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The Masterpiece Duet Series

The Masterpiece Duet Series

by Skye Warren
0 Pages · 2015 · English · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
by Johanna Lindsey
416 Pages · 2001 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Angel is the literature, fiction and humor novel which tells the story of the Cassie and she likes to meddle in the life of other’s people. Johanna Lindsey is the author of this stunning novel. Cassie is a girl who is extravagant and she likes to interfere in the lives of others people. She is moving from her mother to visit her father who is living out of the town. Her father is living in Texas in the well-educated family. Cassie sees two families worried there and she wanted to help them. The families were initially bonding each other through marriage but they separated after the single night of their marriage. She wanted a reunion between families but they are yelling on Cassie to stop all this. Angel is a good looking man who is the friend of the detective Cold Thunder. He is a dangerous man who has links with dangerous people. There are some cases on him previously in the police department but they don’t have proven to feel him guilty. Cassie starts liking her on her first eye contact with her. They both are interested to solve the family relation and bring peace between them. There become the team now, Cassie is supporting the girl and Angel is supporting the boy. All the characters plot incredibly well an especially the relation between the Cassis and Angel.
Pulling Her Trigger
by Alexa Riley
108 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Pulling Her Trigger is the redemption, romantic, fiction and thriller novel which describe the heart touching story of FBI agent and the former Air Force Sniper. Alexa Riley is the author of this stunning novel. Mackenzie Casper is a tough woman, she is the former sniper retire from the Air Force and now leading secretary the Ghost Riders. She is a badass and never pushed around by the authorities, although they have tried many times. Vincent Cassano is the Federal agent and he has proven a number of times for his services to the nation. He really worked hard to reach the position where he is sitting. Vincent is always ready to accept the challenges in his life and solve the difficult cases many times in his life. When he received the case of the Ghost Rider woman, for the first time in his life he does not want to put his hands on the case. He does not agree with the law as she is doing nothing bad but they wanted to make it stop. This was the secret mission and he starts stalking Vincent. They both are highly qualified in their skills and belongs to the alpha team. The woman is ready to give up but the ball is in the court of BI agent. Mackenzie is standing in front of him, the only to stop her is to pull the trigger. Will Vincent pull the trigger or left her to let go?
The Great Cock Hunt
by Alex
320 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Great Cock Hunt is the erotic, thriller, fiction and gay novel which tells the story of a college boy who owns different fantasies. Alex is the author of this classy novel. He is running an online blog which contains the short stories and articles of his life. His blog is kind of different from other blogs on the internet. Alex blog is filled with hookups, kinky parties and different other stories which attract his audience. He lived his whole life as a gay and he is on the top. Alex plans to write down a book with the name of his blog and people will surely go to enjoy it. He started the story from the beginning of his college where he usually fears to approach men. Alex joins his friends on the school trip with Tommy and Lizzie. This was just the beginning of his passion but his relations are complex with the people. He shares the experience of seducing the straight dudes and how he enjoys while pursuing dudes what he wants. There are multiple stories of marathon erotic sessions which really made the audience day. He is just thirty-years-old and everyone in the New York City knows him. Alex likes the muscles and especially flirting with straight guys.
Bound To His Bride
by Madison Faye
100 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Bound To His Bride is the romantic, humor, fiction, thriller and literature novel which plot the story of a handsome man and his wife. Madison Faye is the author of this outstanding novel. Colm is the handsome and gangster guy who leads the violated mob in the city. He is twenty-seven year old young man who has the courage to do things on his own way. Colm has the power to do the unethical things by forcing the people. He did not stop his people even hurting others and everyone scared of him. One day accidentally he came across a beautiful girl named Abby. She is the hottest girl who has the courage to stand against the mob. Colm stops his people to invade the office and there is something more to deal with. Abby knows exactly what Colm is doing here and how dangerous he is but unfortunately she fall in love with him. They both have different lifestyles but there is no difference between them when they urge for love. Abby and Colm made their mind to marry and now they are husband and wife. They never wanted to separate from each other but the things are out of control from their hands. Colm misses Abby and if he fallows his wife then the life of Abby is in danger.
The Sex Chronicles
by Zane
320 Pages · 2002 · 1 MB · 4 Downloads · New!
The Sex Chronicles is the erotic, romance, fiction and sexual novel that comes with a wide collection of stories that probes the darkest passion of women for love and sex. Zane is the author of this magnificent book. This book not only contains erotic stories but also shatters several myths. The majority of world people think that men are more sexual then women by nature and African-American women are inhibited when comes to sex. The stories mention here consist of three parts of erotic levels that begin from wild, wilder and then Off Da Damn Hook. Zane crafts the stories of women from different fields of life like housewives, waitress, manager, and businesswomen. The women whose stories are written in this book are in love with black men. It contains the story of an accountant whose name is Gerald. Gerald is six feet black guy with wide shoulders. He is an attractive and smart guy who wins the heart of a shy girl. This girl has a split personality and she does not know what to ask Gerald, although she likes him. Further, the story of a young boy who is bored with his relation and his breakup with her.
The Virgins Series
by Virgin Fix, Virgin For Hire, Virgin Pass, Virgin Valentine, Virgin Bid, Undercover Virgin
0 Pages · 2015 · English · 0 Downloads · New!
The Virgins is an amazing series with the perfect balance of sexy moments and erotic without being too raunchy. Monica Rash is an author of this breathtaking and romantic series. Monica Rash is a full-time author of modern and romantic series. This series consists of six books. These books are Virgin Fix, Virgin For Hire, Virgin Pass, Virgin Pass, Virgin Valentine, Virgin Bid and Undercover Virgin. This series is a short novella and has an interesting flimsy premise that could have been developed more in several areas. Each character of the series is sweet, endearing and feisty. This series is a passionate, steamy and thrilling read. It has a lot of fun with a fast read. This series has a unique storyline. In this series, there is crazy possessive alpha, impregnation breeder and erotic love. The whole series is surrounding around the density of a woman. This series is perfect if you have a short time and want to read the books full of love and relationships. The chemistry between couples was super scorching hot. The author keeps the solution real and as close as possible to reality and despite the fact that this was an instant love story with steamy scenes. We would highly recommend to those who like romance, erotic and sexy moments.