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by Henning Beck
352 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Influential Mind
by Tali Sharot
256 Pages · 2018 · 2.27 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Influential Mind is the self-help, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology book which shares proven methods and techniques to change our mind for the better. Tali Sharot is the author of this impressive book. This book takes the reader on the thrilling exploration of influence in our lives. We all influence others and we all have the duty to affect others. We interact with others in classrooms, playgrounds, social media, offices, and business meeting but did we get enough from the people. All of us wanted to get the best from each other but we lack. Tali Sharot tells the reader how to get the maximum from every situation and every person whom we interact in our life. The author shares the few techniques to influence others which helps them to achieve their daily objectives. Influence is a game changer, no matter who you are, what are your goals and where you work? If you gain more influence on the team as it helps you to become effective in your organization.
My Age of Anxiety
by Scott Stossel
416 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The “My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind” is an enlightening book that reveals about the psychological history of medical science. Scott Stossel is the author of this popular psychology history book. Scott is also the author of MY AGE OF ANXIETY: FEAR, DREAD, HOPE, and many others. He currently lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and cute children. “My Age of Anxiety” is a wonderfully written book on, not only the author’s own struggle with high anxiety but on anxiety itself. This book is to be very helpful, encouraging, and very interesting for all anxiety patients. Scott Stossel is are very brave in writing in such detail about his lifelong struggle with anxiety. He writes about anxiety with bottomless knowledge and compassion. Furthermore, this book is thoroughly researched and converses the historical views of anxiety and its treatment through the ages. One of the best features of this book is the detailed scientific explanation of the possible causes of anxiety. All in all, My Age of Anxiety is a wonderful book that reveals about anxiety.
A Really Good Day PDF
by Ayelet Waldman
256 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
“A Really Good Day” is a popular book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format. Ayelet Waldman is the author of this impressive book. you may also like Drop the Rock by Bill P. ePub Download “The true story of how a renowned writer’s struggle with mood storms led her to try a remedy as drastic as it is forbidden: microdoses of LSD. Her revealing, fascinating journey provides a window into one family and the complex world of a once-infamous drug seen through new eyes. When a small vial arrives in her mailbox from “Lewis Carroll,” Ayelet Waldman is at a low point. Her moods have become intolerably severe; she has tried nearly every medication possible; her husband and children are suffering with her. So she opens the vial, places two drops on her tongue, and joins the ranks of an underground but increasingly vocal group of scientists and civilians successfully using therapeutic microdoses of LSD. As Waldman charts her experience over the course of a month–bursts of productivity, sleepless nights, a newfound sense of equanimity–she also explores the history and mythology of LSD, the cutting-edge research into the drug, and the byzantine policies that control it. Drawing on her experience as a federal public defender, and as the mother of teenagers, and her research into the therapeutic value of psychedelics, Waldman has produced a book that is eye-opening, often hilarious, and utterly enthralling.”
Hypersanity: Thinking Beyond Thinking
by Burton Neel
188 Pages · 2015 · 2.47 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The “Hypersanity: Thinking Beyond Thinking” is a must-read book for creating a positive change in our life. The author of this great book is Burton Neel. Burton Neel is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and writer, who teaches in England. He is a Fellow of Green-Templeton College, Oxford. He writes numerous other books and all of them are life-changing. His book translated into numerous languages, like Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. This book is all about thinking. Burton breaks down some of the faces of thinking like arguments, rhetoric, fallacies, etc. It helps the reader to understand that the concept of thinking is multifaceted and complex, but it doesn’t need to be tough. Burton Neelbreaks down his thoughts into numerous manageable chapters that the reader can read with the choice. In addition, this is a very sociable style that educates you at an intelligent however conversational level. After reading this amazing book, the reader will be a better thinker because Neel Burton begins with simple explanations and builds deeper thoughts and methods. To sum it up, Hypersanity is a necessary book for creating a positive change.
The Knowledge Illusion
by Steve Sloman
304 Pages · 2015 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone” is a fact-filled and eye-opening book in which the author tells us how do we think and how to do knowledge transfers from one person to the other and he or she starts further research without thinking from the beginning. The book states that just like man knowledge is also social and it can not stay in one mind. This fantastic book is written by Steven Sloman. She had served as a cognitive Psychologist and had also written a famous Journal on Cognitive learning and psychology. In this book, the author says that man cannot think alone and all the inventions of today’s world are the result of the illusion of knowledge and they had served as a tool in the development of science and technology. One important thing is that author says that man is a social animal and this is true for knowledge and learning as well. The book covers the pattern of intellectual learning and cognitive thinking. In a conclusion, the book is full of knowledge, information, scientific, and especially Psychological research and interest for the readers who love to study the human psyche and learning process.
The WEIRDest People in the World
by Joseph Henrich
704 Pages · 2015 · 17 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The WEIRDest People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous” is a book that tells us that hoe do Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic people vary from common people and which good habits you can adopt from them. This fantastic book is written by Joseph Henrich. The book provides us the complete lifestyle and habits of WEIRD people from others. The book enlightens the qualities that these people possess and you can adopt them to be like them. To be humble, optimistic, and honest are a few of them and you can use these characteristics to make you own distinctive identity. The book inspires us to the way of progress by giving us an example of how successful and famous personalities make their identity. The author tells us in this era to be successful you have to be a good English speaker and listener and manipulate yourself with the technology in society. In a conclusion, the book is eye-opening, lesson giving, and full of inspiration. You may also like to download Cured by Jeffrey Rediger