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The Lonely Soldier

The Lonely Soldier

by Helen Benedict
281 Pages · 2010 · 1 MB · 11 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Frozen Hours
by Jeff Shaara
560 Pages · 2017 · 10 MB · 4,613 Downloads · New!
The Frozen Hours is the paranormal, war, literature, fiction, thriller and redemption novel which tells the story of a war between two independent countries. Jeff Shaara is the author of this magnificent novel. General Douglas MacArthur is the prominent character of the story. North Korea and South Korea are separated by borders but once these both countries are known as Korea. Korea divided into two states after the communist rule. Both countries have their own armies and they are acting as their enemies. In June 1950, the government of North Korea decided to invade South Korea’s intent to unite their country once again. They know the heavy prize of starting a war but nothing comes without sacrifice.
The Places In Between
by Rory Stewart
297 Pages · 2006 · 2 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
If you like adventure books and want to learn something about the numerous villages and Afghanistan people from a micro level, this book is for you. It is about a young Scott who desires to walk the width of Afghanistan. It is a more a micro version because although there are broad references to the Russian occupation, Taliban, the Northern Alliance and the Karzai. The book is more about Stewart’s personal interactions with individuals along the way. You’ll find more references to the preceding travels of the Muslim conqueror Babur who traveled Stewart’s intended path than the overall state of Afghanistan. The book also provides a genuine picture of the home life of many of the Afghan’s whose Muslim religion encourages them to welcome strangers and share what they have. There are descriptions of many villages destroyed/damaged by the American and Nato forces. There are interesting uncertainties concerning the loyalty of some village/area leaders who were once Taliban and could still be in some cases. Many switched sides based on what benefited them realistically, Stewart is periodically challenged but carries on through letters of introduction. In short, this is a great book about the people of Afghanistan.
War As I Knew It
by George S. Patton
425 Pages · 1995 · 4 MB · 4 Downloads · New!
War As I Knew It is a nonfiction, military and history novel in which General George S. Patton recalling his memories of WWII. George S. Patton is the guy behind this stunning novel. This book was first published in 1947 and it includes the memories of Patton. The current version of the novel provides the Patton diaries in details along with Germany and British army. He tries his level best to recall the efforts which are made for the Morocco landing and this gives the main edge while demolishing the victory over Germans. The Patton was leading the command and he is responsible for the army following him. He was always on the top and leading like the true commander and never think to betray his people. The general believes that one complete look is fair enough to match a hundred reports of the ground reality. He has the deep point of view about the rivers, according to him, if we don’t cross the river we will be lost. The general never desire to capture the useless area from where they can’t attack their enemies. He always prefer to attack first, this will not let the opponents plan. The American army is the one who did not let any army to go up from them.
Cry Havoc
by Simon Mann
352 Pages · 2011 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Cry Havoc is the military, political and memoir book which describes the life events of a British mercenary who is imprisoned for five years. Simon Mann is the author of this notable book. This is the first and last book by the author and he writes the worst life experiences in it. He is the former British Army officer and British mercenary, Simon Mann has served his nation for decades but unfortunately, get sentenced to jail in the mission 2004. He writes the remarkable story of his life which is full of thrill and twist. In 2004, he is appointed for the mission and Simon Mann was the SAS soldier at that time. He is ready to take off from the Airport. Simon Mann is travelling from Harare International Airport to Equatorial Guinea. His secret mission was to remove the dictator of Africa from their people. The whole plan set and he is going to finish it in coup d’etat. He got the favour of American intelligence agencies and he has done the similar operation on Sierra Leone and Angola. When everything was great and working perfectly than what happened which totally change the life of Simon Mann. The reader will find out the hidden truth of British politics and government. Simon Mann discusses the role of his country in the invasion of Iraq, how he get caught and get five-year prison. Apart from that, he has a family life and he became the father of the fourth child when he was behind the bars.
by Robert K. Massie
1040 Pages · 1992 · 5 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Dreadnought is the military, history and political book which describe the relations of Britain and Germany, how these two countries lead to World War I. Robert K. Massie is the author of this amazing book. He is a great fiction and nonfiction writer who won the Pulitzer Prize award. In this history book, the author tells the downfall of Britain and the roots of World War I. Apart from naval and military history, it also contains the foreign and political history. In the early years of the twentieth century, there is a big rivalry between the naval of Britain and Germany. Both countries are above to great and wanted to dominate each other. Their collision is a threat of destruction for various other countries in the world. The author brilliantly plots the relation between these independent countries and the specific people who have their political interests in it. He goes in details of everything such as policies, tells the hidden secret behind the personalities of political and naval leadership from both sides. The reader will also get the knowledge about Queen Victoria, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, First lords, Admirals, Sea lords and king of England. He gives their complete history which makes you able to understand their character easily. How they impact on the making policies and events. They both wanted to become the superpower and later or sooner they are the opponents in Great War at Sea.
The Guns of August
by Barbara W. Tuchman
608 Pages · 2015 · 5 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Guns of August is the politics and history book which plot the events of WWI. Barbara W. Tuchman is the author of this remarkable historical book. The WWI began in August 1914 after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand along with his wife when he was Austrian Archduke. There are many other debates on the initiating of war as well. In this conflict, the top countries of the world are divided into two groups. The Germany, Bulgaria, Austria and Ottoman Empire fought against the superpower Britain, Italy, Japan, France, United States, Romania, Russia and Italy. There are different other countries are also with them as their allies. At this particular time, the technology was just beginning to develop and people witnessed the massive destruction which is caused by these latest weapons. The author describes each and every aspect of the war. German start fighting from two ends on France. They are marching fast by invading their cities and send their forces against Russia in the east. When German forces cross the border then the real destruction begins. When the war finally over there are almost sixteen million people around the world die including soldiers and civilians. Barbara W. Tuchman sketch of the story incredibly and interesting to read. She creates the kind of suspense which make the history delightful.