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World Class 1

World Class 1

by Morgan James, James R. Morgan
176 Pages · 2012 · 31 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
" Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give. ” ― Ben Carson
English Visual Dictionary
by Collins Dictionaries
256 Pages · 2020 · 90 MB · 2,661 Downloads · New!
English Visual Dictionary is the English dictionary, grammar, adult dictionary, and literature book that contains thousands of English phrases and keywords in British English. Collins Dictionaries is the author of this outstanding book. It is a perfect book that contains stunning photographs for the reader to understand. English is one of the needs in this modern world to survive and if you wanted something meaningful in the world then English should be your one of preference to master it.
Essential Grammar in Use with Answers
by Raymond Murphy
320 Pages · 2015 · 21 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Essential Grammar in Use with Answers is the English learning, grammar, language and literature book which shares useful tips and lessons for readers. Raymond Murphy is the author of this impressive guide. The book contains simple and up to date lessons of English which are useful for the beginners. All the things are well explained and managed which let people to easily learn English. Apart from lessons and useful exercises the author also shares the effective approaches which help us to learn English quickly. Every language in the world comes with practise to make a habit of speaking English in your daily life. Find the different ways in which you find English the part of your life such as reading, writing and watching English channels. Hang out with those guys who are good in English and become the local tour guide for the English peoples. Find a study partner for yourself which helps you in learning English and motivate each other for doing more practice on the exercises which are mentioned. Just by reading exercises which are mentioned in the book you can’t just master, it needs practice and daily practice to master on the grammar so no one can challenge your skills.
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
by American Psychological Association
428 Pages · 2019 · 33 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the psychology, language, and reference book that teaches newbies to publish content in a great way. American Psychological Association is the organization behind this fantastic book. It is the updated and seventh edition of the book that contains new chapters and techniques to make the process easy. This is also the colorful and first-ever tabbed version of the book. There are over 100+ new references, samples, and examples. It contains a sample paper and specific resources to maintain everything. Contains new chapters that cover the advanced techniques. It is a remarkable guide for educators, editors, students, writers, communications, and business engineering. It optimizes the learning of the user with easy to follow strategies. There are resources for the students to become masters in learning new techniques. It provides bias-free guidelines that make everything simple and easy. Learn the simple hacks to avoid self-plagiarism, plagiarism, and achieve the best level in the citation. There are guidelines that make everything simple and easy for readers to learn. All this and much more you will find out in this book.
Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced
by Martin Hewings
278 Pages · 2015 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced is the English language, foreign language, and linguistics book that contains several tips and techniques to become advance in English. Martin Hewings is the author of this fabulous book. It is a comprehensive guide that contains each and everything that you need to master English. This guide covers the entire vocabulary, grammar, and phrases that you can ever use in your conservation. English is an important language to learn and this book offers opportunities to everyone. There are useful tips and techniques that are mentioned in the expert stage. Make a habit of learning and practicing new words daily. Speak with your friends and don’t afraid of making mistakes. Every beginner is meant to make mistakes so are you? Learn to make sentences and to fluent in speaking English. What are the strategies that will help you to improve your vocabulary and how to master vocabulary like a pro? This book will also assist the students in the school to pass their exams with decent grades. If you finish the lessons and strategies mentioned in the book then you are an English speaker, writer, and listener.
The A-Z of Correct English
by Angela Burch
322 Pages · 2020 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The A-Z of Correct English is the foreign language, reference, and English language book that contains each and everything that you wanted to know about English. Angela Burch is the author of this outstanding book. It is a comprehensive book that contains each and everything that you needed to learn about the English language. Today, we are living in the modern world where the English language is the key to success. The English language is used at both the national and international levels. If you are not good in English then it would be difficult for you to become successful in the modern world. There are unlimited fields in the world where you can apply after becoming an expert in English. If you are not native then it will become difficult for you to become fluent in English. But this book makes everything easy and simple for you. It is designed to help in resolving all of the problems that you face in queries. Learn how to pronounce the words in their original way without affecting them. It covers spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and phrases, etc. Don’t miss your chance to get benefit from this remarkable book.
The Elements of Story
by Francis Flaherty
322 Pages · 2009 · 1 MB · 0 Downloads · New!
The Elements of Story are the writing tips, critics, reference, grammar, and field notes book that shares proven techniques and tips to become a master in writing. Francis Flaherty is the author of this stunning book. It is a comprehensive guide that provides over 50 principles that enforce storytelling aspects. An entertaining and relentless guide for the novice and professionals. The first thing you need to become a great writer is to read great writers. Read the best writers for inspiration, effective writing, and to learn the art of language. Learn how to develop your own voice by keeping the things straight and become on the top of your story. Make a habit of learning new words without any trouble. Write something new every day and polish your skills in describing. Confidence is a key to success in every field of life so believe in your skills. Use the authority while you are writing and stop about guessing the things. Did you complete research before you start writing any book? You should know what you are writing and choose a friendly tone in your paragraphs. This book is full of techniques and techniques that make you the best writer of all time.