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The Reaper

The Reaper

by Nicholas Irving
320 Pages · 2016 · 2.4 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Believe It
by Nick Foles
256 Pages · 2018 · 19 MB · 2,305 Downloads · New!
Believe It is the memoir, football, sports and biography book which shares the journey of a former football player. Nick Foles is the author of this fascinating book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. Nick started playing football at a very young age. He was not quick, strong and sharp like other kids. This sport did not suit him but it is the only passion he cared about. He plays continuously in school and college. Nick polish his skills and work on his body. He is strong both physically and mentally. He works in his body and now he is ready to play at the national and international levels.
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
by sarah wilson
320 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 1,756 Downloads · New!
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful is the meditation, personal transformation, biography and self-help book which teaches people who to live an anxiety free life. Sarah Wilson is the author of this tremendous book. She is the bestselling author in the New York Times who once suffers from anxiety. Sarah is also an entrepreneur and journalist who speaks for the better health of the people. She helps almost 1.5 million people in the world to make their lives happier and healthier. Sarah suffers from different kinds of traumas in her life and she was the victim of stress and anxiety.
One Day She’ll Darken
by Fauna Hodel, J R Briamonte
346 Pages · 2008 · 2  MB · 1,776 Downloads · New!
One Day She’ll Darken is the memoir and biography book that describes the story of a teenage girl who wanted to know about her family. Fauna Hodel and J R Briamonte are the authors of this stunning book. Tamar Hodel is the daughter of a famous Hollywood physician who is in prison for a sensational incest trial. She was just sixteen years old when her father accused of that crime. Just after few months, Tamar becomes pregnant and everybody wanted to know about the father of the unborn child. Tamar gives birth to a baby girl with white skin and blue eyes. She told that the father of this girl is Negro and the girl has a mixed race.
Oscar: A Life
by Matthew Sturgis
916 Pages · 2019 · 19 MB · 4,924 Downloads · New!
Oscar: A Life is a biography book that describes the story of a famous comedian who makes the world sad after his death. Matthew Sturgis is the author of this impressive book. Oscar Wilde born in the nineteenth century in England. His parents are poor and he helps their parents in the forms. Oscar is funny and charming from his early life. He has the ability to make everyone his friend and he also likes to talk with others. Just at the age of fifteen, the whole town knows about him and they call him Mr. Funny. He has a gift to change his voice tone and make mimicry of the different people.
Sweet Smell of Success
by Diana Heuser
40 Pages · 2013 · 1 MB · 1,888 Downloads · New!
Sweet Smell of Success is the entrepreneurship, motivational, memoir and biography book which plots the story of a single mother who takes chances for her kids. Diana Heuser is the author of this superb book. Diana married to a man who promised to spend his entire life with him. Everything was fine in their life and she became the mother of two kids. Six-years of their married life was outstanding but then one day everything changed. Diana heard a phone call and everything just changed dramatically. She is alone with her kids and did not know what to do. There are unlimited challenges in front of her and dealing with poverty is one of them.
King Charles
by Robert Jobson
336 Pages · 2019 · 3  MB · 4,134 Downloads · New!
King Charles is the royal biography, biography and genealogy book which explores the character and future of Prince Charles who is different from other members of the royal family. Robert Jobson is the author of this superb book. He is a journalist and a bestselling author in the New York Times. Prince Charles is now above sixty and his whole life is a kind of role model for others. He never thinks of hating and disliking others due to his royal family. Charles made his own principles and rules which he never broken. He had a strong belief that racism should be stopped and the people who believe in it should be punished.