increases your revenue. Business is not an easy job but you follow some tips that are mentioned by the legends then it would be easy for you to survive. More than ninety percent of the startups fail in their first year. Newbies did not come up with proper paperwork and they don’t even know the kind of investment they need. Here are some of the techniques shared by the author to conquer any business anywhere. First of all, know yourself and your motivation that long you can go to risk your money and invest your time. What you really wanted to do in your life and how much you can you are willing to risk for it. Choose the right business for you and believe whatever you are doing. Research your competitors and the market is full of those products that you are going to sell. Make a plan and strictly follow it. This book takes readers step by step to become a successful businessman.