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Sin and Discipline

Sin and Discipline

by Lily White
422 Pages · 2019 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Tell Me Three Things
by Julie Buxbaum
352 Pages · 2017 · 2  MB · 3,157 Downloads · New!
Tell Me Three Things is the teen, humor, fiction, thriller and literature novel that plots the story of a teenage girl. Julie Buxbaum is the author of this classic novel. Jessie is the prominent character of the story. Jessie is a fifteen-year-old girl who is in the junior year of her high school. She lives in Los Angeles with her father. Jessie’s mother died two years ago. She is the only daughter of her parents. Jessie misses her mother but her father is doing good care of him. He fulfills all the needs of his daughter and they both play on the lawn.
by Josephine Angelini
496 Pages · 2011 · 1 MB · 2,032 Downloads · New!
Starcrossed is the mystery, fantasy, romantic, literature, thriller and fiction novel which plots the story of a teenage girl who does not know her real identity. Josephine Angelini is the author of this classic novel. Helen Hamilton and Lucas Delos are the prominent characters of the story. Helen is the sixeteen-year-old beautiful and intelligent girl who lives with her family in a tiny town. She is different from the rest of the girls from an early age. Her parents are very possessive and they never allow to go outside alone. She has no friends in the town and Helen knows that there is something about herself which she does not know.
The Casquette Girls
by Alys Arden
563 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 2,685 Downloads · New!
The Casquette Girls is the paranormal, redemption, fantasy, literature, thriller and fiction novel which describes the story of a teenage girl and her beloved father. Alys Arden is the author of this tremendous novel. Adele Le Moyne is the prominent character of the story. Adele and her father move to their town where their ancestors lived once. New Orleans is also the birthplace of Adele and she was just five years old when her father moved. Adele is sixteen and capable enough to fight with deadly forces. New Orleans is not a good place to live and it’s difficult to survive. An incident happens at New Orleans which changed the lives of the people.
Frankly in Love
by David Yoon
432 Pages · 2019 · 2 MB · 2,255 Downloads · New!
Frankly in Love is the redemption, love, literature, thriller, romantic and teen novel which draws the story of two lovers. David Yoon is the author of this fascinating novel. Frank Li and Brit are the prominent characters of the novel. Frank Li has two different names in two different countries. In America, he is named as Frank Li and in Korea, he is named as Sung-Min Li. His parents call him with Frank and most of the people even don’t know about his other name. He born and grew up in Southern California. Frank did not know how to speak Korean and don’t even understand.
The Summer Boyfriend
by Christina Benjamin
422 Pages · 2018 · 4 MB · 3 Downloads · New!
The Summer Boyfriend by Christina Benjamin is romantic, adult and fiction novel in which the opponent genders fall in love and both of them have a good reputation. Christina Benjamin is the author of this stunning novel. Joy wright never attached to any person and that the role of her life. This moment was so important for her when she is nominated for Lead Tower Lifeguard. It is the program of the ACE Swim in a high position. This was the dream of her which come true in her early life. Hayden Anderson is charming and good looking man, his father was the controlling billionaire in ACE. Hayden and Joy both were the survivors to achieve such thing so early in their life. They really attract each other and one kiss changes the scene dramatically. On the other side, the relationship between the members and the staff is forbidden. Their case was more complicated with present demand, dark past, overprotective brothers and future threats. They are trying hard to stop there self for a short time until the summer complete. But none of those get the hold on their heart and start making love in 108 room. They break all the rules and regulations which are pointing to them. This story was set on the beautiful island of Hawaii.
People I Want to Punch in the Throat
by Jen Mann
224 Pages · 2014 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
People I Want to Punch in the Throat by Jen Mann is funny, fiction and adult novel in which a lady finds her way in trouble with her neighbors. Jen Mann is the author of this classic novel. There is a woman living in the apartment and she does not have a filter in the house. Due to this she get trouble with her neighbors in which some of important personalities are also involved. In her neighbors she got the company of fellow PTM moms and there is a woman who is selling sex toys by inviting her into the home party. The author further describes the life of this lady in her suburban with her husband and other people. There are some of the words which we shy to say in public, but the lady got the guts to say it to the people. This novel if full of bad language or say the street language, there is no respect of friends and neighbors. It is not easy to raise your children in the suburban where all of your neighbors are crazy and uneducated. The woman also tries everything to make her children best for the other people and educate them properly.