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Total Dirt Rider Manual

Total Dirt Rider Manual

by Pete Peterson
256 Pages · 2015 · 22 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Winning Ugly
by Brad Gilbert
246 Pages · 1994 · 2 MB · 2,927 Downloads · New!
Winning Ugly is the sports and planning book which contains the unique principles to make sure you are a real winner. Brad Gilbert is the author of this stunning book. The author is the gold medalist from the Olympics and he knows the key points to beat the best players in the game. He shares the techniques which are adopted by the world-class players of tennis like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. The book contains the useful tips with some real gems that help you to totally change the game. You do not need to play the better tennis against your opponents in the court. Always pay attention to the game and understand the style of your opponent. Identify his weaknesses in first rounds and let him attack.
The Professor in the Cage
by Jonathan Gottschall
304 Pages · 2015 · 3 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Professor in the Cage is the psychology, biography, memoir and sports book which tells the secrets why men like to dominate on others and how it feels to knock others. Jonathan Gottschall is the author of this remarkable book. He is the professor in the English Department then start training for MMA to find the answers of intriguing questions. Professor made his mind to become a fighter and he starts training for it. He wanted a real cage fight and for this, he is ready to risk everything. This personal test will turn into a big adventure of his life and he does not know how much this test will going to cost. He wanted to know the extreme of pain, patience and self-belief. Jonathan spends two years of his life on training for the fight. He has some question related to fighting like why men fight. His research shows some biological aspects of human genes which rushes in our blood while fighting. We feel happy and complete while beating others as animals do. Fighting produces different kind of chromosomes which are good for our health. The other important question why we like to watch other peoples while fighting. The fight is the name of dominance both mentally and physically on the opponent so while watching, it let our bodies to feel the dominance on others.
The Mamba Mentality
by Kobe Bryant
208 Pages · 2018 · 50 MB · 27 Downloads · New!
The Mamba Mentality is the sports and memoir book which describe the secrets of winning basketball and how to become the world class player. Kobe Bryant is the author of this exciting new book. He is the great player in the history of basketball who earns the respect of millions of fans worldwide. After his retirement, he decided to share his vast understanding, experience and knowledge of the game. He is known as The Black Mamba and his opponents admired his skills and game plan. This time he takes the opportunity to teach all young players, devoted students and hardcore fans. The author takes the reader into his mind and put all the skills in the simplest way which can easily be implemented on the court. He reveals his winning secrets for the very first time in the book which he used in his game. Learn what are the steps which he does physically and mentally to get the extra edge on the opposing teams. He discusses the techniques to study the opponent’s team and analyze their weaknesses or strengths. How to overcome the chances of injuries in big tournaments. How to maintain the stamina throughout the game. What are the regular exercises for the basketball players to stable their form and strength even in the long breaks? Kobe is the top rated player throughout his career so don’t miss the chance to become like him.
How to Be a Footballer
by Peter Crouch
320 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 6 Downloads · New!
How to Be a Footballer is the memoir, football and sports book which shares the tips to play football and the views of world international player about playing football. Peter Crouch is the author of this exciting book. You can easily become footballer if you love to play football. The first rule is to devote yourself to the game. Passion will automatically lead you to become a player which you ever wanted to. It helps you to remove the negative emotions, fear, and feelings from inside. Find out the realities of world-class players and train yourself as they did. Without strong commitment, you can’t become a successful player in the world. Know the science of playing sports by reading books and watching football matches. Learn the different tricks to deceive the opponent players. Training is the best way to build yourself and as a soccer player, you have to train yourself physically as well. Improve your reflexes, dribble skills and practice your favorite moves daily. Don’t get worried about the results just play the natural game and that’s it. Get yourself organized and participate in regional teams and different clubs. Playing matches with different players and especially with good players will improve your game instantly. The author also shares the inside stories of football like a dressing room and the relation in the team. Which kind of players refuses to play before the match? What are the views of world number 1 player Cristiano Ronaldo?
by Danny Dreyer
320 Pages · 2009 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
ChiRunning is the fitness, exercise, race and marathon book which shares the secrets of running fast and improving stamina. Danny Dreyer is the author of this insightful book. He is a well-known running and walking coach. Danny is the mentor of various athletes and he tells them how to prevent injuries. He introduces the concepts of Pilates, yoga and T’ai Chi which helps athletes to perform even better. The author shares the different techniques which are easy to master on. Getting in proper aligned helps you to develop a great posture. It reduces the chances of knee pain and muscles pullup. Engage your core by shifting the workload from weak muscles to strengthen muscles. While shuffling the leg muscles with core muscles will instantly increase your speed and efficiency. When you are running try to add relaxation and focus on mind while running as it helps you to become more effective. Make your mind free from all kind of worries, just think about your finishing line and goal which you are here to achieve. Working on your mind is also a useful way to increase your performance and stamina. While running out your weight more in the fingers of the foot as it increases the stamina. Breathe from the nose and release it from the mouth is also a useful tactic. Danny Dreyer shares ten wonderful techniques which are enough to become quick and injury-free athlete.
The Boys in the Boat
by James Brown, Daniel James Brown
404 Pages · 2015 · 18 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
“The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” is a great story of devotion, love, loss, and struggles. James Brown is the author of this amazing book. This book describes the story of the nine young men who competed for gold in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It is a story of perseverance and success, of finding one’s self-confidence and then losing oneself to a greater power: the power that comes from working as a team where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. It’s the story of nine men in a boat who overcame all levels of poverty, insecurities, frustrations, disappointments, and rejections to win the 1936 Olympic medal for the crew, rowing against Hitler’s team and winning the pre-war Berlin Olympics. Author style is almost nonfiction in that it tells such a wonderful story but you are repeatedly reminded that these were real people at a real-time doing real things. Each of these young men is beautifully profiled and the photos are such that when you look at their faces each and every one of them could step into our lives today and look perfectly in place. The fact that they showed their best in front of Hitler wrenching away from him and from Germany their most sought after rowing prize is enormous.