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by Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl Wudunn, Nicholas Kristof
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Principles of Microeconomics, Global Edition 2016
by Karl E. Case, Sharon E. Oster, Ray C. Fair
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Do you want to learn about microeconomics? If so, Principles of Microeconomics, Global Edition 2016 by Karl E. Case, Sharon E. Oster, Ray C. Fair is a book on complete introduction to the functionality of the economy as well as the power of the economics. It provides the bestselling principles of economics completely and thoroughly. The 12th edition provides the basic understanding of the function of market economics. Moreover, the book also provides the appreciation for the good things and a sense of the poor one as well. The readers of the book will be able to learn about the complete basic knowledge about the economics, as it has the latest research and new exercises which will provide a better understanding of the concepts. After reading this book, your thinking about the same policy and the decisions about the economy will complete change. It will also change your further economical decisions either of business or economy. It is a great source of knowledge with very clear explanation of microeconomics and the economy. Also a good reading for the students.
by Steven Levy
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“Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government Saving Privacy in the Digital Age” is one of the best books ever written on digital currency. The author of the book is Steven Levy. Levy is the founder of Backchannel, a tech news publication hosted on the wired site. He is also a senior writer for Wired, chief technology writer and a senior editor for Newsweek. Levy has written seven books and had articles published in Harper’s, Macworld, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Premiere, and Rolling Stone. He won many awards during his 30+ years of writing about technology. His latest book Crypto, won the grand eBook prize at the 2001 Frankfurt Book festival. In this book, Steven told how great ideas get to market and how they can be smothered in their crib by the government and, frankly, just bad management decisions. The main theme of the book is how the NSA tried to stifle new developments by the researchers, placing secrecy orders and classifying their patents and papers. Throughout the book, as Levy draws out the characters, it’s the crypto community vs. the government, until ultimately the cypherpunks win out. You can also Download Trading With The Odds by Cynthia A. Kase PDF Free.
Advice and Dissent
by Y.V. Reddy
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Advice and Dissent is the memorial and biography book which shares the experience of author in the field of public service. Y.V. Reddy is the guy behind this exciting book. He is appointed on the job as the Public Service Officer, one day a journalist ask him a question that how independent is the RBI and he replied look I am very independent. The RBI is the full autonomy who does not need any body’s permission to perform the action. He has the long career which begins through IAS in 1964. Y.V. Reddy shares the process of his decision making, deals and he is always unafraid to speak what is in his mind. This is always difficult for him to end the debate on the controversial topics and key policy decisions. The author shares the knowledge about the drought, permit raj, draconian forex controls, bonded labor, balance of payment crises, player in global economy and high finance. There are stories as well when he was working with the architects of India during their economic change. The book includes the one complete chapter on memorial which includes his relation with the world best leaders of the world. He developed a sharp team who is always there to deal with the crises. He shares the brief history about the crisis and how they overcome the crises through the gold. Reddy is appointed as the charm.
Handbook of Corporate Finance
by Glen Arnold
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Handbook of Corporate Finance is the business and marketing guide which shares the tricks to initiate an impressive startup. Glen Arnold is the author of this magnificent book. This is a perfect written guide for the non-business school audience to have the knowledge corporate finance. Glen Arnold publishes this book for the experienced managers who have the general know-how about the basic accounting. To implement this book in your business does not need any background in academic whether you have study finance course or not. It includes the brief introduction about the finance and useful book for those who are entering in MBA department. All the terminologies are explained in brief perspective so anyone can easily understand it. There are different concepts like internal rate of return, net present value, value creation and many other things are well written and explained. The book contains twenty-one different chapters for readers. Glen Arnold takes students step-by-step while starting with the basics. He shares different techniques on how to invest in projects. There are two kinds of techniques such as Appraisal Techniques and Traditional Appraisal Techniques. Learn the techniques of investing money and chose the sides in the critical situation. Don’t afraid of risks and come up with proper homework. While doing all those things you must have to look after the shareholder values. All in all, it is the best guide related to finance and business strategies.
AI Superpowers
by Kai-Fu Lee
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AI Superpowers is the economic, technology and business book which discusses the future of AI in two biggest countries America and China. Kai-Fu Lee is the author of this informative book. He is the CEO and Chairman of Innovation Ventures. It is one of the most high-tech companies in China. He also appointed on the seat of the president from Google China. Lee has a strong background about technology and he can predict where the modern technology is leading us. The business of China is growing day by day with the help of AI. AI is the world most leading tech which completely transforms the lives of humans. This technology is taking our lives into comfort. It involves the machine learning prospect. There are insecurities for the blue-collar jobs as AI would replace them. Once the AI is there to hold all the human tasks than what would be the job of common people. Every technology in the world has some pros and cons. The AI is also used in the military weapons which are totally devastating. It totally transformed the way to fight with your enemies. The countries who have the grip on AI can demolish the other countries in a few minutes. There is no need to send the armies from so long, no need to feed them and they don’t even get tired. The existence of humans will be in danger if AI begins to rule in weapons.
People, Power, and Profits
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
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People, Power, and Profits is the business, political ideologies and macroeconomics guide that describes the techniques that are used by bug companies. Joseph E. Stiglitz is the guy behind this magnificent book. He is an award-winning economist who purposed solution to the national level and helps the government to build their strong economic structure. We all know that the American government and economy tilt towards big business. They prefer big companies and give them relief for their investment as compared to smaller. America has an infinite list of multinational companies who are contributing to the world with its products of multiple kinds. There are only a few cooperation that is controlling the business worldwide and they don’t let the smaller companies expand. These few organizations skyrocket their success and their competitor don’t even think to beat them. Joseph E. Stiglitz gave the example of financial industries, tech industries, hardware designing industries and etc. These companies set their regulations on their own and focused on promoting their products instead of employees. These organizations have hijacked the economy of the country and the governments depend on them. The technology is getting better with every coming day and people are getting unemployed. Joseph shares the insecurities and predictable dangers of progressive capitalism.