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Wonderful Tonight

Wonderful Tonight

by Pattie Boyd
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" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
The Last Girl
by Nadia Murad
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The Last Girl is the human rights law, memoir and biography book that shares the heart-wrenching story of a young girl. Nadia Murad is the author of this superb book. She born and raised in the Kocho. It is a small village which is located in northern Iraq. The people of Kocho are a member of the Yazidi community. All the people in northern Iraq are shepherds and farmers. Nadia and her other siblings are living happily with her family. She wanted to become a history teacher but faith has decided something else for her. In 2014, the ISIS army pays a visit to their town. Nadia was twenty-one years old when the ISIS army came and her life changed to worse.
A Rumor of War
by Philip Caputo
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A Rumor of War is the biography, history, memoir and war book which shares the devastating history of the Vietnam War who ends up in killing millions of people. Philip Caputo is the author of this remarkable book. Philip is the award-winning journalist and novelist. He born in Chicago and spend his childhood in a town. After graduating from the university he joins the U.S. Marine Corps. He has written seventeen books which include five general books, nine novels, and two memoirs.
Got your Back
by Frank Alexander
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“Got your Back” is pure gold for readers. Frank Alexander is author of this book. This impressive book gives you thousands of reasons to read it. The book has great lessons that contain useful information and life tips for the readers of all ages. This memoir has a delicacy and unpretentiousness to it that is refreshing, along with the use of Native constructs to tell the story. The book provides readers with both lyrical and poetic lines and also recollections of historical substance.
A Taste of Power
by Elaine Brown
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A Taste of Power is the memoir, biography and nonfiction book which describe the live of the author in personal and political point of view. Elaine Brown is the author of this impressive book. She is the first female and powerful lady of the Black Panther Party. This party transform into the big revolutionary party after the break she provide to them. She is leading the party which is there to support to rights of black peoples. The party is all about the anti-imperialism, anti-racism and anti-fascism. Their party founded in the 1966 and Huey Newton is the founder of this Party. In the future they both share some beautiful memories together. The story of the author begins when she start growing up in the Philadelphia. She was studying in the predominantly white school who are always there to support the white children and degrade the black children. Elaine Brown sense in her early life that being black and poor in the America is not a good sign for you to live an easy life. She begins her interest in the politics and thinking of doing something for the people like her. Elaine Brown joins the party and she has a tremendous relation with the founder of the department. Huey becomes her lover and he is always there whenever she needed her. They both share amazing memories and clashes in their life. All in all, she lived an amazing, cheerful and inspirational life. You can also Download Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J. D. Vance PDF Free.
The Soul of Money
by Lynne Twist
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The Soul of Money is the money and self-development guide in which the author shares the art of earning, spending and giving money. Lynne Twist is the author of this outstanding book. This is a wonderful book which shows how the elegant way to deal with money. She is the global activist who raised $150 million in her life for charitable causes. Lynne shares her personal stories which are full of lesson and wisdom. The modern human is running behind money, fame and power. While some people have all these things in their life but they are not satisfied. Those who do not have money are in hope to earn more money. How the people from the low background can mark their way to a successful career. She shares the story of some honourable people who make a great impact on the lives of people without having the lust for money. The life of Mother Teresa is an example for us, she devoted her entire life to save the destitute and poor people in the entire world. Most of the years from a life she spends in Calcutta where she meets the needs of people. The same of helping humanity by Dalai Lama, he got the noble prize for benefiting humanity in prime years of his life. He did each and everything for the liberation of Tibet and there are many more examples. Money is important in our life but there are various other ways to find real happiness.
by Eric Blehm
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Legend is the memoir, history and military book which describe the story of a green beret who rescue his teammates from the death. Eric Blehm is the author of this outstanding book. The incident happens during the Vietnam War. A group of Special Forces which consists of twelve members being caught by the enemies on May 1968. They all are a highly professional soldier who was there to perform a special mission but unfortunately they trapped in the jungle. There is no way to go out safely from this position until someone came to rescue them. They are just a few miles behind from their target and very near to the Vietnam border. The main mission was to collect the evidence of the opponent army that they are involved in Cambodian sanctuary to supply the troops. The North Vietnamese Army is supplying troops in south and U.S forces just need enough evidence to stop them. But now they are trapped by all sides and if they move further all of them will be dead. Sergeant Roy was the one who organizes this mission and now he has to do something. It’s time to participate and join his team. He takes the helicopter and enemies shoot the helicopter before he does something. Roy jumps off the helicopter and reaches to his green beret staff. How Roy lead the group that he not only save their lives but also completes the mission, finds out in the book.