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The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

by Imogen Hermes Gowar
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Dead Wake
by Erik Larson
448 Pages · 2016 · 2 MB · 2,930 Downloads · New!
“Dead Wake” is a thriller and tremendous novel that covers the bombing of the Lusitania, war affairs, Nonfiction, History, and Audiobook. Erik Larson is an author of this crazy and fabulous novel. He is the internationally bestselling author and best storyteller. The author has surpassed this book own self. This story is about war affairs, weapons, submarines, and crew members. In this novel, there are the bombing of Lusitania and everything going once at the time and more.
The Shadows We Hide
by Allen Eskens
352 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Shadows We Hide is the crime, mystery, teen, thriller, suspense and fiction novel which plot the story of a young boy who not know the reality of his family. Allen Eskens is the author of this impressive novel. Allen Eskens is the bestselling author in the New York Times. Joe Talbert, Jr is just near to graduate from college and he is good in studies. Joe has a girlfriend Lilly and they both care for each other. None of them thought to cheat others and their friendship is going great so far. Joe never met any person with his name but when he saw a reporter from press reporting on the murder of Joe Talbert. It’s something new for Joe but he is also worried about the real identity of this person. What if the dead man is his father which is found dead in a small town in Southern Minnesota? Joe is curious to know more about this person and he asks different questions from the residents who lived there. Joe discovers that the dead man was not good for his neighbours, he threatened the families to kill and living his life below the belt. Joe never knew his father before and it’s time to ask some questions from his mother. What if the dead man is the father of Joe?
The Two-Family House
by Lynda Cohen Loigman
0 Pages · 2017 · ePub/PDF · 1 Downloads · New!
“The Two Family House” is a story of 1947 in Brooklyn. The author of the novel is Lynda Cohen Loigman. The story is based on Fiction and Historical Fiction. In 1947 tw0o babies were born to two different women in the midst of a blizzard. These women were sisters by marriage and they had a strong bond of relationship which was impenetrable. As time passed, their friendship was losing its bond and small crack started to appear in their friendship. Nobody knows why that crack started to appear and no one was able to stop it. It was due to one wrong choice or one moment of tragedy. This novel includes two families that were happily living with love and alliances. This novel was the debut of Lynda Cohen Loigman. She has told that life is not as that easy especially when it involves two families living together. The story has many invested intriguing twists and turns that grab the attention of the reader from beginning to end. Life can take turn anytime from happiness to sadness by a single tragedy.
Calling Me Home
by Julie Kibler
0 Pages · 2014 · ePub/PDF · 0 Downloads · New!
“Calling Me Home” is a tremendous and outstanding novel that is packed with historical fiction and romance. This novel is authorized by Julie Kibler. Julie is the internationally bestselling author of modern books and writes the novel that is enjoyable for every age of peoples. The whole theme of the novel revolves around the young gorgeous and pretty lady called Dorrie. She has magnificent blonde hair and always wears a black dress. She is working with the old white woman as a driver. Isabelle is looking young but she is an eighty-nine year old. Dorrie has some quest about her to find the secrets of Isabelle life. She wants to unmask the secrets of her life. Isabelle life sudden change but she doesn’t share anything about her life. After some time their mutual understanding increase and they developed the business relationship. In this story, there are many tragic circumstances and forbidden relationships.
31 Bond Street
by Ellen Horan
0 Pages · 2011 · 384 · 0 Downloads · New!
31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan lets you to enjoy the suspense, thrill, sex and mystery while chasing down the killer of Dr. Harvey Burdell. Ellen Horan is the author of this great novel. In her early career she wanted to be photographer and painter. But later on, she started to write and here is the master historical book. Before the Civil War in the America, the incident happens with the murder of Dr. Harvey back in 1856. When the police arrive after the murder, there were no clues, fingerprints and witnesses about any suspect. There is a lady Emma, she was the home manager of Dr. Harvey house. She manages all the stuff related to servants and she is widow having pale skinned color. Emma immediately caught by the police and arrested for investigation. The current scenario were against Emma and she were are almost there to suffer. There is a women in defense attorney name as Henry Clinton. She decided to give her justice no matter how much it is difficult. There are so many things to deal which involves racial conflict, corruption and the inequality among the genders. This is delightful to read when writer takes you street to street to follow the suspect.
Home for Erring and Outcast Girls
by Julie Kibler
0 Pages · 2019 · ePub/PDF · 0 Downloads · New!
“Home for Erring and Outcast Girls” is an outstanding and unique novel that covers historical events, fiction and suspense. This novel is authorized by Julie Kibler. Julie is the internationally bestselling author of modern books and creative writer. The whole theme of the novel revolves around the two women’s. They are connected with each another with the emotion of love. They are the best friend and inspired by many historical events. Lizzie and Maddie are the main and special character of this novel and they come to a new home with totally different stories. The story begins with the home name as Berachah were unwed women’s are sent to live and grew up their children’s. All women’s staying here as a family and learn many skills. They are allowed to find the job outside and set life. Lizzie came here and at that time her life is full of sorrow and has a little daughter. In this home, there is no place to live and all the women have expected that after some days they are going to die due to their critical condition.