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When Pleasing You Is Killing Me

When Pleasing You Is Killing Me

by Les Carter
260 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 7 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Logic of God
by Ravi Zacharias
320 Pages · 2019 · 16 MB · 2,545 Downloads · New!
The Logic of God is the religious, spiritual and self-help book that takes the reader step by step to clear all the doubts about Christianity and God. Ravi Zacharias is the author of this superb book. We all doubt religion at some stage of our life and that is the time to strengthen our belief in God. Ravi did his best to answer all the questions about Christianity and God. Do the teachings of Jesus still relevant in modern life and do even the words of the Bible matter? How we able to know that God truly loves us and He is there to forgive us whenever we ask for it?
by T. D. Jakes
272 Pages · 2020 · 2  MB · 4,019 Downloads · New!
Crushing is the meditation, self-care, healing and spiritual book which teaches people to show patience on their grief and then wait for the blessing of God. T. D. Jakes is the author of this imposing book. He is the bestselling author in the New York Times. Jake is the public and motivational speaker who helped thousands of people to change their life. This book offers the detail answers to age-old questions. Why do the right people always suffer in life? Why God let the right people suffer in this world? Jake asks the powerful question and then provides insightful answers to all these questions. He told his personal stories about loss and grief.
7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment
by Swami Mukundananda
280 Pages · 2019 · 1 MB · 122 Downloads · New!
7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment is the spiritual growth, psychology, self-help and success book that trains people to create a winning mindset. Swami Mukundananda is the author of this tremendous book. This book has changed thousands of lives around the world who are going through tough times. Swami is an expert when it comes to mind management who knows what it takes to achieve goals. He believes that if we able to feel and think something for long time then it will become our attitude. These action will become the part of our daily life and become habits. These habits will ultimately made your mindset and you will be on the path of enlightenment, joy, happiness and contentment. At the end point, an extraordinary life is waiting for you and nobody can stop you from winning. It is filled with spiritual insight, vedic scriptures and blending science. Every chapter of the book is worth to read and you will become master of your life. Swami shares 7 secrets of creating a mindset that will brings fulfilment, success and happiness. A remarkable book for everyone to have a chance of getting everything in life.
Chasing Slow
by Erin Loechner
304 Pages · 2017 · 9 MB · 8 Downloads · New!
Chasing Slow is the personal growth, biography, personal transformation and self-help book that discusses the multiple techniques to improve our life. Erin Loechner is the author of this fabulous book. She is the stylist and art director in Los Angeles. Erin is leading the generation from the last decade and everyone knows how talented she is. This book is a kind of bible for those women who thinks that their life is ruin or they don’t have such opportunities to become successful in life. It motivates the readers to break the trap of low self-esteem and confidence. The only thing you need to become successful in your life is to set the priorities and shift your focus to the things that matter most. Erin struggles a lot in her life but she never gives up. There was a time when her husband suffers from the brain tumor, family loss, public disliking, and bankruptcy. Erin never let her fear to stop her from what she wanted to become. She earned the respect of millions of fans around the world with her dedication and passion. The majority of the people are trapped in their jobs and they wanted to move but they can’t. All you need is the courage to stand in difficult situations and that’s it.
Let God Fight Your Battles
by Joyce Meyer
160 Pages · 2015 · · 33 Downloads · New!
Let God Fight Your Battles is the inspirational, Christian and personal growth book which explains the importance of our belief in God. Joyce Meyer is the author of this impressive book. She is an amazing Bible teacher in the world. Her spiritual writing helps the millions of people to transform their lives through Jesus Christ. Joyce Meyer has written many articles on how God impacts in our daily life. She is the author of more than one-hundred books. The author tells the importance of our belief on God. This belief is enough to spend the whole life in joy, happiness and peace. It would not help you in this world but also in the life hereafter. Once you have the belief in God then your life will automatically begin to improve. Once the fear of people gone from your life then you will become the real owner of your life. One just has to answer God and leave everything behind which distract you to live a fuller life. God will help you in each and every aspect of your life if you fully trust him. Put you all effort and leaves results on God. No matter you have family issues, financial issues or any other the God is always with you and lift you up from all kind of sorrows and problems. More importantly, this guide will help you to get the inner peace which is the most satisfying stage of living life.
Faithing It
by Cora Jakes-Coleman
240 Pages · 2017 · 2 MB · 8 Downloads · New!
Faithing It is the spiritual and religious book tells the benefits of believing in God and how this concept helps us to live a positive life. Cora Jakes-Coleman is the author of this inspiring book. No matter how hard your life is when you have believed in God then everything is going to find one day. Sometimes, storms and hurdles come in your life to make you stronger. These are the tests from life and God put his people to refresh their journey. When you have a strong relationship with God then nobody in the universe can break you. All of your goals are near to accomplish just go behind them with full potential. God touches the lives of people so they could transform their way of living. One who has a belief will find God always with him in each and every aspect of his life. This book is not about putting your problems away it’s about facing them openly and stands strong no matter how hard it is. You will learn how to convert your struggles into stairs of success. The person who does not lose hope even in the most critical situation of his life then he/she will never get beaten in life. No matter how dark your life but the light of God is far greater than your darkness. The author shares her experience of evolving herself into spiritual growth.