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Working with Emotional Intelligence Book

Working with Emotional Intelligence Book

by Daniel Goleman
400 Pages · 1998 · 2 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
Leading Change
by John P. Kotter
208 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 2 Downloads · New!
Leading Change is the remarkable business book which explains the eight-step process to bring the change to your success. John P. Kotter is the author of this amazing book. The author is the world foremost expert on the leadership of business in the history. It takes twenty-five years of experience to write the masterpiece. Modern business is changing day by day and you need to transform your methods of doing business as well. The managers of different companies should also have the space to change their methods for better results. Yet, they are trying everything to strengthen their company through a restructuring, rightsizing, quality management, turnaround routinely and culture change fall short. Kotter defines the eight-step process which is enough to achieve the goals for the companies. These steps will make sure the things are going great or bad from your side. There are successful managers throughout their career but they fear to bring the changes and this thing affect the growth of their company. Just focus on the one main point, is to bring the change before it comes from the outer side. It is the practical and visionary guide to tell, how to approach the business which changes your life. This guide is wonderful for the business people out there in the market and a perfect guide for the newbies to learn the business tactics.
Barbarians at the Gate
by Bryan Burrough, John Helyer, John Helyar
592 Pages · 2008 · 3 MB · 3 Downloads · New!
Barbarians at the Gate is the history, memoir and biography book in which author shares the hidden secrets which turn the RJR Nabisco into relic organization. Bryan Burrough and John Helyar are the guys behind this superb book. He is the journalist who was actually writing columns on the RJR Nabisco and after knowing a lot he finally decided to write a book. The company formed in 1985 with the combination of Nabisco Brands. It became the most expensive company and consider as the 19th largest industrial concern after three years. There is no other company who got expand like RJR and there are various challenges which they overcome to get the success. The organization is dealing with the $ billions and investors are knocking at the door to buy its shares. There are different competitors in the market but they did not resist and affect the performance of this great company. When everything was doing great for the RJR Nabisco then what happened which totally change the atmosphere? Why the shares of $ billions disappear over a few weeks? What is the reason behind Saloman Brothers as they join as the backer in management? What is the reason behind the offer of $ 90 and the financial statement which are included? Why Mr Johnson’s from surface level to $21 billion? The book contains all the answers behind the fall of RJR Nabisco. Bryan Burrough writes the different articles and papers behind this organization as the journalist and he gives them a shape through the book.
Project to Product
by Mik Kersten
272 Pages · 2018 · · 1 Downloads · New!
Project to Product is the management and business book which shares the different techniques and processes to mark your products on the top of the market. Mik Kersten is the author of this amazing book. This is the age of software and your success depends on how innovative and problem solving you are. You have to bring a certain amount of changes to your business otherwise it will turn into a digital relic. It’s difficult for the old-fashioned and newbies companies to stand up against the startups disrupt and tech giants. There are only a few companies who are master on building large projects and they are boosting the economy of their countries as well. There are few challenges which they meet daily but due to their innovative and problem-solving thinking, they manage to get the hold on all of them. Most of the companies in this situation including half of S&P companies will be out from business in future ten years. There is a need of intuitive idea and the new approach which makes things happen on both sides. The author of the book given the formula to handle the situation which these companies are going to need in upcoming years. He introduces the concept of Flow Framework, which introduces the new idea to measure, view and manage the software delivery. This formula is capable to bring the evolution in your company and transform your organization into the whole new level.
Wisdom at Work
by Chip Conley
272 Pages · 2018 · 1 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Wisdom at Work is the self-development and business guide which includes plenty of lessons and inspirational stories. Chip Conley is the author of this incredible guide. He is a strategic adviser on Airbnb and the founder of the boutique hotelier. Conley delivers his services to many clients and here’s the book which is full of wisdom and experience. At age fifty-two-years, he receives a call from the young founders of Airbnb who requested him to advise. They wanted the help to grow their disruptive startup business into a global level. He is the twice as the age of Airbnb founder but he is ready to become their mentor. The author shares the secret of holding everything tightly while working in the best way. Most of us wanted to be entrepreneurs in our lives, some of them manage to have their startups but only a few of them lead the industry. The author shares the differences in individual’s techniques. What are the common mistakes made by newbies and what are strategies which lead you towards success? What is the importance of emotional intelligence, wisdom and humility while doing business? Learn how to adopt the basic skills of leadership like collaboration, coaching of staff, specialized knowledge and good judgement. Wisdom is a precious gift from nature and utilizes it in every part of your life and Conley share the best way to pull up any business through business wisdom.
Thinking for a Change
by John C. Maxwell
288 Pages · 2005 · 3 MB · 1 Downloads · New!
Thinking for a Change is self-development and psychology guide which shares the different principles of conquering every dream of your life. John C. Maxwell is the guy behind this remarkable effort. He is the professional motivational speaker and the author of bestselling self-help books. John is the mentor of many celebrities and gives lectures of positive thinking. According to the author, to perform well in our lives we first learn how to think. The question is, can we adopt good habits through positive thinking? If you believe in your heart then surely every formula is going to work. This guide shows the reader how positive thinking can improve our lives. It contains different puzzles which are practised by the world most successful people. It helps people to transform their thinking and share the different techniques which promote the culture of success in our lives. Big Picture Thinking let peoples believe that the world is full of opportunities and everyone has the space to claim his success. Focus Thinking teaches us to remove the distractions from our lives so we will get more effective results. Creative Thinking pursues us to think out of the box and bring unique ideas. Shared Thinking, tells to share your ideas with others, discuss them and how your ideas become perfect. The book contains few other kinds of thinking which really made their impact in changing your life.
How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
by Clay Scroggins
240 Pages · 2017 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge is the management, leadership and self-help guide which tells the reader how to create your influence without having any power. Clay Scroggins is the author of this remarkable book. This is an incredible guide which helps the reader to achieve what they ever dream for. It helps the reader to get over from the lack of authorities which even paralyzes your performance and interest in the organization. Leadership is all about to lead people but it’s difficult to lead when you have nothing in your life. You cannot be born leader, so becoming a true leader for people and organization you must has to pay its price. Leaders do not buy higher posts and they don’t beg for it. They even did not need to have the title of head or CEO to lead but they have the courage to lead people with all their heart. This guide is based on practical examples, humor, and wisdom. The author helps the reader to nurture your vision and develop your influence in the organization. No need to worry if you don’t have any power in the organization. This book will help people to become a leader which you always wanted to be. The only thing you need is to change yourself and you will automatically become in charge of everything.