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Testing Vue.js Components with Jest

Testing Vue.js Components with Jest

by Alex Jover
88 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 8 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
by Tom Demarco, Timothy Lister
272 Pages · 2013 · 3  MB · 2,508 Downloads · New!
Peopleware is computer programming, computer engineering, software design and software development book which discovers the secrets of software development. Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister are the authors of this impressive book. This is the whole new 3rd and updated edition of the book which already helps tens of thousands of engineers to pursue their goals. The development phase in software engineering involves plenty of things but we only knew about programming. Requirement gathering is the first phase for the project manager. This book covers the most effective ways of requirement gathering that saves time. What are the techniques that you should follow while asking the requirement from the stakeholders.
The Go Programming Language
by Alan A. A. Donovan
398 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 3,786 Downloads · New!
“The Go Programming Language” is an awesome book for learning the Go language. Alan A. A. Donovan is the author of this advanced programming book. Alan is a member of Google’s Go team in New York. He holds computer science degrees from Cambridge and MIT and has been programming in the industry since 1996. He has built many libraries and tools for static analysis of Go programs, including godoc -analysis, oracle, and gorename. In this book, the author covers the structural elements of the Go program, syntax, control flow, data types, files, and functions. The Go Programming Language is an awesome book for learning the Go language.
JavaScript and JQuery
by Jon Duckett
640 Pages · 2015 · 92 MB · 14 Downloads · New!
The “JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development” is an interesting book that tells how to make our interface and website more beautiful. Jon Duckett is the author of this best-selling book. Jon Duckett has been helping companies create innovative digital solutions for over 15 years. He has written and co-authored over a dozen books on web design and programming. In JavaScript and JQuery, the author gives a basic programming concept for all, those have no prior knowledge of programming. With the help of this book, the reader can learn how to write your own scripts from scratch. This interesting book is like art made with diagrams and code. After reading this book, readers will able to see why some techniques might be better than others. Furthermore, this book gives a clear description of the syntax and all of them explained with code samples. JavaScript and JQuery engaged the reader from start to end of the page with different topics and examples. At the end of this best-selling book, you will use the thousands of scripts, JavaScript APIs and JQuery plugins that are available on the web. In short, JavaScript and JQuery is an informative book for all computer science students that reveals how to create your own scripts from scratch.
Programming and Problem Solving with C++
by Nell B. Dale, Chip Weems, Headington
1201 Pages · 2015 · 72 MB · 12 Downloads · New!
The “Programming and Problem Solving with C++” is a helpful book for all computer science students. Nell B. Dale, Chip Weems, and Headington are the authors of this book. Nell B. Dale is an American computer scientist that has written numerous programming books and all of them are worth reading. Programming and Problem Solving with C++ is completely revised and updated with the latest version of C++. It provides the clearest introduction to C++, object-oriented programming and software development. The authors do a great job of making everything clear and explain why certain codes are chosen on certain lines. This book guides you from beginning to end and it truly treats the reader as if he were never exposed to the C++ language ever before. Every chapter has a case study that will help the reader to understand the chapter. This book is a must-have for prospective and seasoned programmers as a dictionary or reference manual, everything is very in-depth with lots of examples. To sum it up, Programming and Problem Solving with C++ is a necessary book for all the C++ developer.
Svelte and Sapper in Action
by Mark Volkmann
456 Pages · 2020 · 14 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Svelte and Sapper in Action is a software development, JavaScript programming, and programming language book that teaches web development. Mark Volkmann is the guy behind this imposing book. It is an ultimate book that teaches students to build and design elegant and efficient web applications. There is no expertise required to start working with it. So start making web applications from the very first day that attracts clients. It is time to take on modern apps through best practices such as server-rendered views, code splitting, and offline support. Create apps that quickly loads on internet browse. Generate these kinds of websites by writing less code. Learn how to write well-organized JavaScript code and goes step by step through every example. Create websites that are engaging and fast. This guide will show you how to use sapper for static and dynamic sites. Figure out the best for creating svelte components effortlessly. Svelte apps are easy to deploying, debugging, and testing. Discover the different ways to configure page routing and how to use the store to share data. This book consists of various chapters and all these chapters have something new for the students.
by Jason Cranford Teague
456 Pages · 2015 · 99 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
The “CSS3: Visual QuickStart Guide (5th Edition)” is a helpful book for beginners to learn CSS3. Jason Cranford Teague is the author of this great book. He has over 15 years of experience in the Online world and written numerous books, including Fluid Web Typography. Jason is a designer, writer, and teacher who helps people creativity apply technology. He has recently worked with the W3C CSS Workgroup, advising them on design issues with typography. This book might be called “Introduction to CSS with new features from CSS3”. In this book, the author teaches CSS very well and discusses some of the new features of CSS3 along the way. CSS3 does cover a lot of CSS 1 & 2, and some of the new features in CSS3. The text of this book is very thoughtfully and clearly written, excellent syntax and easy to follow, so it engages all the reader from start to end of the page. This book also dives into the new HTML 5 standard and teaches that alongside CSS3, because HTML 5 and CSS3 need to be together. If you are new to CSS, then this will be a great book to bring you up to speed and show what features are possible and accessible in CSS.  To sum it up, CSS3 is an enlightening book for all the newbie and professional web designers.