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by Mary Roach
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Butchering Art
by Lindsey Fitzharris
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“The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine” is a good book that describes general surgery. Lindsey Fitzharris is the author of this surgery book. Lindsey has done a Ph.D. in the history of science and medicine from the University of Oxford. She is the creator of the popular website The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice and presenter of the YouTube series Under the Knife. The Butchering Art is an excellent book from beginning to end, it engages the readers. Lindsey reveals about the surgery and shows how it was transformed by advances made in germ theory and antiseptics. The Butchering Art Society is benefited by the good health of all the individuals within it, and that innovation has been fought by the general population throughout human history.
Dissolving Illusions
by Suzanne Humphries, July 27, 2013
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Dissolving Illusions is the viral disease, communicable disease, and history of medicine book which tells the history of deadly infections and how medicine controls these infections. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk are the authors of this magnificent book. Research says that the people die of malaria are more than who died in the wars. There is a number of other diseases that kill millions of people in the past but today we got the medicine to deal with these infections. Thousands of women in the past died during pregnancy but today the death rate of mothers is very low. The medical field is growing and it helps also affect the lives of the ordinary people who don’t have enough resources for treatment. Humans are born with the ability to improve their lifestyle and today we got the latest equipment’s to deal with the disease. Doctors can cure cancer but it is expensive for middle-class people. Most of the medicines provide relief which lasts a few days but after that people start suffering from the same health issues. The health issues like headache, depression, anxiety and other mental diseases are treated with drugs which do not last so long.
by Bill Wasik& Monica Murphy
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Rabid is the infectious, forensic medicine and a medical book which shares the brief history of rabies disease. Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy are the authors of this fantastic book. Rabies is the most fatal virus in human history. It is spread avidly from animals and humans are the ultimate victims of this infection. The virus of rabies (RNA) is from rhabdovirus family. This virus affects the body in two different ways. It enters through the nervous system and directly attacks the brain or it replicated in the muscle tissues which affects the neuromuscular junctions. The death rate of this virus in a hundred percent once the infection takes place in the brain. It is spread in the human due to the bite of an infected animal. The treatment of rabies is only possible before the virus symptoms. A person who is infected by rabies will have several neurological problems in fear of water and light are prominent. It’s the common disease where stray dogs are present in big numbers particularly in Africa and Asia. There are thousands of cases every year and people just die at the end of the day. There are five stages of this disease which leads the person towards death. The author describes the history of this virus from the last four thousand years. This is an ultimate guide for the awareness of rabies and how to handle it.
Working Stiff
by Judy Melinek MD
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The “Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner” is the medical professional biographies book that describes Judy Melinek. Judy Melinek is the author of this book. Judy is a Forensic Pathologist and an associate clinical professor at UCSF Medical Center. She received her college degree and medical degree from Harvard. When her training start, after two months Judy threw herself into the fascinating world of death investigation. Judy tells you in a moderate way, the work of a medical examiner conducting autopsies after a huge variety of causes of death. Working Stiff reveals the story of what happened to people prior to them ending up in the New York City ME’s office. After the reading of Working Stiff, you learn about the human body if you don’t have any background knowledge, because Judy written clearly and often reiterates the same thing 2 or 3 times. The core thing of this book is, it engages the reader from start to bottom of the line. To sum it up, Working Stiffis the medical professional biographies book.
Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
by Mary Roach
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“Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach” is a popular book that is now available for download in PDF and ePub format. “Mary Roach” is the author of this impressive book. Here is the summary of this book;
Estrogen Matters
by Avrum Bluming, Carol Tavris
320 Pages · 2018 · 3 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Estrogen Matters is the psychology, medical, menopause, endocrinology and medical research book which shares the benefits of HRT. Avrum Bluming and Doral Travis are the authors of this tremendous book. Avrum is a medical oncologist and hematologist for a few decades. She won different awards over her services that she offered for the wellbeing of society. Coral is a social psychologist who has written hundreds of articles about psychological science. She won various awards in her writings. Coral has written various books on medical. Hormone Replacement Therapy is known as a miracle in the medical field. HRT was capable to change the lives of the people once and for all. Women are the ones who are attracted by HRT. It helps them to lose weight, get their skin white, helps them from memory loss and reduces the chances of heart disease. If your parents suffer from health issues like heart disease, lungs, sugar, Alzheimer’s, cancer, osteoporosis or any other then you got the chance to cure it through HRT. The women who have breast cancer can easily get treatment through HRT. It helps the doctors to take care of the patients who inherit their diseases after their parents. A magnificent book to read for everyone out there.