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The History of the Future

The History of the Future

by Blake J. Harris
528 Pages · 2015 · 4 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Programming in HTML and PHP
by David R. Brooks
296 Pages · 2017 · 6.14 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
“Programming in HTML and PHP” is tech book written for professional web development. The clearly-written text is designed to be simple to follow for the novice student, without requiring any background in programming or mathematics beyond algebra. From basic to advance all the web development concepts are added in this book. It is a complete step by step guide for learning the HTML and PHP. Author beautifully covered the topics e.g. creation of HTML pages and the characteristics of HTML documents, showing how to use HTML tables, forms, lists, and frames to organize documents for use with PHP applications; explains how to set up a PHP environment, using a local or remote server; introduces the capabilities and syntax of the PHP language, including coverage of array syntax and use; examines user-defined functions in programming, summarizing PHP functions for reading and writing files, viewing the content of variables, and manipulating strings; reviews the PHP GD graphics library, presenting applications for creating pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs suitable for displaying scientific data; includes appendices listing HTML and ASCII special characters, and highlighting the essential basic strategies for solving computational problems. In short, it is one of the best web development books and we highly recommend it.
Search Engine Optimization with Webposition Gold
by Brad S. Konia
359 Pages · 2002 · 4.90 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“Search Engine Optimization with Webposition Gold (Wordware Web Programming/Development Library)” is complete book on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the name of strategies to get high ranking in search engines for websites. This book offers an easy step-by-step walk through of the program as well as features other valuable search engine optimization strategies. It will be particularly valuable to new Gold 2 users, but any Gold user could benefit from the book. Anyone who wants to learn SEO from beginning to advance level can take advantage from this book. Many software are shared in this edition which mostly used for SEO. The author told how to use these software, their advantages and their impact on the search engines for websites. In short,  Search Engine Optimization with Webposition Gold is an amazing book in which author shared the SEO tips in very interesting way. You can also Download WordPress Essentials For Business by Marc Beneteau Free.
Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology PDF Free
by Ian H. Witten, Marco Gori Ph.D, Teresa Numerico
285 Pages · 2006 · 9.01 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology” is a comprehensive book written on search engines. It is a complete step-by-step guide with easy to understandable instructions about the search engines and SEO. Ian H. Witten, Marco Gori Ph.D and Teresa Numerico are the guys behind this book.  From basic level to advance Searching mechanism is explained in this book by these 3 guys. Perfect writing style, perfect research and attention to detail make this book very engaging for readers. Authors told that Search engines make it possible for us to find the stuff we need to know. Search engines (web dragons) are the portals through which we access society’s treasure trove of information. Many questions that came in newbie minds like “How do Web Dragons stack up against librarians, the gatekeepers over centuries past? What role will libraries play in a world whose information is ruled by the web? How is the web organized? Who controls its contents, and how do they do it? How do search engines work? How can Web visibility be exploited by those who want to sell us their wares? What’s coming tomorrow, and can we influence it?” are answered in details in this book by these 3 legends. You can also Download The Findability Formula by Heather F. Lutze PDF Free.
Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day PDF Free
by Jennifer Grappone, Gradiva Couzin
338 Pages · 2006 · 7.53 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
There are many books available on different websites and online stores with the label of SEO. The problem with these books is that rather their strategies are outdated or their authors make it very complicated. For the solution of all these problems two great authors Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin wrote “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day”. Both authors are experienced SEOs, and the book reflects the systematic approach they’ve developed whenever working with a new client. It is a complete guideline for all those who want to learn SEO and bring traffic to their websites. It is written for anyone who has a web site and has yet to embark on the time-consuming process of optimizing the site for search engines. This awesome read helps the readers in setting SEO goals, site optimization, developing and implementing a strategy that might include both free and paid efforts, and tools for monitoring trends, measuring the competition, and tracking results. Overall, it is great book for both the beginners and advance SEO learner and we highly recommend its reading. You can also Download Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology PDF Free.
Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies
by Peter Kent
386 Pages · 2006 · 12.7 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The book “Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies” is all about search engine marketing (SEM). The guy behind this book is an eCommerce consultant, expert witness, writer, and e-business trainer Peter Kent. Peter Kent has been working online since 1984 and he has a great experience in SEM. In his book “Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies” Peter told how to plan and launch a PPC campaign and keep track of its progress. Anyone who wants potential customers to form a traffic jam at a website, this book just might do the trick. This book tells the readers all about Google AdWords, Yahoo, sponsored search, customers targeting, watching out for fraud, assessing the pros and cons of Pay Per Click, and making Pay Per Click work for them. Many guides from basic to advance related to SEO is also shared in this book. It enables the readers to understand and use the right keywords to trigger the ads, figure breakeven point, write ads that reach targeted customers, calculate return on investment, use geo-targeting and track the ad results. You can also Download Search Engine Optimization by Kristopher B. Jones PDF Free.
The Hadal Zone
by Alan Jamieson
397 Pages · 2015 · 16.9 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The Hadal Zone: Life in the Deepest Oceans” is an amazing book written on the oceans. It is written by the great Sea Explorer Dr. Alan Jamieson. Dr. Alan Jamieson is a senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab in the UK. He received his PhD for the thesis entitles “Autonomous Lander technology for Biological Research at mid-water, Abyssal and hadal Depths”. He devoted his life to research on the science and technology in the biological exploration of the hadal trenches of the Pacific Ocean through the HADEEP projects, and more recently the HADES projects. This book represents one of the last great frontiers in marine science, accounting for 45% of the total ocean depth range. It provides details about currently known organisms at hadal depths and linkages to the better known abyssal and bathyal depths. For students and researchers, new insights on how, where and what really survives and thrives in the deepest biozone are provided, allowing this region to be considered when dealing with sustainability and conservation issues in the marine environment. In summary, “The Hadal Zone by Alan” is a great book written on the mysteries of the ocean’s deepest places.