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The Joy of Clojure, 2nd Edition

The Joy of Clojure, 2nd Edition

by Chris Houser
520 Pages · 2014 · 6.1 MB · 4,211 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Programming Clojure
by Stuart Halloway
304 Pages · 2009 · 1.6 MB · 1,881 Downloads · New!
If you are a Java programmer, if you care about concurrency, or if you enjoy working in low-ceremony language such as Ruby or Python, Programming Clojure is for you. Clojure is a general-purpose language with direct support for Java, a modern Lisp dialect, and support in both the language and data structures for functional programming. Programming Clojure shows you how to write applications that have the beauty and elegance of a good scripting language, the power and reach of the JVM, and a modern, concurrency-safe functional style. Now you can write beautiful code that runs fast and scales well.
Web Development with Clojure
by Dmitri Sotnikov
232 Pages · 2014 · 4.2 MB · 3,968 Downloads · New!
If the usual patchwork of web development tools and languages just isn’t cutting it for you, you need Web Development With Clojure. Clojure gives you the rich infrastructure of the JVM with the expressive power of a modern functional language. It combines excellent performance with rapid development–and you can exploit these virtues for web app development. With step-by-step examples, you’ll learn how to harness that power and richness to build modern web applications.
Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook
by Eric Rochester
342 Pages · 2013 · 3.2 MB · 4,028 Downloads · New!
Data is everywhere and it’s increasingly important to be able to gain insights that we can act on. Using Clojure for data analysis and collection, this book will show you how to gain fresh insights and perspectives from your data with an essential collection of practical, structured recipes.
Clojure High Performance Programming
by Shantanu Kumar
152 Pages · 2013 · 1.5 MB · 3,191 Downloads · New!
Clojure is a young, dynamic, functional programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It is built with performance, pragmatism, and simplicity in mind. Like most general purpose languages, Clojure’s features have different performance characteristics that one should know in order to write high performance code.
Clojure Programming
by Brian Carper
632 Pages · 2012 · 5.8 MB · 1,665 Downloads · New!
Clojure is a practical, general-purpose language that offers expressivity rivaling other dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, while seamlessly taking advantage of Java libraries, services, and all of the resources of the JVM ecosystem. This book helps you learn the fundamentals of Clojure with examples relating it to the languages you know already, in the domains and topics you work with every day. See how this JVM language can help eliminate unnecessary complexity from your programming practice and open up new options for solving the most challenging problems.
ClojureScript: Up and Running
by Luke VanderHart
116 Pages · 2012 · 2.6 MB · 2,378 Downloads · New!
Learn how to build complete client-side applications with ClojureScript, the Clojure language variant that compiles to optimized JavaScript. This hands-on introduction shows you how ClojureScript not only has similarities to JavaScript – without the flaws – but also supports the full semantics of its parent language. You’ll delve into ClojureScript’s immutable data structures, lazy sequences, first-class functions, macros, and support for JavaScript libraries.