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The Talmud

The Talmud

by H. Polano
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Vocabulary Builder Workbook
by Chris Lele, Magoosh
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The Vocabulary Builder Workbook is the SAT, vocabulary and word lists book that contains tips and techniques for preparing tests like ACT, GRE, IELTS and others. Chris Lele is the guy behind this superb book. This guide brings an opportunity for everyone to boost your language skills and vocabulary through simple methods. It required more effort than just flashcards to build a comprehensive vocabulary. This book contains new words into vocabulary that makes things even simple for the students. There is an entire list of over 1,400 essential words that makes everything like a piece of cake. It brings a chance to enhance your both writing and speaking skills. The ultimate goal of this book is to make you a better writer, reader, and a test taker. There are various lessons and all of them are explained brilliantly. Chapters are organized on a theme that contains both associations and identification of roots. There are progressive learning techniques that makes everything simple and easy. No need of putting any extra effort to master English and passing exams. Chris uses progressive learning techniques that takes student step by step towards their goals. You can also download Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced by Martin Hewings PDF
Wings Of Fire: An Autobiography
by Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari
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Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India. It was written by Dr. Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari. Dr. Kalam examines his early life, effort, hardship, fortitude, luck and chance that eventually led him to lead Indian space research, nuclear and missile programs.,Wings of Fire: An Autobiography is an autobiographical novel that tells the readers a story about unlocking their inner potential. Kalam does a great deal to throw light on his journey to igniting the fire within himself. This book is divided into seven parts, and begins with an Introduction and Preface. This is then followed by an Orientation, which contains a quote from the Atharva Veda. After that, the readers are also enlightened on the incidents that made Kalam what he is today. It is very inspirational book. You can download pdf from below and buy from amazon if you want.
Bill Gates: A Biography
by Becraft Michael
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Bill Gates: A Biography is a book by Becraft Michael. Bill Gates has been instrumental in creating and developing the home computing era that has thoroughly transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, from work to commerce to communication. Stepping down as CEO of Microsoft in 2000 after 25 years at the helm, he remained as chairman, a position he still holds.,Compellingly written and wonderfully structured this Bill Gates shares Bill Gates’ life story, capturing his first encounter with the then still infantile world of computer science and charting the growth of Microsoft from its humble beginning as an unknown company of 25 employees to one of the world’s most powerful corporations. The biography of Bill Gates explores his focus on further improving a world already bettered by his unprecedented contribution to the world of technology. You can download from below and buy from amazon if you want.
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
by Ashlee Vance
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Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future is Ashlee Vance’s biography of Elon Musk, published in 2015. The book traces Elon Musk’s life from his childhood up to the time he spent at Zip2 and PayPal, and then onto SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. In the book, Vance managed to get regular interviews with Musk, those close to him, and those who were with him at the most important points of his life.,Elon Musk spotlights the technology and vision of Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and innovator behind SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity, who sold one of his Internet companies, PayPal, for $1.5 billion. Ashlee Vance captures the full spectacle and arc of the genius’s life and work, from his tumultuous upbringing in South Africa and flight to the United States to his dramatic technical innovations and entrepreneurial pursuits. You can download from below and buy from amazon if you want.
The State vs. Nelson Mandela
by Joel Joffe
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The State vs. Nelson Mandela: The Trial That Changed South Africa is a biography book by joel joffe. A remarkable piece of contem- porary historical writing that will serve as one of the most reliable sources for understanding what happened at that trial and how we came to live to see democracy triumph in South Africa.,“The State vs. Nelson Mandela”, Joel Joffe, theirefence Attorney, gives a blow-by-blow account of the most important trial inouth Africa’s history, vividly portraying the characters of those involved,nd exposing the astonishing bigotry and rampant discrimination faced by theccused, as well as showing their courage under fire. With a personal forwardrom Nelson Mandela, this gripping chronicle of a pivotal moment in the warn apartheid should be read by everyone interested in the struggle forustice and human rights. You can download from below and buy from amazon if you want.
Chanakya Neeti
by Chanakya, B K Chaturvedi
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Chanakya Neeti is a life strategy related book by Chanakya and Regenerated by B K Chaturvedi. It is a treatise on the ideal way of life and shows Chanakya’s deep study of the Indian way of life.,Chanakya is regarded as a great thinker and diplomat in India. The book portrays about his ideologies and ideas in diverse situations, which are pertinent even to today’s times. While reading this book, one comes across many messages such as, a wise son is always better than hundreds of foolish ones, and the primary duty of all parents is to provide their child with the best possible education they can afford. Chanakya Neeti is a useful guide even in the present times, showing an individual the ideal way of living in relation to their family, society and country. you can download from below and buy from amazon if you want.