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West with the Night

West with the Night

by Beryl Markham
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Simple Genius
by David Baldacci
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Simple Genius is the mystery, suspense, thriller, fiction and paranormal novel that covers the story of an agent who stuck into the dark world of spies, violence, and codes. David Baldacci is the author of this impressive novel. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are the prominent characters of the story. There are two clandestine institutions near the Washington, D. C. The secret CIA training camp and the world unusual laboratory. A murder happens at the center of two places and both are linked with each other.
by Nora Sakavic
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Redemption is the suspense, mystery, thriller, literature, redemption and mystery novel that describes the story of an old man who found dead. Nora Sakavic is the guy behind this fabulous novel. Redemption is the fifth book in the series of Memory Man. Meryl Hawkins and Amos Decker are the main characters of the story. FBI agent Decker is at home after a long time. He needs to break from all of the activities and that’s why he also off his mobile. Decker loves his hometown, Burlington that is situated in Ohio. One day, an old man came to visit him whose name is Meryl.
The Twilight Saga
by Stephenie Meyer
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The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is fiction, mystery and thriller novel which tells about Edward and his friends in the form of illustration. Stephenie Meyer is the author of this great novel. There is nobody in the town who knows about the reality of the Edward except Isabella. She is the lover and the best friend of Edward and does not want to get hurt Edward. There is a small town in which they are living and later on Edward is becoming an alarming situation for humanity. He has to do what his soul demands from him. Edward does not control himself anymore and the town is in danger now.
Monster Island
by David Liss
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Monster Island by David Wellington plots the graph of destruction among the living and dead peoples. David Wellington is the author of this great novel. The power grid of the city has collapsed in the result the city is out of water, light, and energy. The whole city turns into the dark and trains are still there to wait for their signal to get pass. On the other side, New York City where all the dead men are living with full of thirst and hungry. Once there are millions of living people in the city but they all turned into monsters. No one dare to enter into monster’s city and if anybody does, he never comes back. Dekalb has a girl and she needs the treatment, he got only chance to go into the New York City and brings all the medical supplies. This mission assigned to teenage soldier girls to take him inside the city and bring him back safely. All the team members are well armed and well trained to perform their job. In zombies city there was a medical student Gary, his mind is working different from rest of the zombies. He knows how to plan, survive, hunt and leading other zombies. Now, Garry is the leader of zombies who are hungry and ready to hunt to overcome their hunger. They visit every road and street to find the food and one day Dekalb and Garry comes across each other.
Promise of the Wolves
by Dorothy Hearst
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The promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst is an exciting novel which contains the story of mix-blooded young wolf in a long time ago. Dorothy Hearst is the author of this classic novel. The author is very passionate to write about the wolves and wolves are loyal as dogs according to her ideology. She is been thinking to write about since from ten years and here it comes. 14,000 years ago in Southern Europe, there born the girl wolf name as Kaala. She is born by mixed-blood with some unique qualities. Her mother was exiled from the group. She is small and a lot of things she wanted to do. Kaala struggles so hard to keep herself in her place in the pack. One day, she see a human girl is drowning in the river she saves her life and taking her out. She became the friends with them and start hunting with them. Kaala realizes that she is very attracted to humans and this is disgusting for other wolves in her pack. Suddenly, there comes the big chaos which leads to the war among the wolves and humans. Kaala believes there is some way to stop this war. She is confused to choose a side in the war, she got friends on both sides. What happens next? You have to read for it.
Homer & Langley
by E.L. Doctorow
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Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow is gorgeous science fiction, action and historical novel on the life of Collyer brothers. E.L. Doctorow is the author of this classic novel. The author is the witnessed of their life and its realistic story of two brothers Homer & Langley. They lost their parents in the road accident and both of them left alone for the cruel world. Later on, Langley went to war at the time of World War I. He is damaged by mustard gas which makes him paranoid. Langley loss his control over his body and on other side Homer is blind who cannot see anything on the world. They start living as recluses on the Fifth Avenue mansion. Their life has been changed dramatically after that incidents and now they are scavenging the city. Taking goods from the road which they can use for their better life. All are going well for these special brothers but there comes the big war in the country. They are move as immigrants to some other place, city or country. Both brothers are clueless where they are heading off to this world. When they are on Fifth Avenue, they try to give their life meaning by trying something. The end may disappoint readers with the cause of their death.