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by Michael Robotham
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Sometimes I Lie
by Alice Feeney
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Sometimes I Lie is the mystery, redemption, thriller, literature, fiction and suspense novel which plots the story of a young married woman who has a severe accident. Alice Feeney is the author of this impressive novel. Amber is the prominent character of the story. Amber is a beautiful young girl who is almost twenty-seven years old. She lived a perfect life which all women dream to have. Amber met with her future husband at the business meeting. Max is good looking and more importantly, he has a bright career. They both find an attraction for each other and after a few years, they become husband and wife.
Have You Seen Her
by Lisa Hall
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“Have You Seen Her” is a mysterious and emotionally frustrating novel that covers Mystery, Thriller, Crime and Psychological Thriller. This outstanding and engaging novel is authorized by Lisa Hall. This novel’s story starts from a night, a bonfire night in which a girl was missing. Anna was the nanny of Laurel so Anna, Laurel and her mum were there. Anna was looking for laurel in the crowd. She takes her eyes off Laurel for a second through the crowd and Laurel in gone. She thought Laurel was following her mum. The parents of Laurel are frantic, after the disappearance of Laurel, hours pass and they tried their hard to found her but didn’t succeeded. It grows their suspicion. They had a doubt that there was someone who knows what happened to Laurel but they were not telling a word. They were very sad and continuously looking for her in the crowd.
The Good Samaritan
by John Marrs
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The Good Samaritan is the crime, mystery, thriller, fiction and suspense novel which plots the story of a young woman. John Marrs is the author of this classy novel. He is a well-known journalist who has written four novels. He is also the bestselling author in the New York Times. Laura is the main protagonist in this novel. She is a forty-year-old married woman living her life with her family. Laura has three kids and she lives them more than her own life. She is a kind of mother who is living her life on others expectation and always trying to become a perfect mother. Laura serves her community and bakes for others. If someone dies in the town then she takes care of them by presenting the food. Laura buys baked items from the store and tweaks them so they look like she bakes in her own home. She is a loving woman from outside but deep inside she is a scary woman. Laura struggles a lot in her life before and after the marriage. She successfully survived the sickness and the difficult time of her marriage as well. A woman is killed in her neighbourhood who was the wife of Ryan and she was pregnant. The mysterious think about her death that she dies, hand in hand with a stranger and who was this stranger? Why Laura is shocked and hiding something about the stranger from Ryan?
A Bend in the Road
by Nicholas Sparks
384 Pages · 2016 · 1 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
A Bend in the Road is the romantic, grief, redemption, fiction, thriller and literature novel which plots the story of a person who lost his wife in an accident. Nicholas Sparks is the author of this tremendous novel. Miles Ryan is the deputy sheriff in New Bern, the state of North Carolina. He was living a happier life two-years ago with his son and wife. Miles married to the most beautiful woman whom he loves from his childhood. They are good friends but now they are not living together. Two-year before, his wife died in a hit and run accident and left her family forever. Miles is the father of a son, Jonah who is a grade one student. He never thinks of a second marriage after the death of his wife and he is also very passionate about his son. One day, Miles met with a young woman who recently moves in the city after her divorce. Sarah Andrews become the teacher of Jonah and she is hoping to recover from her trauma. Just in a few meeting, they both get closer to each other and told what happened in the past. Sarah has seen even more disturbed after hearing about the death of Jonah’s mother in an accident. She wanted to confess something with Miles but then she thinks what if this confession end their affection or love? What is the secret and why she is hiding from Miles?
The Girl in the Ice
by Robert Bryndza
416 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Girl in the Ice is the suspense, redemption, fiction, thriller and mystery novel which describes the story of a young detective who is investigating a murder crime. Robert Bryndza is the author of this classic novel. A young boy was wandering around the ice lake where he discovered the dead body of a beautiful young girl. Her eyes were open and her lips are parted as she was trying to say some last words. The body was frozen in the ice and her hands bound on the back. The body of the dead girl was discovered beneath the thick sheet of ice in the local park of South London. Erika Foster is the Detective in this region and she was assigned to lead the investigation. The name of the victim is Evie and she was living a perfect life. She did not have to do anything with anybody then why someone killed her. When Erika digs deep in the situation, the case leads her to the murder of three other girls who were prostitutes and killed in the same passion. As she getting closer to the case, the killer is closing in to kill her. Last year an encounter ends up in the death of her husband which breaks her emotionally. Now, Erika has nothing to lose but she has something to achieve by bringing the suspect into justice.
The Marriage Betrayal
by Shalini Boland
250 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The Marriage Betrayal” is an outstanding and amazing novel that covers psychological thrilling, mystery, fiction, and suspense. This novel is authorized by Shalini Boland. She is the internationally bestselling author of modern books and multitalented writer. The whole theme of the novel revolves around the family and the memories of the past and present that are beautifully intertwined. The story starts with the thirty-fourth birthday of Faye’s husband. To make his birthday special and memorable she decides to take him home town along with son. They move toward Swanage along with their kids. Jake and his sister were kids when strange things happened and nobody reveals on them. When they left the town they don’t go back for almost twenty years. They left many tops and surprising secret there. In his birthday morning, he decides to take his son outside to see if they can spot the dolphins and seals. They don’t come back and Faye worried about them. She goes outside along with Tom to search them but alas they are not success to find them. There are some occasional chapters that are compelling and investigating. The story has many provoking and imaginative scenes that grab the attention of the reader from beginning to end. The story seems realistic with a satisfying ending and incredibly strong characters.