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The Object of My Affection Is in My Reflection

The Object of My Affection Is in My Reflection

by Rokelle Lerner
274 Pages · 2015 · 3 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Choice Theory
by William Glasser
368 Pages · 1999 · 1 MB · 3,795 Downloads · New!
Choice Theory is the psychology, interpersonal relations and counseling book which shares the proven techniques to improve our relationships. William Glasser is the author of this magnificent book. This guide explains people about the cons of dysfunctional relations in our life. He tells that having unsatisfying, disconnecting and untreatable illness is the source of all crimes, mental illness, school failure, addictions, marital and family issues. To make our life better, we must give up the punishing relations that are destroying our life. Relations plays a key role in the development of personal and professional life. If you have good relations at home then your life will full of happiness and peace.
The Human Magnet Syndrome
by Ross Rosenberg
264 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
The Human Magnet Syndrome is the personal, healing and relationship guide which shares the different tips and techniques to be a better person in relationship with others. Ross Rosenberg is the author of this notable book. The author did a great job to reveal the secret among the relations. It is the second version of its first book which is updated, re-written and re-organized. The reader will find new theories, concepts, and explanations. This book covers the two topics which are Gaslight and Narcissistic. One person in a relationship shows the abusive behavior and he/she wanted to manipulate the information. The people brainwash their opponents who are in relationships and make them feel guilty. They lose their sense of perception, self-worth, and identity. This is a swear condition which occurs in the personal relationships, offices, workplaces and in communities. Being narcissistic in the relationship or even in your own life is not a good exercise to practice. This happens due to the lack of people in your life and they are always wanted that others should know about them. They are surrounded by exaggerated feelings and looking for admiration. The author includes the different stories which help the readers to understand the different personalities and how to deal with them in your life. If anyone of you suffering from personality disorders and by adopting these techniques you will be cure easily.
The Anxiety and Worry Workbook
by David A. Clark, Aaron T. Beck
294 Pages · 2011 · 7 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
The Anxiety and Worry Workbook is the mental health, medical and psychology book which shares the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy. David A. Clark and Aaron T. Beck the author of this remarkable book. The author has decades of experience in dealing with the anxieties of people. It is specially written for those people who are the victim of anxiety and depression. He purposed the solution of cognitive behavioural therapy to all those people who suffered from anxiety. It is an optimized form of psychological treatment which is used to cure the emotions and thoughts such as anxiety disorders, depressions, drug use issues, eating disorder, mental health, and relationship problems. CBT is improved from the last few years which brings the remarkable change in the lives of people. It tells people how to become effective in every part of your life. The psychology problems begin when we things seriously and thinking continuously about your mistakes. Sometimes the behaviours of loved once kill you inside. Once the people start their session in CBT, after their treatment these people become more effective in their lives. It mostly works on thinking and our entire world is based on what we think. The author shares the different strategies are practical and they help people to find out the real reason behind their anxieties. Remove all those people and thoughts from your life which don’t make you a better person.
Social Intelligence
by Daniel Goleman
416 Pages · 2007 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Social Intelligence is the sociology, relation, self-help and mental health guide which shares useful techniques to improve our daily basis relations with the people. Daniel Goleman is the author of this stunning book. Our daily encounters with the peoples like bosses, parents, teachers, spouses, friends and even strangers affect the performance of our mind. Mind accept two kinds of signals, they are positive or negative after we met with someone. This activity is directly linked with our brain cells and genes of the body. Daniel shares the various implications which affect our interpersonal world. Our mind is connected with the environment around us. There is a big science involve in our reactions to others or their reactions to us, it affects our hormones which are responsible for the regulation process of heart which controls the whole body. Having healthy and positive relations with others work as vitamins for our body. They keep us happy and motivated in our life. Bad and negative relations work as a poison in the human body. Social interaction with peoples is just similar to our interaction with the weather. Our body gets affected by cold and holds season so same is the phenomena in human beings. Daniel shares different tips to improve our relations with the people around us. We can make our life paradise by winning people in home, society and offices.
The Energy Codes
by Sue Morter, Dr Sue Morter
352 Pages · 2015 · 11 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Energy Codes is the spiritual, happiness, meditation and self-help book which describes the simple techniques to live a fuller and happier life. Sue Morter is the author of this remarkable book. The author is the master of bioenergetics medicine and international speaker. She changes the lives of millions of people through wellness and healing education. Sue usually deals with patients who are the victims of anxiety, depression, self-pity, and fatigue. The world is getting modern day by day and the entire universe is known as the global village. People don’t have time to meet and see each other despite the fact they have some business to do with them. While working whole day and night we become tired, being on the job continuously gives us stress, depression and other mental issues. We are working just like robots and there is no way to find happiness in life if we spend our whole day in office. She shares the seven-step formula to get over all kind of health and soul diseases. A large population of the world knows how to take care of health but there are only a few people who know the soul is also important to become effective in our life. Learn the healing and meditation process which enlighten your body and soul. You will feel the real change in your life after adopting those techniques.
Big Ideas
by Craig Case, Jennifer Beckstrand
179 Pages · 2018 · 5 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Big Ideas is the mental health, self-help and creativity guide that offers useful strategies to unlock your hidden powers. Craig Case and Jennifer Beckstrand are the authors of this fascinating book. Today, humans are surrounded by annoying, mind blending and frustrating problems. They wanted to get rid of all of their issues and looking for an appropriate solution. Look around yourself, the successful people are those who deliver the solution to the problem which people face. Our mind is the only solution to all the problems which we are facing in our lives. There are thousands of books, blogs, and websites which promised to unlock your creativity but in reality, they all failed. This book proposed a solution to unleash your creativity and spend life at your standard. According to a survey we just use over 10-20 percent of the brain in our life and remaining mind went in waste. Craig shares the meditation techniques which boost your mental ability and you will able to see things more clearly. Don’t blame yourself and always believe in your abilities. The more you believe in your abilities the more you able to deliver. Give the best fuel to your mind and body if you wanted to get most of it. Avoid junk food and eat fresh food with fruits. This is an ultimate guide to change your personal and professional life.